Abstract – The use of solid self-emulsifying systems.


Goat fat and Tween 65 admixtures were used to formulate self-emulsifying tablets containing diclofenac. The tablets were formulated by pour moulding using a plastic mould. The tablets were evaluated using the following parameters: weight uniformity, absolute drug content, and liquefaction time. The dissolution profile of diclofenac from the self-emulsifying tablets was determined in simulated gastric fluid (SGF) without pepsin. Results obtained indicated that diclofenac could be comfortably administered in the form of self-emulsifying tablets using goat fat and Tween 65 admixtures.

The use of solid self-emulsifying systems in the delivery of diclofenac. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/10607295_The_use_of_solid_self-emulsifying_systems_in_the_delivery_of_diclofenac [accessed Dec 28, 2015].