Abstract – Melt extrusion bioadhesive delivery…


Carbopol 941 (C-941), a bioadhesive polymer and theobroma oil (TEO) were used in the formulation of melt extrusion bioadhesive tablets (MEBT) of diclofenac (DC). Different batches of the MEBT were formulated using different combinations of C-941 granules containing DC and TEO. The bioadhesive properties of the tablets were studied using a tensiometer by measuring the bioadhesive strength generated when the tablet interacts with the mucus of everted hog jejunum. Some physical properties of the tablets evaluated were weight uniformity, crushing strength, friability, tablet thickness and diameter liquefaction time and absolute drug content. Release of DC from the MEBT was carried out in simulated intestinal fluid (SIF), pH 7.2. The tablets had low liquefaction times and were highly bioadhesive. Result of the study indicated that TEO could be used in the formulation of MEBT of DC granulated with C-941 for prolonged and controlled delivery of DC.

Melt extrusion bioadhesive delivery of diclofenac sodium granules using theobroma oil.. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/8454869_Melt_extrusion_bioadhesive_delivery_of_diclofenac_sodium_granules_using_theobroma_oil [accessed Dec 28, 2015].