Departmental Philosophy and Objectives
General Philosophy

The Department of Marketing in the Faculty of Business Administration offers a four-year degree programme leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. The Departmental Programme is based upon the philosophy of a broad based education bearing in mind that marketing is an eclectic discipline and depends heavily on social sciences, Humanities and natural and physical sciences.

A student of Marketing needs both theoretical and practical knowledge to equip with the necessary tools to face the challenges of the competitive economy. Emphasis is placed on self-reliance and self-employment to enable the student contribute to national development and professional career. To this end, therefore, the programme emphasizes both education and trading in general marketing research, advertising, public relations and transportation.


The Objectives of the programme are as Follows

  • To educate students in all aspects of business administration in the first two years of the programme.
  • To give the students broad understanding of marketing and related subjects in the third and fourth years of the programme.
  • To prepare students for responsible positions in industrial commercial as well as, in Government, Public Service and private Establishments.
  • To equip students with the knowledge and techniques required in problem-solving and decision making.
  • To prepare students for careers in marketing, Business management, public relations, advertising, marketing Research, etc.
  • To equip students with leadership skills and knowledge needed in business, commerce, industry, government, and management. The graduates are therefore prepared to fill middle and senior level management positions in business, commerce, industry, and government. With their education and training they can set up their own business since the programme also emphasizes self-employment.