UNN Library Facilities

The facilities in the university library are as shown in the table below:

S/No Items Qty Available Qty Needed Full Capacity
1 World class reading chairs 2000 5500 7500
2 Reading carrels (6-in-1) 1464 1466 3930
3 Reading carrels (4-in-1) 608 1465 2073
4 Reading carrels (2-in-1) 32 1465 1497

Electricity Facilites

The University library has an 800KVA power generating plant for instant supply of power whenever there is power failure.

ICT and Computerization Facilities

The old University library has a Local Area Network (LAN) and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Now, we are laying a foundation for a bigger platform for automation in the new University library. Structures are in place for an ICT- driven research library to facilitate teaching, learning and scholarship in the University.

Presently, we have uninterrupted wireless internet access in the new University Library.