Abstract – Pharmacodynamics of Piroxicam…


A self-emulsifying system is a mixture of oil and surfactant that forms oil-in-water emulsion when exposed to aqueous fluid. It enhances the in vitro dissolution and improves the in vivo absorption of lipophilic drugs that have poor aqueous solubility. In this study, a poorly water soluble drug, piroxicam, was incorporated into self-emulsifying lipospheres consisting of a mixture of a homolipid from Capra hircus and Tween 65. Various solid self-emulsifying lipospheres were formulated having different ratios of the homolipid and Tween 65 to contain piroxicam. The self-emulsifying lipospheres were evaluated using the following parameters: particle size, absolute drug content, and dissolution profile. The pharmacodynamics of the drug from the lipospheres were also evaluated using antinociceptive activity on albino mice. Based on our results the self-emulsifying lipospheres containing 4:11 ratio of the homolipid and Tween 65 had the best performance in terms of antiinflammatory effect, particle size, and dissolution. They possibly could be employed in the formulation of self-emulsifying lipospheres for various administration.

Pharmacodynamics of Piroxicam from Self-Emulsifying Lipospheres Formulated with Homolipids Extracted from Capra hircus. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/7348555_Pharmacodynamics_of_Piroxicam_from_Self-Emulsifying_Lipospheres_Formulated_with_Homolipids_Extracted_from_Capra_hircus [accessed Dec 28, 2015].