2020 Journal Publications V

Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2020


801 – 1000


801. The Journey of Islam towards the Southeast

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 39-42publications

802. Induction into Islam

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 196-206publications

803. Other New Grounds

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 134-134publications

804. The Civil War Years

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 113-124publications

805. The Overview

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 15-19publications

806. Forms of Interaction with Migrants

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 66-72publications

807. Enohia after the War

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 131-134publications

808. Concluding Remarks

E Uchendu

Islam in the Niger Delta 1890-2017, 299-304publications

809. Post-1950 Developments

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 103-104publications

810. Religious Diversification

E Uchendu

Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria, 27-28publications


E Uchendu


812. Nigeria’s Resource Wars

E Uchendupublications

813. Glocalization of COVID-19 responses and management of the pandemic in Africa

VC Iwuoha, EN Ezeibe, CC Ezeibe

Local Environment 25 (8), 641-647publications

814. Desertification, migration, and herder-farmer conflicts in Nigeria: rethinking the ungoverned spaces thesis

NE Lenshie, K Okengwu, CN Ogbonna, C Ezeibe

Small Wars & Insurgencies, 1-31publications

815. The political economy of automobile development in Nigeria

MI Ugwueze, CC Ezeibe, JI Onuoha

Review of African Political Economy 47 (163), 115-125publications

816. The state, hate speech regulation and sustainable democracy in Africa: a study of Nigeria and Kenya

N Asogwa, C Ezeibe

African Identities, 1-16publications

817. Histology, ultrastructure, and seasonal variations in the bulbourethral gland of the African straw‐colored fruit bat Eidolon helvum

CN Abiaezute, IC Nwaogu, UM Igwebuike

Journal of Morphology 281 (11), 1446-1455publications

818. The effects of maternal dietary protein restriction during gestation in rats on postnatal growth of the body and internal organs of the offspring

WI Ugwuoke, UM Igwebuike, CO Igbokwe

Animal Research International 17 (1), 3596-3602publications

819. Histogenesis and histochemical features of gastric glands of pre-hatch and post-hatch broiler chicken

AF Udoumoh, IC Nwaogu, UM Igwebuike, IR Obidike

The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 50 (1), 17-25publications

820. Transformational and transactional leadership influence on knowledge management activities of librarians in university libraries in Nigeria

CI Ugwu, AM Okore

Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 52 (3), 864-879publications

821. Another form of Lassa fever? Early neurological symptoms and high mortality reveal differences in two outbreaks in Ebonyi State, Nigeria 2017–2019

N Chika-Igwenyi, RE Harrison, U Unigwe, C Psarra, EO Ogah, N Ajayi, …

International Journal of Infectious Diseases 101, 495publications

822. IFLA Journal. October 2020

EP Heyns, JM Nixon, CI Ugwu, OB Onyancha, M Fombard, AR Pacios, …


823. New Estimates of Non-inclusiveness of Growth Using Two Nigerian Household Survey Data

JO Chukwu

Social Indicators Research 152 (1), 191-204publications

824. Crystal structural and in silico studies of Schiff bases derived from 4-aminoantipyrine

V Ossai, AP Obiefuna, BC Laraps, OU Okenyeka, JC Ezeorah, N Dege, …

Solid State Sciences 106, 106293publications

825. Structural, Antimicrobial and in Silico Studies of Some Schiff Bases of Trans-paramethoxycinnamaldehyde Derivatives

GU Kaior, NJ Nwodo, US Oruma, A Ibezim, AE Ochonogor, KK Onyia, …

Communication in Physical Sciences 5 (4)publications

826. Effects of betaine and ascorbic acid supplementation on serum gonadotropin, testicular histological analysis and sperm quality in male Japanese quails during the dry season

IC Egbuniwe, CN Uchendu, IR Obidike

Theriogenology 158, 391-405publications

827. The protective effects of ethanol seed extract of Citrullus lanatus on aluminum chloride-induced testosterone. testicular and haematological changes in experimental male rat models

RI Odo, CN Uchendu, SE Okeke

Veterinary Research Forumpublications

828. The influence of human chorionic gonadotropin on hormonal and haematological profile of postpubertal male albino rats exposed to chronic oral administration of alcohol

MS Akogwu, CN Uchendu

Notulae Scientia Biologicae 12 (4), 773-780publications829. Extracellular Calcium and Induction of Uterine Muscle Contraction by Aqueous Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Mucuna pruriens

B Francis, CN Uchendu

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management 24 (2), 231-235publications

830. Factors associated with depression and anxiety among glaucoma patients in a tertiary hospital South-East Nigeria

SN Onwubiko, NZ Nwachukwu, RC Muomah, NM Okoloagu, OM Ngwegu, …

Nigerian journal of clinical practice 23 (3), 315publications

831. Effect of methanolic extract of Dennettia tripetala (pepper fruit) on biomarkers of oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in type 2 diabetic male wistar rats

N Ogochukwu, UV Chibueze, A Ndubuisi, U Patrick, A Francis, C Ani, …

African Journal of Biotechnology 19 (2), 99-105publications

832. The effect of aqueous extract of zest of citrus sinensis (AEZCs) on cadmium chloride induced liver toxicity in wistar rats

A Ndubuisi, A Celestine, E Wenceslaus, U Patrick, A Pamela, …

African Journal of Biochemistry Research 14 (1), 5-17publications

833. Report on the occurrence of invasive alien fish, Cichlasoma trimaculatum (Günther, 1867) at freshwater Lake of Chennai

N Daniel, J Praveenraj, E Suresh, KKMS Felixpublications

834. Influence of malted barley and exogenous enzymes on the glucose/maltose balance of worts with sorghum or barley as an adjunct

BN Okolo, OC Amadi, AN Moneke, TN Nwagu, CI Nnamchi

Journal of the Institute of Brewing 126 (1), 46-52publications

835. Total utilization of different parts of wild cocoyam in production of sugar feedstock for bioethanol production; An integrated approach

OC Amadi, NC Onyenma, TN Nwagu, CI Nnamchi, IA Ndubuisi, …

Bioresource Technology Reports 12, 100550


836. Application of Wild Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Isolates from Palm Wine and Honey in Baking of Cassava/Wheat Composite Bread

J Bitrus, OC Amadi, TN Nwagu, CI Nnamchi, AN Moneke

Food and Nutrition Sciences 11 (07), 895publications

837. Citraconylation and maleylation on the catalytic and thermodynamic properties of raw starch saccharifying amylase from Aspergillus carbonarius

TN Nwagu, H Aoyagi, B Okolo, A Moneke, S Yoshida

Heliyon 6 (7), e04351publications

838. Screening of Laccase Producing Fungi Using Agro-Wastes under Different Cultural Conditions

OG Ndochinwa, OC Amadi, TN Nwagu, GN Okpala, CI Nnamchi, …

Journal of Advances in Biology & Biotechnology, 44-57publications

839. Ferulic acid modulates dysfunctional metabolic pathways and purinergic activities, while stalling redox imbalance and cholinergic activities in oxidative brain injury

VF Salau, OL Erukainure, CU Ibeji, TA Olasehinde, NA Koorbanally, …

Neurotoxicity research 37 (4), 944-955publications

840. Nickel (II) complexes from phosphor-dichalcogenide (P/Se2 and P/S2) type ligands: Synthesis, structure and theoretical calculations

TL Yusuf, CU Ibeji, WE van Zyl

Journal of Molecular Structure 1218, 128517publications

841. Synthesis, spectral, structure and computational studies of novel transition Metal (II) complexes of (Z)-((dimethylcarbamothioyl) thio)((1, 1, 1-trifluoro-4-(naphthalen-2-yl)-4 …

AA Olanrewaju, FS Fabiyi, CU Ibeji, EG Kolawole, R Gupta

Journal of Molecular Structure 1211, 128057publications

842. Novel 3d divalent metallic complexes of 3-[(2-hydroxy-5-methyl-phenylimino)-methyl]-napthalen-2-ol: Synthesis, spectral characterization, antimicrobial and computational studies

F Chioma, CU Ibeji, O Okpareke

Journal of Molecular Structure 1210, 128017publications

843. N-Phenyl substituent controlled diastereoselective synthesis of β-lactam-isatin conjugates

L Gummidi, N Kerru, P Awolade, CU Ibeji, R Karpoormath, P Singh

Tetrahedron Letters 61 (11), 151602publications

844. Demystifying the catalytic pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate lyase

CU Ibeji, NAM Salleh, JS Sum, ACW Ch’ng, TS Lim, YS Choong

Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-13publications

845. In vitro and computational studies of the antioxidant and anti-diabetic properties of Bridelia ferruginea

O Oyebode, OL Erukainure, L Zuma, CU Ibeji, NA Koorbanally, MS Islam

Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 1-15publications

846. Targeting the initiation and termination codons of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein as possible therapy against COVID-19: the role of novel harpagide 5-O-β-D-glucopyranoside from …

OL Erukainure, O Atolani, A Muhammad, SB Katsayal, OO Ebhuoma, …

Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 1-14publications

847. Infrequent monitoring of the effects of valproate and carbamazepine therapy in patients with epilepsy in Nigeria

UI Eshiet, CM Ubaka, CV Ukwe

Journal of Central Nervous System Disease 12, 1179573520925934publications

848. Parents’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Use of Antibiotics in Upper Respiratory Infections in Nigerian Children

CC Okide, O Grey-Ekejiuba, CM Ubaka, N Schellack, M Okonta

African Journal of Biomedical Research 23 (2), 213-220publications

849. Community Pharmacists’ Competence for Educating Asthmatic Patients on the Use of Inhalers and the Peak Flow Meter.

KC Amorha, CV Ugwu, CM Ubaka, MJ Okonta, CV Ukwe

African Journal of Biomedical Research 23 (2), 221-226


850. Exergetic sustainability and economic analysis of hybrid solar-biomass dryer integrated with copper tubing as heat exchanger

MC Ndukwu, M Simo-Tagne, FI Abam, OS Onwuka, S Prince, …

Heliyon 6 (2), e03401


851. Evaluating the environmental risk and suitability of hand-dug wells for drinking purposes: a rural case study from Nigeria

JC Egbueri, PD Ameh, CK Ezugwu, OS Onwuka

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 1-21


852. Determining the occurrence of potential groundwater zones using integrated hydro-geomorphic parameters, GIS and remote sensing in Enugu State, Southeastern, Nigeria

O Igwe, SI Ifediegwu, OS Onwuka

Sustainable Water Resources Management 6, 1-14


853. Recommended reading

E Hess

Grow to Greatness, 279-282


854. Academic and Epistemic Freedoms: Struggles of the Border Intellectual in Media Studies

L Moyo

The Decolonial Turn in Media Studies in Africa and the Global South, 153-185


855. Health technology assessment and priority setting for universal health coverage: a qualitative study of stakeholders’ capacity, needs, policy areas of demand and perspectives …

BSC Uzochukwu, C Okeke, N O’Brien, F Ruiz, I Sombie, S Hollingworth

Globalization and Health 16 (1), 1-11


856. How ready is the system to deliver primary healthcare? Results of a primary health facility assessment in Enugu State, Nigeria

A Ekenna, IU Itanyi, U Nwokoro, LR Hirschhorn, B Uzochukwu

Health policy and planning 35 (Supplement_1), i97-i106


857. Which mechanisms explain motivation the of primary health workers? Insights from the realist evaluation of a maternal and child health programme in Nigeria

B Ebenso, C Mbachu, E Etiaba, R Huss, A Manzano, O Onwujekwe, …

BMJ global health 5 (8), e002408


858. EAK Johnson, I Sombié, BSC Uzochukwu, JC Uneke, M Amadou, …

African Journal of Reproductive Health 24 (4), 109-121


859. Did an Intervention Programme Aimed at Strengthening the Maternal and Child Health Services in Nigeria Improve the Completeness of Routine Health Data Within the Health …

B Uzochukwu, T Mirzoev, C Okeke, J Hicks, E Etiaba, U Obi, T Ensor, …

International journal of health policy and management


860. Global burden of 87 risk factors in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

CJL Murray, AY Aravkin, P Zheng, C Abbafati, KM Abbas, …

The Lancet 396 (10258), 1223-1249


861. Global injury morbidity and mortality from 1990 to 2017: results from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017

SL James, CD Castle, ZV Dingels, JT Fox, EB Hamilton, Z Liu, …

Injury Prevention 26 (Supp 1), i96-i114


862. Mapping geographical inequalities in access to drinking water and sanitation facilities in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000–17

Local Burden of Disease WaSH Collaborators

The Lancet. Global Health 8 (9), e1162


863. Impact of capacity building interventions on individual and organizational competency for HPSR in endemic disease control in Nigeria: a qualitative study

O Onwujekwe, C Mbachu, E Etiaba, N Ezumah, U Ezenwaka, I Arize, …

Implementation Science 15 (1), 1-13


864. Characteristics and effects of multiple and mixed funding flows to public healthcare facilities on financing outcomes: a case study from Nigeria

O Onwujekwe, C Mbachu, U Ezenwaka, I Arize, N Ezumah

Frontiers in public health 7, 403


865. Survey data of adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health in selected local governments in southeast Nigeria

CO Mbachu, IC Agu, O Onwujekwe

Scientific Data 7 (1), 1-6


866. GIS-based gully erosion susceptibility modeling, adapting bivariate statistical method and AHP approach in Gombe town and environs Northeast Nigeria

O Igwe, UI John, O Solomon, O Obinna

Geoenvironmental Disasters 7 (1), 1-16


867. Collaborating to co-produce strategies for delivering adolescent sexual and reproductive health interventions: processes and experiences from an implementation research project …

CO Mbachu, I Clara Agu, O Onwujekwe

Health Policy and Planning 35 (Supplement_2), ii84-ii97


868. Corruption in the procurement of pharmaceuticals in Anglophone sub‑Saharan Africa: a scoping literature review

O Onwujekwe, P Agwu, A Odii, C Orjiakor, D Obodoechi, C Nwokolo, …



869. Department of Error: Mapping geographical inequalities in childhood diarrhoeal morbidity and mortality in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000–17: analysis for the …

RC Reiner, KE Wiens, A Deshpande, MM Baumann, PA Lindstedt, …

The Lancet 395 (10239)


870. Validation of antihypertensive drug requirement to measure the severity of hypertension and the efficacy of lifestyle intervention

CC Amah, F Akhigbe, C Onwuasigwe, N Ugwu, O Onwujekwe, …

West African Journal of Pharmacology and Drug Research 34 (1), 29-34


871. Mapping geographical inequalities in childhood diarrhoeal morbidity and mortality in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000-17: analysis for the Global Burden of Disease …

AS Akanda

The Lancet 395 (10239), 1779


872. Author Correction: Mapping local patterns of childhood overweight and wasting in low-and middle-income countries between 2000 and 2017

PB Mark


873. Newbouldia laevis improved glucose and fat homeostasis in a TYPE-2 diabesity mice model

IS Mbagwu, PA Akah, DL Ajaghaku

Journal of ethnopharmacology 251, 112555


874. Evaluation of the anti-diabetic effect of the methanol leaf extract and fractions of Dennettia tripetala G. Bak (Annonaceae) in alloxan-induced diabetic mice

UC Abonyi, MA Omoiri, PA Akah

Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics 10 (2), 129-139


875. Effect of kaolin consumption on serum heavy metal levels of pregnant women

PA Akah, TO Zeigbo, MN Oforkansi, CA Onyeto

International Journal of Sciences 9 (04), 28-32


876. Newbouldia laevis improved glucose and fat homeostasis in a TYPE-2 diabesity mice model

IS Mbagwu, PA Akah, DL Ajaghaku

Journal of ethnopharmacology 251, 112555


877. Eleusine indica Linn, Baertin (Poaceae) Ethanol Leaf Extract and Its Ethyl Acetate Fraction Display Potential Anti-inflammatory Activities

PA Akah, AO Ezeugo

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 75-86


878. Kaolin consumption affects serum electrolytes, glucose and amylase levels of pregnant women

TO Zeigbo, PA Akah, MN Ofokansi

Journal of Biosciences and Medicines 8 (6), 160-168


879. Theoretical chemistry study on the toxicity of some polychlorobiphenyl (PCB) compounds using molecular descriptors

NO Eddy

Scientific African 10, e00587


880. Computational Chemistry studies of some cyano (3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl isobutyrate derived insecticides and molecular design of novel ones

NO Eddy, R Garg, FE Awe, HF Chahul

Communication in Physical Sciences 5 (4)


881. A review on microalgal culture to treat anaerobic digestate food waste effluent

D Chuka-ogwude, J Ogbonna, NR Moheimani

Algal Research 47, 101841


882. DNA barcoding for identification of fish species from freshwater in Enugu and Anambra States of Nigeria

GN Ude, DO Igwe, C Brown, M Jackson, A Bangura, O Ozokonkwo-Alor, …

Conservation Genetics Resources 12, 643-658


883. Algal cultivation for treating wastewater in African developing countries: A review

EG Nwoba, A Vadiveloo, CN Ogbonna, BE Ubi, JC Ogbonna, …

CLEAN–Soil, Air, Water 48 (3), 2000052


884. Improved antimalarial activity of caprol-based nanostructured lipid carriers encapsulating artemether-lumefantrine for oral administration

PA Akpa, JA Ugwuoke, AA Attama, CN Ugwu, EN Ezeibe, MA Momoh, …

African Health Sciences 20 (4), 1679-97


885. Solidified Reverse Micellar Solution-Based Lipid Microparticles of Miconazole Nitrate: Formulation Design, Biopharmaceutical Characterization, and Dissolution Studies

E Uronnachi, A Attama, C Umeyor, C Nwakile, F Kenechukwu, …

Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, 1-15


886. Comparison of classical, stealth and super-stealth liposomes for intravenous delivery of lumefantrine: Formulation, characterization and pharmacodynamic study

E Onuigbo, A Attama, E Canato, G Pasut

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 19 (11), 2247-2253


887. Design, development and evaluation of the repellent activity of azadirachta indica oil-based solid lipid microparticles against aedes aegypti (Linn)

CS Nwagwu, JDN Ogbonna, LG Nwobi, AC Echezona, CN Ugwu, …

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin 4, 471-478


888. Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research

CS Nwagwu, JDN Ogbonna, LG Nwobi, AC Echezona, CN Ugwu, …


889. Schistosomiasis prevention option: toxicological evaluation of Vernonia amygdalina on the tissues of Bulinus truncatus at different pH conditions

JC Eze, F Okafor, NE Nwankwo, ES Okeke, NN Onwudiwe

Heliyon 6 (8), e04796


890. The Scope of Clinical Thoracic Surgery Practice in Nigeria: 13-Year Single Center Review

I Nwafor, J Eze, B Akanni, I Gold

International Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery 6 (6), 79


891. Suicidal right ventricle in children and adults: Trends, triggers, and treatment: A systematic review of a rare but catastrophic event

JM Chinawa, AT Chinawa, BF Chukwu, CO Duru, JC Eze, AI Nwafor

Nigerian Journal of Cardiology 17 (2), 87


892. Management of malignant pleural effusion (MPE) in a Tertiary Hospital in a low-income-country: challenges and prospects

IA Nwafor, EF Nnakenyi, JC Eze, IO Nwidenyi

Ibom Medical Journal


893. The role of polyethylene glycol on the microstructural, magnetic and specific absorption rate in thermoablation properties of Mn-Zn ferrite nanoparticles by sol–gel protocol

SO Aisida, MH Alnasir, S Botha, AKH Bashir, R Bucher, I Ahmad, T Zhao, …

European polymer journal 132, 109739


894. Green synthesis of CuFeS 2 nanoparticles using mimosa leaves extract for photocatalysis and supercapacitor applications

HE Nsude, KU Nsude, GM Whyte, RM Obodo, C Iroegbu, M Maaza, …

Journal of Nanoparticle Research 22 (11), 1-13


895. Impact of Cu doping on ZnO nanoparticles phyto-chemically synthesized for improved antibacterial and photocatalytic activities

IS Okeke, KK Agwu, AA Ubachukwu, M Maaza, FI Ezema

Journal of Nanoparticle Research 22 (9), 1-18


896. Bandgap engineering of TiO2 nanoparticles through MeV Cu ions irradiation

I Ahmad, M Usman, T Zhao, S Qayum, I Mahmood, A Mahmood, A Diallo, …

Arabian Journal of Chemistry 13 (1), 3344-3350


897. The influence of substrate temperature on properties of zinc sulphide thin films synthesized by chemical spray pyrolysis

S Whyte, UC Ogbuefi, CC Daniel-Mkpume, BO Anyaka, BA Okorie, …

Asian Journal of Basic Science & Research (AJBSR) 2 (1), 01-15


898. Effect of temperature on the morphological, structural and optical properties of electrodeposited Yb-doped ZrSe2 thin films

IL Ikhioya, AC Nkele, CF Okoro, C Obasi, GM Whyte, M Maaza, FI Ezema

Optik 220, 165180


899. Structural and electrical properties of Mg-doped vanadium dioxide thin films via room-temperature ion implantation

BM Mabakachaba, IG Madiba, J Kennedy, K Kaviyarasu, P Ngoupe, …

Surfaces and Interfaces 20, 100590


900. Aqueous chemical growth of ZnO/CdO nanocomposite thin films: effect of volume ratio and annealing on structural, morphological and optical properties

MD Tyona, GE Akpen, I Anejo, K Asemave, PU Asogwa, FI Ezema

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 31 (23), 21222-21232


901. Diverse Synthesis and Characterization Techniques of Nanoparticles

AC Nkele, FI Ezema

Thin Films


902. The effect of copper on the structural and thermoluminescence properties of aluminium borate

PO Ike, DE Folley, CD Umeh, KK Agwu, ML Chithambo, S Chikwembani, …

Journal of Luminescence 226, 117504


903. Effects of alkali and transition metal-doped TiO₂ hole blocking layers on the perovskite solar cells obtained by a two-step sequential deposition method in air and under vacuum

U Nwankwo, S Ngqoloda, AC Nkele, CJ Arendse, KI Ozoemena, …


904. Status of indigenous technology in Nigeria: a UNESCO-Nigerian Society of Engineers report

AOE Animalu, A Maduekwe

UNESCO Office Abuja


905. Effects of titania on tribological and thermal properties of polymer/graphene nanocomposites

UO Uyor, API Popoola, OM Popoola, VS Aigbodion

Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials 33 (8), 1030-1047


906. Oxidative roasting experimentation and optimum predictive model development for copper and iron recovery from a copper smelter dust

DO Okanigbe, MK Ayomoh, OM Popoola, PA Popoola, VS Aigbodion

Results in Engineering 7, 100125


907. Wear Performance of Value-Addition Epoxy/Breadfruit Seed Shell Ash Particles and Functionalized Momordica Angustisepala Fiber Hybrid Composites.

VC Ezechukwu, CC Nwobi-Okoye, PN Atanmo, VS Aigbodion

Revue des Composites et des Matériaux Avancés 30


908. Analyzing the effect of SPS process parameters on the tribological properties of Al-CNTs-Nb composite.

CO Ujah, API Popoola, OM Popoola, VS Aigbodion, UO Ujor, …



909. CNTs 和 Nb 纳米颗粒提高电力传输线用放电等离子体烧结铝合金的摩擦和热性能 (英文)


Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


910. Mixed equilibrium and multiple-set split feasibility problems for asymptotically k-strictly pseudononspreading mappings

MO Osilike, EE Chima

Commun. Optim. Theory


911. A new Halpern-type averaging algorithm with inertial and error terms for fixed points of asymptotically nonexpansive maps

PU Nwokoro, MO Osilike, DF Agbebaku, EE Chima, AC Onah

  1. Math. Comput. Sci. 10 (5), 1538-1558


912. Housing quality and its predictors in public residential estates in Lagos, Nigeria

OD Babalola, EO Ibem, AO Olotuah, AP Opoko, BA Adewale, OA Fulani

Environment, Development and Sustainability 22 (5), 3973-4005


913. Architectural Design Interventions for Sedentary Behaviour among Workers in Office Buildings in Enugu, Nigeria

A Ezezue, E Ibem, C Odum, B Obiadi


914. Towards city resilience: the influence of sociocultural and economic features of housing on population growth in public residential estates

E Equere, E Ibem, O Alagbe

Journal of Regional and City Planning 31 (2), 164-179


915. Determinants of e-procurement implementation in construction in Nigeria

EB Aduwo, EO Ibem, EA Ayo-Vaughan, AO Afolabi, UO Uwakonye, …

International Journal on Emerging Technologies


916. Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in Lagos, Nigeria: built environment professionals’ perspective

AO Akinola, AP Opoko, EO Ibem, HI Okagbue, AO Afolabi

Int. J. Eng. Adv. Technol 9 (3), 1273-1282


917. Impact of Physical Learning Environment on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Secondary Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria

A Owoseni, EO Ibem, PA Opoko

Universal Journal of Educational Research


918. Dilemma of voluntary surrender to State Security Forces by Boko Haram recruitment in Nigeria

FC Onuoha

African Journal of Terrorism and Insurgency Research 1 (1), 199-218


919. State Failure, Irregular Migration, and Human Trafficking in Post-Gaddafi Libya

FC Onuoha, JC Okafor, O Ononogbu

Journal of Governance and Socio-economic Development 1 (2), Pp. 1- 31


920. Dilemma of Voluntary Surrender to State Security Forces by Boko Haram Recruits in Nigeria

African Journal of Terrorism and Insurgency Research 1 (1), Pp. 199 – 218


921. Kidney Health for everyone everywhere – from prevention to detection and equitable access to care

KZ 10. Li PK, Garcia-Garcia G, Lui SF, Andreoli S, Fung WW, Hradsky A …

Clin Nephrol 93 (3), 111 – 122


922. Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere, from Prevention to Detection and Equitable Access to Care.

P Kam-Tao Li, G Garcia-Garcia, SF Lui, S Andreoli, W Wing-Shing Fung, …

Iranian journal of kidney diseases 14 (2), 69-80


923. International perspectives on patient involvement in clinical trials in nephrology.

et al Debasish Banerjee, Racquel Lowe-Jones, Sandrine Damster, Nicola Thomas …

Kidney Int 98, 566–571


924. Hepatitis C virus infection and global kidney health: the consensus proceedings of the International Federation of Kidney Foundations.

African Journal of Nephrology 23 (1), 159-168


925. 让肾脏健康人人可享, 处处可及——从预防到诊治 (英文)

P Kam-Tao, G Garcia-Garcia, SF Lui, S Andreoli, WWS Fung, A Hradsky, …



926. Prevalence of Carotid Atheromatous Plaques in Pre-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in South East, Nigeria.

IIU OF Afolabi, CU Ibewuike, CO Eze, MU Nwobodo

World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases 10 (9), 639 – 647


927. Consensus Meeting on Defining Kidney Failure in Clinical Trials. International consensus definitions of clinical trial outcomes for kidney failure: 2020.

et al Levin A, Agarwal R, Herrington WG, Heerspink HL, Mann JFE, Shahinfar S

Kidney Int 98 (4), 849-859


928. Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension in Nigeria 2020

S Kadiri, F Arogundade, A Arije, A Omotoso, B Onwubere, A Aderibigbe, …

Tropical Journal of Nephrology 15 (1), 65-84


929. Living Well with Kidney Disease by Patient and Care-Partner Empowerment: Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere: Running title: Living Well with Kidney Disease

K Kalantar-Zadeh, P Li, E Tantisattamo, L Kumaraswami, V Liakopoulos, …

Tropical Journal of Nephrology 15 (1), 7-16


930. Salud renal para todos en todos lados-de la prevención a la detección y acceso equitativo a la atención

PKT Li, G Garcia-Garcia, SF Lui, S Andreoli, WWS Fung, A Hradsky, …

Arch Argent Pediatr 118 (2), e148


931. Effects of Short Inter‑Pregnancy Interval on Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes: A Cohort Study of Pregnant Women in a Low‑Income Country

CC Onwuka, EO Ugwu, SN Obi, CI Onwuka, CC Dim, GU Eleje, …

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice 23 (7), 928-933


932. Determinants of birth preparedness and complication readiness: A cross-sectional study of parturient in a tertiary health institution in South-East Nigeria.

EI Iloghalu, EO Ugwu, SN Obi

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice 23 (10), 1456-1461


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