2020 Journal Publications III

Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2020


401 – 600


401. Rural household energy and implication for indoor BTEX levels in Nigeria

KE Agbo, C Walgraeve, JI Eze, P Ugwoke, P Ukoha, H Van Langenhove

4th International Conference/Training Workshop on Energy for Sustainable …publications

402. Fighting African capital flight: trajectories, dynamics, and tendencies

SA Asongu, JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi

Financial Innovation 6 (1), 1-21publications

403. Sustaining cultural tourism through higher female participation in Nigeria: The role of corporate social responsibility in oil host communities

JI Uduji, EN Okolo‐Obasi, SA Asongu

International Journal of Tourism Research 22 (1), 120-143publications

404. The impact of corporate social responsibility interventions on female education development in the rural Niger Delta region of Nigeria

JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi, SA Asongu

Progress in Development Studies 20 (1), 45-64publications

405. The persistence of weapons: Global evidence

SA Asongu, JI Uduji, EN Okolo‐Obasi

Politics & Policy 48 (1), 191-224publications

406. Women’s participation in the offshore and inshore fisheries entrepreneurship

JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi, S Asongu

Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economypublications

407. Customer experience with self-service technologies in banking sector: Evidence from Nigeria

CC Ugwuanyi, JI Uduji, C Oreedu

International Journal of Business and Systems Research 14 (4), 241-270publications

408. Foreign aid volatility and lifelong learning

SA Asongu, JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi

International Journal of Education Economics and Development 11 (4), 370-406publications

409. Political instability and political terror: Global evidence on persistence

SA Asongu, JI Uduji, EN Okolo‐Obasi

Journal of Public Affairs 20 (3), e2119publications

410.  Sustainable peacebuilding and development in Nigeria’s post‐amnesty programme: The role of corporate social responsibility in oil host communities

JI Uduji, EN Okolo‐Obasi, SA Asongu

Journal of Public Affairs, e2200publications

411.  Corporate social responsibility and the role of rural women in strengthening agriculture-tourism linkages in Nigeria’s oil producing communities

JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi, VA Onodugo, JO Nnabuko, BA Adedibu

Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 1-27publications

412. Does corporate social responsibility initiative restrain young people from irregular migration in sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Nigeria’s oil-producing communities

JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi

Social Responsibility Journalpublications

413. Analysis of farmers’ food price volatility and Nigeria’s growth enhancement support scheme

JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi, SA Asongu

African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 1-16


414.  Drivers and persistence of death in conflicts: global evidence

SA Asongu, JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi

World Affairs 183 (4), 389-429publications

415. Strengthening women’s participation in the traditional enterprises of sub‐saharan Africa: The role of corporate social responsibility initiatives in Niger delta, Nigeria

EN Okolo‐Obasi, JI Uduji, SA Asongu

African Development Reviewpublications

416. European Xtramile Centre of African Studies

JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi, SA Asongupublications

417. Ferromagnetic half-metallicity in half-Heusler AuMnSn: Te Alloy

TC Chibueze, CE Ekuma, AT Raji, DP Rai, CMI Okoye

Materials Research Express 7 (7), 076519publications













422. Altered gestational outcomes and delayed pubertal onset in prenatally and early postnatally food restricted male and female rats: mitigation by quercetin and kaempferol

KK Anachuna, EI Ekhoye, C Iyare, N Katchy, B Ben-Azu, DB Adeniyi, …

International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 12 (4 …publications

423. Consumption of calcium carbide-ripened banana by pregnant rats may programme for infertility in female offspring

C Iyare, E Iyare, D Nwachukwu, B Anyaehie

Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences 35 (2), 155-159publications

424. Prenatal and early postnatal food restrictions cause changes in brain oxidative status and orexigenic/anorexigenic hormones in the offspring of rats: prevention by quercetin …

KK Anachuna, GE Moke, C Iyare, N Katchy, B Ben-Azu, B Adeniyi, …

Current Research in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery 1, 39-52publications

425. Consumption of Gongronema latifolium Aqueous Leaf Extract During Lactation May Improve Metabolic Homeostasis in Young Adult Offspring.

AN Katchy, CO Iyare, BD Adeniyi, VO Okonkwo, RI Odama, CO Ezeh, …

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences: PJBS 23 (9), 1201-1209publications

426. Research Article Consumption of Gongronema latifolium Aqueous Leaf Extract During Lactation May Improve Metabolic Homeostasis in Young Adult Offspring

AN Katchy, CO Iyare, BD Adeniyi, VO Okonkwo, RI Odama, CO Ezeh, …publications

427. Diabetes Distress and Associated Factors in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in South East Nigeria

BM Onyenekwe, EE Young, CB Nwatu, CI Okafor, CV Ugwueze

Dubai Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal, 1-7publications

428. Effects of Single Bout and Short Term Aerobic Exercise on C-Reactive Protein in Type-2 Diabetes Patients: A Pilot Study

CI Ezema, MC Nweke, CN Amarachukwu, C Obiekwe, CI Okafor, …

Ghana Journal of Science 61 (1), 31-42publications

429. Effect of 8 weeks Interval Aerobic Exercise Program on Lipid Profile of Type 2 Diabetes Patients

CI Ezema, MC Nweke, CN Amarachukwu, CI Okafor, EMR Uduonu, …

Indian Journal of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy 14 (3), 80-86publications

430. Geographical and socioeconomic inequalities in the utilization of maternal healthcare services in Nigeria: 2003–2017

C Okoli, M Hajizadeh, MM Rahman, R Khanam

BMC Health Services Research 20 (1), 1-14publications

431. Fluoride content of commercial drinking water and carbonated soft drinks available in Southeastern Nigeria: dental and public health implications

FE Ani, EA Akaji, NP Uguru, EM Ndiokwelu

Nigerian journal of clinical practice 23 (1), 65publications

432. Curbing Adolescent Illicit Drug Use in Owerri Metropolis, Nigeria: A Public Perceptive

U Ogu, N Ezumah, A Odii, N Pamelapublications

433. Professional oral prophylaxis: Assessment of practice by oral health professionals in Southeastern Nigeria

NK Onyejaka, NP Uguru, CC Uguru

Nigerian Journal of Medicine 29 (4), 670publications

434. Text messaging promoting physician-led brief intervention tobacco cessation: A before-and-after study among physicians in three tertiary hospitals in Nigeria

O Odukoya, B Faseru, N Uguru, M Jamda, O Onigbogi, O James, …

Substance abuse 41 (2), 186-190publications

435. National Health Insurance Scheme: A pathway to a sustained access to medicine in Nigeria

NP Uguru, UU Ogu, CC Uguru, O Ibe


436. Bioassay-guided fractionation, phospholipase A2-inhibitory activity and structure elucidation of compounds from leaves of Schumanniophyton magnificum

EJ Parker, CJ Anosike, RO Asomadu, DE Ekpo, EN Uhuo, OFC Nwodo

Pharmaceutical Biology 58 (1), 1078-1085publications

437. Variations in Serum Immunoglobulin E and Vitamin D Levels in Asthma Patients Attending a Tertiary Hospital in Southeast Nigeria

JN Eze, MD Ibegbu, CE Ebulue, JE Ikekpeazu, CA Ndubuisi, OC Orji, …

D31. ASTHMA EPIDEMIOLOGY, A6493-A6493publications

438. High Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Among Hypertensive Patients: A Prevalence Study

NI Nwosu, C Umeh, W Ukemenam, O Anyim, P Nlewedim, C Onyedum, …


439. Profile of Interstitial Lung Disease at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu, Nigeria

NI Nwosu, V Uduma, P Nlewedim, KN Ukwaja, C Onyedum, C Chukwuka

B42. ILD EPIDEMIOLOGY I, A3350-A3350publications

440. Dietary Intake and Micronutrient Status of School Children in Enugu-South LGA, Enugu State, Nigeria

JI Ugwu, NC Ejiofor, IE Ezeagu, CP Okorie, NE Nwankwo

Asian Food Science Journal, 44-56publications

441. Zinc status of under-five children in selected urban and rural settings in Enugu State, Nigeria.

J Ugwu, I Ezeagu, M Ibegbu, N Ejiofor, C Okorie

International Journal of Medicine and Health Development 25 (1), 16-16publications

442. Fundamental properties of prosopis africana peel powders (PAPPs) as drug delivery excipient.

MRSCDL Petra Obioma Nnamani, Anilkumar Jalindar Shinde, Namdeo Ramhari Jadhav

Afr J Pharm Res Dev 12 (1), 119-133publications

443. Novel anti-ulcer phytosomal formulation of ethanol extract of pentaclethra macrophylla stem-bark

PO Nnamani, FC Kenechukwu, FO Asogwa, MA Momoh, CM Lehr, …

, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.publications

444. Soil-transmitted helminthiasis: A neglected tropical disease among urban slum dwelling school-aged children of a sub-Saharan African city

IO Ohuche, AC Ayuk, AC Ubesie, JU Onu, BC Ibe

Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal 27 (3), 184publications

445. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN

UC Akubuilo, KK Iloh, JU Onu, ON Iloh, AC Ubesie, AN Ikefunapublications

446. Ughasoro MD Iliya J Okolo AN Mukhtar-Yola M Omoigberale A

B Onankpa, N Ibeziako, A Ubesie, D Nwaneri, CC Ezechukwu, S Oguche

Niger J Paediatr 47 (1), 11-17publications

447. Epidemiology of infections with zoonotic pig parasites in Enugu State, Nigeria

FE Ajibo, EO Njoga, N Azor, IK Idika, JA Nwanta

Veterinary Parasitology: Regional Studies and Reports 20, 100397publications

448. Seroprevalencia y factores de riesgo de la brucelosis en perros de los Estados Enugu y Anambra, Nigeria

CO Anyaoha, LO Majesty-Alukagberie, ICI Ugochukwu, JA Nwanta, …

Revista de Medicina Veterinaria 1 (40), 5publications

449. Detection of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Hide and Skin of Slaughtered Cattle and Goats in Anambra State, Nigeria

IB Ofomata, IO Nwankwo, AJ Ogugua, EV Ezenduka, JA Nwanta, …

Journal of food quality and hazards controlpublications

450. Surveillance for Campylobacter infections in indigenous poultry reared in Nsukka, Nigeria

EO Njoga, EV Ezenduka, JA Nwanta

Notulae Scientia Biologicae 12 (2), 242-250publications

451. Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Brucellosis in Dogs in Enugu and Anambra States, Nigeria

CO Anyaoha, LO Majesty-Alukagberie, ICI Ugochukwu, JA Nwanta, …

Revista de Medicina Veterinaria, 45-59publications

452. Mechanisms of weak acid-induced stress tolerance in yeasts: Prospects for improved bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass

JK Ndukwe, GO Aliyu, CO Onwosi, KO Chukwu, FN Ezugworie

Process Biochemistry 90, 118-130publications

453. Process optimization for simultaneous production of cellulase, xylanase and ligninase by Saccharomyces cerevisiae SCPW 17 under solid state fermentation using Box-Behnken …

OC Amadi, EJ Egong, TN Nwagu, G Okpala, CO Onwosi, GC Chukwu, …

Heliyon 6 (7), e04566publications

454. Microbial-derived glycolipids in the sustainable formulation of biomedical and personal care products: a consideration of the process economics towards commercialization

CO Onwosi, GO Aliyu, CJ Onu, KO Chukwu, JK Ndukwe, VC Igbokwe

Process Biochemistrypublications

455. Anaerobic bioconversion of poultry industry-derived wastes for the production of biofuels and other value-added products

CO Onwosi, VC Igbokwe, JN Odimba, TN Nwagu

Biovalorisation of Wastes to Renewable Chemicals and Biofuels, 113-131publications

456. Evaluation of the probiotic attributes of Bacillus strains isolated from traditional fermented African locust bean seeds (Parkia biglobosa),“daddawa”

TN Nwagu, CJ Ugwuodo, CO Onwosi, O Inyima, OC Uchendu, C Akpuru

Annals of Microbiology 70 (1), 1-15publications

457. E-waste management from macroscopic to microscopic scale

CO Onwosi, VC Igbokwe, TN Nwagu, JN Odimba, CO Nwuche

E-waste Recycling and Management, 143-157publications

458. Composting: An Eco-friendly Technology for Sustainable Agriculture

CO Onwosi, JK Ndukwe, GO Aliyu, KO Chukwu, FN Ezugworie, …

Ecological and Practical Applications for Sustainable Agriculture, 179-206publications

459. Does regional trade promote economic growth? Evidence from Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

AS Okoro, A Ujunwa, F Umar, A Ukemenam

Journal of Economics and Developmentpublications

460. Crossing the borderline in strategic corporate philanthropy: Dangote and the construction of cement roads in Nigeria

A Ezeoha, C Uche, A Ujunwa

Business Ethics: A European Review 29 (1), 70-81publications

461. A Neural Network Scheme for Monetary Policy Rate Validation in Nigeria

OS Ogundele, A Ujunwa, AA Mohammed

American Journal of Artificial Intelligence 4 (2), 62-72publications

462. Spanish-Turkish Low-Resource Machine Translation: Unsupervised Learning vs Round-Tripping

T Xu, OI Ozbek, S Marks, S Korrapati, B Ahmadnia

American Journal of Artificial Intelligence 4 (2), 42-49publications

463. Spillover effects of the US monetary policy normalization on African stock markets

E Kalu, C Okoyeuzu, A Ukemenam, A Ujunwa

Journal of Economics and Developmentpublications

464. Nutritional status of school age children in Abakaliki metropolis, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

AA Umeokonkwo, MU Ibekwe, CD Umeokonkwo, CO Okike, …

BMC pediatrics 20 (1), 1-9publications

465. Indications and socio-demographic determinants of blood transfusion among children attending secondary health facilities in South-East Nigeria

OU Ezenwosu, MI Udorah, NP Udechukwu, BC Ibe

Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics 47 (1), 18-22publications

466. Intestinal helminthic infection among children with sickle cell anaemia in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State: Prevalence and predictors for its development

E Onoh, PC Manyike, UV Muoneke, CO Okike, C Ikegwuonu, BC Ibe

Nigerian Journal of Medicine 29 (2), 217publications

467. Oscillometric blood pressure profile of adolescent secondary school students in Abakaliki metropolis

UC Ukoh, FA Ujunwa, UV Muoneke, PC Manyike, CO Okike, BC Ibe

Annals of African medicine 19 (1), 31publications

468. GIS-based landslide susceptibility mapping using heuristic and bivariate statistical methods for Iva Valley and environs Southeast Nigeria

OH Ozioko, O Igwe

Environmental monitoring and assessment 192 (2), 1-19publications

469. The impact of hydrogeomorphological characteristics on gullying processes in erosion-prone geological units in parts of southeast Nigeria

JC Egbueri, O Igwe

Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes, 1-14publications

470. Geo-statistical assessment of the soil quality and its influence on groundwater pollution in some part of Lagos State Nigeria

BU Ukah, OE Ubido, O Igwe

Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 6 (2), 953-965publications

471. Characterization of structural failures founded on soils in Panyam and some parts of Mangu, Central Nigeria

O Igwe, AA Umbugadu

Geoenvironmental Disasters 7 (1), 1-26publications

472. Lateral distribution of potential toxic elements from lead–zinc mine sites within Enyigba, Southeastern Nigeria

B Ozobialu, O Igwe, C Emeh

Environmental Earth Sciences 79 (15), 1-17publications

473. Evauation of road failure along an erosion prone highway in ogun state southwestern nigeria using integrated methods

OE Ubido, I Ogbonnaya, BU Ukah

SN Applied Sciences 2 (12), 1-15publications

474. Development of a novel numerical indicator (DLPI) for assessing the detachability and liquefaction potentials of soils in erosion-prone areas

JC Egbueri, O Igwe

Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 1-23publications

475. Estimation of swelling potential of Enugu Shale using cost effective methods

C Nnamani, O Igwe

International Journal of Physical Sciences 15 (1), 10-21publications

476. Kidney Disease Knowledge and Its Determinants Among Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

RN Okoro, I Ummate, JD Ohieku, SI Yakubu, MO Adibe, MJ Okonta

Journal of Patient Experience 7 (6), 1303-1309publications

477. Evaluation of medication adherence and predictors of sub-optimal adherence among pre-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease

RN Okoro, I Ummate, JD Ohieku, SI Yakubu, MO Adibe, MJ Okonta

Medicine Access@ Point of Care 4, 2399202620954089publications



Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 131-135publications

479. Prescription Pattern of Antihypertensives And Factors Associated With The Control of Blood Pressure Among Hypertensive Patients Receiving Care In A Nigerian Tertiary Hospital.

UKB Onyinye, AM Ogochukwu, UC Victoria

Int. J. Sci. Res. in Biological Sciences Vol 7 (1)publications

480. Knowledge, attitude and practice towards hypertension among patients receiving care in a Nigerian Hospital

BO Ukoha-kalu, MO Adibe, C Anosike, CV Ukwe

Hospital 4, 016-019publications

481. The participation of community pharmacists in the case management of malaria in Enugu metropolis, Nigeria: a cross-sectional survey

C Anosike, CN Chu-Madu, NU Igboeli, MO Adibe, CV Ukwe

Malawi Medical Journal 32 (4), 218-225publications

482. Prevalence of Uncontrolled Blood Pressure and Drug Related Problems in Adult Hypertensive Patients-A Comparative Study

UB Onyinye, AM Ogochukwu, UC Victoria

Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research 31 (5), 24496-24500publications

483. Identification and resolution of drug therapy problems among hypertensive patients receiving care in a Nigerian Hospital-A pilot study

BO Ukoha-kalu, MO Adibe, CV Ukwepublications



International Journal of Pharmacy Research & Technology 10 (2), 34-39publications

485. In vivo antimalarial effect of Ananas comosus (L) Merr (Bromeliaceae) fruit peel, and gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy profiling: A possible role for …

PF Uzor, BU Ishiwu, NJ Nwodo

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 19 (1), 137-145publications

486. Natural products as sources of antimalarial drugs

PF Uzor, VD Prasasty, CO Agubata

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2020publications

487. Knowledge of Health Consequences of Psychoactive Substance Use among Senior Secondary School Students

WA Ojieabu, SI Bello, JE Arute, AA Tijani, LO Okunye, SA Saka, …

Dhaka University Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 19 (2), 199-205publications

488. Evaluation of Productive Traits of Nigerian Heavy Local Chicken Ecotype Selected For Six Generations through Selection Index

FU Udeh, MC Agbo, CC Nwosu

International Journal of Recent Innovations in Academic Research 4 (11), 20-25publications

489. Organic-waste aerator could completely displace poultry-droppings manure in nursery media based on coarse-textured soil: evidence with cashew seedlings

VU Ugwu, AL Nnadi, CV Adubasim, S Sato, CM Igwenagu, SE Obalum, …

Sustainable Horticulture Production System Intensified, Proceedings of the …publications

490. Soil Biochemical and Microbial Properties of Sandy Loam Ultisols as Affected by Some Tillage and Nutrient Management Practices

PO Ogumba, SE Obalum, IM Uzoh

International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development 23 (2), 5184-5195publications

491. Agricultural waste management for horticulture revolution in sub-Saharan Africa.

PK Baiyeri, FD Ugese, SE Obalum, CE Nwobodo

CAB Reviews 15 (017), 1-28publications

492. Influence of Tillage-Seedbed and Manure-NPK-Micronutrient Management Options on Selected Soil Properties of Sandy-Loam Ultisols Evaluated using Sweet Potato

SE Obalum, PO Ogumba, IM Uzoh

Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 30 (3), 117-125publications

493. Influence of granulometric composition and organic matter management on soil stability against water erosion in Southeastern Nigeria

VI Ezeaku, SE Obalum, PI Ezeaku, CA Igwe

Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 30 (2), 103-112publications

494. Evaluation of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) parental varieties against their hybrid progenies and responses to N-fertilizer doses and dosing options on well-drained humid …

PO Umezinwa, AL Nnadi, VO Onyia, AI Atugwu, SE Obalum

Tropical Agriculture 97 (2)publications

495. Effect of land use type on organic C, physical properties and stability indices of soils in Nanka area, southeast Nigeria

IM Uzoh, CM Igwenagu, SE Obalum

Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 30 (1), 62-69publications

496. Does corporate social responsibility (CSR) impact on development of women in small-scale fisheries of sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from coastal communities of Niger Delta in …

JI Uduji, EN Okolo-Obasi

Marine policy 118publications

497. Detection of Hotspots and Performance Deteriotations in PV Modules under Partial Shading Conditions Using Infrared Thermography

OE Ikejiofor, YE Asuamah, HO Njoku, SO Enibe

Engineering Proceedings 2 (1), 71publications

498. The supportive treatment of IgA nephropathy and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome: how useful are omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids?

SN Uwaezuoke, UV Muoneke, NR Mbanefo

International journal of nephrology and renovascular disease 13, 27publications

499. The prevalence and case-fatality rates of post-neonatal tetanus in a population of hospitalized Nigerian children: an 8-year retrospective review

CO Okike, UV Muoneke, SN Uwaezuoke, EN Mbagwu, E Onyeka-Okite

Journal of tropical pediatrics 66 (2), 201-209publications

500. Strengthening health systems in Africa: The COVID-19 pandemic fallout

SN Uwaezuoke

Journal of the Pan African Thoracic Society 1 (1), 15-19publications

501. Spirometry practice and the impact of a phase 1 training workshop among health workers in southern Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

A Ayuk, C Ndukwu, S Uwaezuoke, E Ekop

BMC pulmonary medicine 20 (1), 1-8publications

502. A short course of oral ranitidine as a novel treatment for toddler’s diarrhea: a parallel-group randomized controlled trial

SN Uwaezuoke, IK Ndu, CI Eneh, CA Anusiem, AC Ayuk

BMC pediatrics 20 (1), 1-9publications

503. Sickle Cell Hepatopathy: Prevalence and Presentation in Children with Sickle Cell Anemia at Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Parklane, Enugu

CI Eneh, SN Uwaezuoke, CJ Chukwu

Asian Hematology Research Journal, 23-30publications

504. Routine Screening and Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection May Be Justified in Children and Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review

SN Uwaezuoke, AE Aronu

Iranian Journal of Pediatrics 30 (4)publications

505. Perspectives of clinical students toward organ donation and transplantation: A cross-sectional descriptive study in a Nigerian tertiary hospital

VU Muoneke, DC Obu, SN Uwaezuoke, UV Asiegbu, AA Anya, AF Una

International Journal of Medicine and Health Development 25 (2), 112-112publications

506. Diabetic Kidney Disease in Childhood and Adolescence: Conventional and Novel Renoprotective Strategies

SN Uwaezuoke, AC Ayuk


507. Acute Chest Syndrome in Children with Sickle Cell Disease: Current Perspectives on Pathogenesis and Treatment

SN Uwaezuoke


508. Perioperative analgesic efficacy of constant rate infused tramadol hydrochloride as an adjunct to postoperative ketoprofen in ovariohysterectomized bitches

NE Ugwu, CA Eze, RI Udegbunam, TO Nnaji

Indian J Anim Res 54, 627-630publications

509. Gross and radiographic assessment of foot with claw disorders in culled cattle at Nsukka abattoir

KC Ogbanya, CA Eze

Nigerian Journal of Animal Production 47 (5), 58-65publications


KC Ogbanya, CA Eze, NH Okereke, CC Chukwu


511. Radiographic morphometry of the hoof and third phalanx of apparently healthy Nigerian horses

KC Ogbanya, CA Eze, JI Ihedioha

Indian Journal of Animal Research 54 (8), 968-972publications

512. Estimation of some trace metal pollutants in River Atuwara southwestern Nigeria and spatio-temporal human health risks assessment

PGC Emenike, JB Neris, IT Tenebe, CC Nnaji, P Jarvis

Chemosphere 239, 124770publications

513. Potential environmental and human health risk of soil and roadside dust in a rapidly growing urban settlement

CN Mama, CC Nnaji, PC Emenike, CV Chibueze

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 17 (4), 2385-2400publications

514. Hydrogeochemical imprints and spatio-temporal health risk assessment of lead in drinking water sources of Abeokuta, south-western Nigeria

PC Emenike, CC Nnaji, IT Tenebe, JC Agunwamba

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 17 (1), 343-360publications

515. Assessment of heavy metal pollution in soils: a case study of Nsukka metropolis

CN Mama, CC Nnaji, O Igwe, OH Ozioko, CK Ezugwu, IJ Ugwuoke

Environmental Forensics, 1-19

516. Flood vulnerability assessment of the upper Cross River basin using morphometric analysis

NM Ogarekpe, EA Obio, IT Tenebe, PGC Emenike, CC Nnaji

Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 11 (1), 1378-1403publications

517. Efficacy of disinfectants and brand reputation on bathing water quality improvement

IT Tenebe, CC Nnaji, PC Emenike, BU Ngene

Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management 14, 100330publications

518. A Scenario-Driven Assessment of the Economic Feasibility of Rainwater Harvesting Using Optimized Storage

CC Nnaji, C Aigbavboa

Water Resources Management 34 (1), 393-408publications

519. Bacterial characterization and quantification of rainwater harvested in a rural community in Nigeria

IT Tenebe, PC Emenike, CC Nnaji, EO Babatunde, NM Ogarekpe, …

Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management 14, 100370publications

520. A dataset for the flood vulnerability assessment of the upper Cross River basin using morphometric analysis

N Ogarekpe, E Obio, I Tenebe, PG Emenike, C Nnaji

Data in brief 30, 105344publications

521. Auricularia polytricha restores altered reproductive parameters in streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar rat

CA Agbor, GE Anyanwu, SJ Audu

The Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology 81, 1-9publications

522. Assessment of Testicular Histomorphometric Parameters and Reticular Fibres Density on Testicular Tissue of Diabetic Wistar Rat Placed on Auricularia Polytricha.

GE Anyanwu, CA Agbor

Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences 13publications

523. Effects of Aqueous Brassica Juncea Seed Extract on the Sexual Behavior and Selected Reproductive Organs of Adult Male Wistar Rats

EG Anyanwu, VO Atuadu, SO Nweze, PT Duile

Biomed Sci J. 2020; 1 15publications

524. Anatomy education in physiotherapy training in Nigeria: perception of Nigeria trained physiotherapists.

OC Petronilla, AG Emeka, EG Okechukwu, AE Moris, OA Justina, …

Archives of Physiotherapy & Global Researches 24 (2)publications

525. Reference indices for evaluating kidney dimensions in children using anthropometric measurements

SN Ezeofor, GE Anyanwu, EN Obikili

SA Journal of Radiology 24 (1), 1-6publications

526. Nasofacial and canthal morphometric analysis of Benue Indigenes in central Nigeria

T Chia, GE Anyanwu

Annals of Medical Research 27 (5), 1519-1522publications

527. Anthropometric evaluation of hand dimensions and hand index in a young Nigerian population

T Chia, GE Anyanwupublications

528. The Nigerian digital finance environment and its economic growth: Pain or gain

S Igoni, JUJ Onwumere, IH Ogiri

Asian Journal of Economics, Finance and Management, 1-10publications

529. Digital currency and monetary policy in the South African economy: Praxis of financial dualism and suggestion for Nigerians

S Igoni, JUJ Onwumere, PW Amaewhule

Asian Journal of Economics, Finance and Management, 49-57publications

530. Nexus of Monetary Policy and Per Capita Income in the Nigerian Economy: is the development sustainable?


IOSR Journal of Economics and Finance 11 (2), 42-47publications

531. Impact of oil price shocks on sectoral returns in Nigeria stock market

CE Onyeke, I Nwakoby, JUJ Onwumere, I Ihegboro, C Nnamani

International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy 10 (6), 208publications

532. Banking sector development and agricultural productivity in Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC)

CA Ngong, KJ Thaddeus, JUJ Onwumere

Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology 10, 68-82publications

533. Critical evaluation of stock market capitalization response to money supply management in the Nigerian economy

S Igoni, CC Onyejiaku, PO Egbo, C Ifediora, OB Njoku, JUJ Onwumere

International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 26 (12s), 2433-2454publications

534. Green or gas in OPEC member countries: a linear and asymmetric investigation of energy–growth nexus

EU Kalu, FU Nwafor, AC Arize, LP Dana, J Malindretos, JU Onwumere

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