General Information and Academic Programmes

The Department of Accountancy offers a four-year Bachelor of Science Degree Programme. The Degree is acquired through course work and project/original essay.

Philosophy and Objectives

The Departmental Academic programme has been developed on the fundamental assumption that the student is entitled to acquire profound theoretical and practical knowledge to equip him to face the challenges of life, to enable him cope with the problems of his environment. The curriculum is designed to give him a broad knowledge of business and at the same time concentrate in his special field, Accounting. To this end, emphasis is placed upon professional education of the entire individual and in providing him with the background necessary for his effective performance in his career. To obtain the degree, a candidate must complete a total of 136 credit hours of course work consisting of courses in the major area, Accounting, and courses from the ancillary areas embracing other departments such as Management, Marketing, Finance, Law, Psychology and the General Studies Division of the University. Education in Accounting as offered by the department, has the following objectives: To prepare candidates who will graduate in Accountancy and be in a position to carry out the duties and responsibilities of Accountants in Government and Industrial Establishments, Business undertakings, Statutory Corporations and parastatals, proceed to qualify as professional/Chartered Accounts and Auditors and to become Management consultants. The course aims at helping students acquire leadership skills, human relations, analytical, evaluative quantitative and communicative skills needed for management of organizations and proper stewardship. The course aims at exposing students to the integrative, interdisciplinary, and dynamic nature of business and administrative processes. Through its vigorous programme the Department of Accountancy prepares its students for careers in business, governmental administration multi-national organisation, academic institutions and social service.
These aims and objectives have shaped the academic content of this programme