2020 Journal Publications II

Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2020 


201- 400

201. Influence of Nigerian Jelly Ear Culinary−Medicinal Mushroom, Auricularia auricula-judae (Agaricomycetes), on Humoral and Cellular Immunity

V Ibe, SA Ihim, M Ikegbunam, M Ugwu, CS Nworu

International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 22 (5)publications

202. Trends in the clinical use of antibiotics in a veterinary hospital in Nigeria, 2013–2017

TE Ihedioha, IU Asuzu, JA Nwanta

The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 50 (4), 487-494publications

203. Effects of methanolic leaf extract of Pterocarpus santalinoides on the recovery from gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in albino rats

TE Ihedioha, AE Nnadozie, IU Asuzu, AO Anaga, JI Ihedioha

Comparative Clinical Pathology 29 (6), 1209-1217publications

204. Disposition kinetics of ceftriaxone and determination of its therapeutic dose in dogs

IG Eke, UU Eze, AO Anaga, KF Chah, BM Anene, IU Asuzu

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 19 (8), 1735-1758publications

205. Chronic toxicity study of Pterocarpus santalinoides leaf extract in albino rats

KG Madubuike, AO Anaga, IU Asuzu

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 19 (11), 2407-2413publications

206. Assessment of the antidiabetic potential of Pterocarpus santalinoides extract in alloxan-induced diabetic rats.

KG Madubuike, AO Anaga, IU Asuzu

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 19 (11)publications

207. Haematology, serum biochemistry and histopathological findings associated with sub-chronic administration of methanol leaf extract of Pterocarpus santalinoides DC in albino rats

TE Ihedioha, IU Asuzu, AO Anaga, JI Ihedioha

African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 14 (5), 136-146publications

208. Effects of Early-Life Antibiotics Administration on the Immune Response to Newcastle Disease Lasota Vaccination and Weight Indices of Broiler Chicken

KG Madubuike, ON Okoroafor, IU Asuzu

Folia Veterinaria 64 (2), 74-79publications

209. Development of a Twenty-Two-Point Multichannel Temperature Data Logger Specially Customized and Coupled to a 160Wpeak Hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal (PV/T) Flat Plate Solar Air Heater

A Obi, O Iloeje, C Anyaoha, O Ojike

Engineering Proceedings 2 (1), 48publications

210. Mechanism of Candida pathogenesis: revisiting the vital drivers

IE Mba, EI Nweze

European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 39, 1797-1819publications

211. Nutrition, malnutrition, and leishmaniasis

JA Nweze, EI Nweze, US Onoja

Nutrition 73 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nut.2019.11071)publications

212. The use of nanoparticles as alternative therapeutic agents against Candida infections: an up-to-date overview and future perspectives

IE Mba, EI Nweze

World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 36 (11), 1-20publications

213. Epidemiology of Cryptococcus and cryptococcosis in Western Africa.

EI Nweze


214. Metal pollution and human health risk assessment of soils and edible plants in farmlands around Enyigba lead-zinc mining site, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

NA Obasi, SE Obasi, E Nweze, SO Amadi, C Aloke, GO Aloh

Environmental monitoring and assessment 192 (5), 1-15publications

215. The persistence of amoebosis caused by Entamoeba histolytica in Nigeria and the role of malnutrition


Annals of Parasitology 66 (3), 271-282publications

216. Antibiotic suceptibility of Escherichia coli isolated in cases of urinary tract infection in Nsukka, Nigeria

JU Okafor, EI Nweze

Journal of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research 14 (1), 1-7publications


BAS Lawal, PC Unekwe, E Shu, SC Ohadoma, HU Michaelpublications

218. Prospects of monoclonal antibodies in COVID-19 treatment: a systematic review.

E Ogiji, C Ofor, U Ezenkwa, K Ukwaja, C Maduba, O Ezeanosike, S Ghasi, …

Authorea Preprintspublications

219. Distribution and interactions of priority heavy metals with some antioxidant micronutrients in inhabitants of a lead-zinc mining community of ebonyi state, Nigeria

BH Tilako, SO Ogbodo, IN Okonkwo, IN Nubila, IL Shuneba, E Ogbonna, …

Advances in Toxicology and Toxic Effects 4 (1), 011-017publications

220. The current status of kidney transplantation in Nigerian children: still awaiting light at the end of the tunnel

FU Eke, TA Ladapo, AN Okpere, O Olatise, I Anochie, T Uchenwa, …

Pediatric Nephrology, 1-7publications

221. Persistent hematuria among children with sickle cell anemia in steady state

UC Akubuilo, A Ayuk, OU Ezenwosu, UH Okafor, IJ Emodi

Hematology, transfusion and cell therapy 42 (3), 255-260publications

222. Sickle Cell Nephropathy and Associated Factors among Asymptomatic Children with Sickle Cell Anaemia

UM Nnaji, CC Ogoke, HU Okafor, KI Achigbu

International Journal of Pediatrics 2020publications

223. Relationship between renal dimensions using ultrasonography and body mass index in apparently healthy school children in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

TA Uchenwa, IC Anochie, HU Okafor, OC Maduforo

West African Journal of Radiology 27 (2), 121publications

224. Pre-Transition Readiness in Adolescents and Young Adults with Four Chronic Medical Conditions in South East Nigeria–An African Perspective to Adolescent Transition

AC Ayuk, VO Onukwuli, IN Obumneme-Anyim, JN Eze, UC Akubuilo, …

Adolescent health, medicine and therapeutics 11, 29publications

225. Mermaid syndrome in Enugu, Nigeria

JE Nnagbo, CC Dim, HU Ezegwui

Nigerian Journal of Medicine 29 (2), 321publications

226. Evaluation of some amino benzoic acid and 4-aminoantipyrine derived Schiff bases as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in acidic medium: Synthesis, experimental and …

NC Okey, NL Obasi, PM Ejikeme, DT Ndinteh, P Ramasami, ESM Sherif, …

Journal of Molecular Liquids 315, 113773publications

227. Syntheses and characterizations of GO/Mn3O4 nanocomposite film electrode materials for supercapacitor applications

MC Nwankwo, B Ezealigo, AC Nwanya, AC Nkele, A Agbogu, U Chime, …

Inorganic Chemistry Communications 119, 107983publications228. Methanolysis Optimization of Cottonseed Oil to Biodiesel Using Heterogeneous Catalysts

CN Ude, DO Onukwuli, BI Ugwu, FC Okey-Onyesolu, TA Ezidinma, …

Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (IJCCE) 39 (4), 355-370publications

229. Enhanced electrochemical property of SILAR-deposited Mn3O4 thin films decorated on graphene

AC Nkele, U Chime, B Ezealigo, A Nwanya, ANC Agbogu, ABC Ekwealor, …

Journal of Materials Research and Technology 9 (4), 9049-9058publications

230. Morphological, optical and antibacterial study of green synthesized silver nanoparticles via Vernonia amygdalina

SO Aisida, K Ugwu, PA Akpa, AC Nwanya, PM Ejikeme, S Botha, I Ahmad, …

Materials Today: Proceedingspublications

231. Gender-Specific Livelihood Strategies for Coping with Climate Change-Induced Food Insecurity in Southeast Nigeria

IQ Anugwa, AE Agwu, M Suvedi, S Babu

Food Security 12, 1065-1084publications

232. Oxidative stress, biochemical, lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant responses in Clarias gariepinus exposed to acute concentrations of ivermectin

E Ogueji, C Nwani, C Mbah, S Iheanacho, F Nweke

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 (14), 16806-16815publications

233. Effect of ivermectin® on biometric characteristics and organ biomarkers of African catfish Clarias gariepinus

UU Odo, I Christian Ezeoyili, IO Aguzie, SN Oluah, J Madu, CD Nwani

Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 53 (1), 17-33publications

234. DNA barcoding silver butter catfish (Schilbe intermedius) reveals patterns of mitochondrial genetic diversity across African river systems

LM Nneji, AC Adeola, MK Mustapha, SO Oladipo, CAMS Djagoun, …

Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-9publications

235. Morphological, haematological and biochemical changes in African catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell 1822) juveniles exposed to clotrimazole

TD Melefa, BO Mgbenka, IO Aguzie, FA Andong, U Nwakor, CD Nwani

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology …publications

236. Neuromodulatory and oxidative stress evaluations in African catfish Clarias gariepinus exposed to antipsychotic drug chlorpromazine

CI Atama, EC Nnaji, I Christian Ezeoyili, FO Udeani, CJ Onovo, …

Drug and Chemical Toxicology, 1-7publications

237. Genotoxicity and oxidative stress evaluations in Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) juveniles exposed to NPK fertilizer.

HN Ebeh, NA Adegoke, MN Ugwu, CD Nwani

Journal of Aquatic Animal Healthpublications

238. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen modulates brain lipid peroxidation and anti-oxidant enzymes in rat

EH Chinwe, RC Okum, IC Ezeoyili, IO Aguzie, CD Nwani

Comparative Clinical Pathology 29 (6), 1271-1276publications

239. Genotoxicity and Oxidative Stress Evaluations in Juvenile African Catfish Clarias gariepinus Exposed to NPK Fertilizer

CD Nwani

Journal of aquatic animal health 32 (4), 149-156publications

240. Heavy Metal Analysis of Three Urban Rivers in Enugu, Nigeria

CI Atama, CJ Onovo, CJ Okeke, O Nelson, CD Nwani

Annual Research & Review in Biology, 14-19publications

241. Effects of Heavy Metals on Agronomic Attributes of Some Selected Cereal Crops (Zea mays and Sorghum bicolor)

GI Ameh, HO Nwamba, CD Nwani, EC Ofordile

Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 24-30publications

242. Larvicidal Effect of Ipomoea stolonifera on Laboratory-Reared and Field-Collected Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes in Enugu, Nigeria

GI Ngwu, MI Ngwu, FC Okafor, AO Anaga, CD Nwani

Pakistan Journal of Zoology 52 (4), 1371publications

243. Gut Parasites of Donkeys and Horses in a Semi-Urban Metropolis, Nigeria

GC Onyishi, CI Atama, FE Chioma, IO Aguzie, GI Ngwu, CD Nwanipublications

244. Heavy Metal Concentration In Fruit Samples During The Dry Season From Three Major Markets In Enugu, Nigeria

GI Ameh, LC Ogbodo, CD Nwani

Canadian Journal of Agriculture and Crops 5 (1), 83-91publications

245. Parametric Optimization of Exergy Efficiency in Solar Thermoelectric Generators

KA Ejenakevwe, CA Mgbemene, HO Njoku, OV Ekechukwu

Journal of Electronic Materials 49 (5), 3063-3071publications

246. Comparative photo-response performances of dye sensitized solar cells using dyes from selected plants

EO Onah, SU Offiah, UK Chime, GM Whyte, RM Obodo, OV Ekechukwu, …

Surfaces and Interfaces 20, 100619publications

247. Bioclimatic Classification of Locations in South-East Nigeria for Indoor Thermal Comfort

SA Ajah, HO Njoku, OV Ekechukwu

eNergetics 2020 – 6th Virtual International Conference on Science …publications

248. Tilt angles for optimizing energy reception by fixed and periodically adjusted solar-irradiated surfaces in Nigeria

HO Njoku, UG Azubuike, EC Okoroigwe, OV Ekechukwu

International Journal of Energy and Water Resources 4 (4), 437-452publications

249. Nutritional diversity in accessions of African walnut (Plukenetia conophora L.) sourced from southwestern Nigeria as influenced by collection center and processing

K Olajide, KP Baiyeri, UM Ndubuaku

Agro-Science 19 (4), 24-29publications


OO Ndukwe, PK Baiyeri

Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems 23 (2)publications

 251. Determination of gentamicin use in poultry farms in Enugu state, Nigeria, and detection of its residue in slaughter commercial broilers

CT Onyeanu, EV Ezenduka, AO Anaga

Int. J. One Health 6, 6-11publications

 252. Evidence-based investigations into the ethnoveterinary use of Mimosa pudica L.(Fabaceae) as an anthlemintic.

TA Nzeakor, MI Udobi, IG Eke, IO Ezeh, IK Idika, UU Eze, SO Dan-Jumbo, …

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 19 (12)publications

 253. Schistosomiasis: Epidemiological Factors Enhancing Transmission In Nigeria

GA Amuga, OJ Nebe, FO Nduka, N Njepuome, DA Dakul, S Isiyaku, …publications 254. Alchornea floribunda (Müll. Arg.) – A review of its phytochemistry and biological activities

MO Agbo, FBC Okoye, GC Ebi, PO Osadebe

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 19 (5), 1113-1120publications 255. Studies on the antidiabetic effects of methanol extract of Pentaclethra macrophylla Benth (Fabaceae) stem bark on alloxan-induced diabetic model

UE Odoh, PO Osadebe, CG Asogwa, EO Okonta, VO Chekwube


UE Odoh, PO Osadebe, O Osadebe

Journal of Global Biosciences 9 (5), 7260-7279publications 257. Cooking and functional properties of parboiled milled local rice marketed in the south-east zone of Nigeria

CE Azuka, I Nkama, CR Eze, N Danbaba, FU Asoiro

International Journal of Food Studies 9 (2)publications 258. Physical properties of parboiled milled local rice varieties marketed in South-East Nigeria

CE Azuka, I Nkama, FU Asoiro

Journal of Food Science and Technology, 1-9publications 259. A huge abdomino-pelvis tumour in a prepubertal girl: A case report of dysgerminoma infiltrating both ovaries and uterus in an 11-year-old girl in Maiduguri

AG Farouk, A Farate, S Wabada, I Nkama, AD Geidam

Annals of African Medical Research 3 (2)publications 260. Development of Transdermal Patches for the Delivery of Chlorpheniramine in Infants using Hypromellose and Cassava Starch Composite Polymers

CO Agubata, BB Nta, GC Onunkwo, PE Joshua, SI Ofoefule, RI Onoja

Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics 10 (4), 125-132publications 261. Erythropoietic and hepatocurative profile of Yoyo Bitters®–A pilot study

IU Okagu, CC Nkwocha, A Obi, NC Ugochukwu, C Odo, CC Chibuogwu, …

International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 5publications 262. Effect of drying methods on the powder and compaction properties of microcrystalline cellulose derived from Gossypium herbaceum

N Nwachukwu, SI Ofoefule

Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 56publications 263. Formulation and Characterization of Metronidazole Suspension Using Gum Extracted from Dioclea reflexa Seeds

CC Mbah, OE Omeje, LO Ugorji, RC Omeh, JI Ogbonna, NC Obitte, …

Journal of Pharmaceutical Development and Industrial Pharmacy 2, 1publications 264. Clinical profile and electrolyte abnormalities in hospitalized under-five children with acute gastroenteritis in a tertiary health facility

CB Eke, IK Ndu, BO Edelu, ND Uleanya, U Ekwochi, JM Chinawa, …

Nigerian Journal of Medicine 29 (2), 295publications 265. Nutritional status of primary school children: Association with intelligence quotient and academic performance

UC Akubuilo, KK Iloh, JU Onu, ON Iloh, AC Ubesie, AN Ikefuna

Clinical Nutrition ESPEN 40, 208-213publications 266. Right ventricular function among South East Nigeria children with sickle cell anaemia

JM Chinawa, BF Chukwu, AT Chinawa, EN Ossai, AN Ikefuna, AE Aronu, …

BMC pediatrics 20, 1-9publications 267. Prevalence and severity of depression among caregivers of HIV-infected children in Enugu, South-East Nigeria

AN Ikefuna, IF Ogbonna, M Nkpozi, NC Okoronkwo, A Bisi-Onyemaechi, …

Nigerian Journal of Medicine 29 (4), 589publications 268. Magnesium levels in stable children with asthma: It’s relationship with asthma control

FN Ogbuka, IK Ndu, T Oguonu, AN Ikefuna, BC Ibe

Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics 47 (2), 91-95publications 269. Comparative study of nutritional status of children and adolescents with sickle cell anemia in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria

OM Ukoha, IJ Emodi, AN Ikefuna, EO Obidike, MO Izuka, CB Eke

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice 23 (8), 1079publications 270. Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia: a rare bleeding disorder in a Nigerian girl

OU Ezenwosu, BF Chukwu, NA Uwaezuoke, IL Ezenwosu, AN Ikefuna, …

African Health Sciences 20 (2), 753-757publications 271. Knowledge and awareness of individual sickle cell genotype among adolescents in a unity school in Southeast, Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

OU Ezenwosu, BF Chukwu, IL Ezenwosu, AN Ikefuna, IJ Emodi, …

International journal of adolescent medicine and health 1 (ahead-of-print)publications 272. Assessment of Right Ventricular Function in Children with Sickle Cell Anaemia Seen in Enugu, Nigeria.

JM Chinawa, BF Chukwu, AT Chinawa, N Ossai, AN Ikefuna, AE Aronu, …publications 273. Academic performance and intelligence quotient of primary school children in Enugu

UC Akubuilo, KK Iloh, JU Onu, AC Ayuk, AC Ubesie, AN Ikefuna

The Pan African Medical Journal 36publications 274. An efficient projection-type method for monotone variational inequalities in Hilbert spaces

Y Shehu, XH Li, QL Dong

Numerical Algorithms 84 (1), 365-388publications 275. Weak and strong convergence theorems for solving pseudo-monotone variational inequalities with non-Lipschitz mappings

DV Thong, Y Shehu, OS Iyiola

Numerical Algorithms 84 (2), 795-823publications 276. Iterative method with inertial terms for nonexpansive mappings: applications to compressed sensing

Y Shehu, OS Iyiola, FU Ogbuisi

Numerical Algorithms 83 (4), 1321-1347publications277. New inertial relaxed method for solving split feasibilities

Y Shehu, A Gibali

Optimization Letters, 1-18publications 278. Projection methods with alternating inertial steps for variational inequalities: weak and linear convergence

Y Shehu, OS Iyiola

Applied Numerical Mathematics 157, 315-337publications 279. Single projection algorithm for variational inequalities in Banach spaces with application to contact problem

Y Shehu


Y Shehu, JC Yao

JOURNAL OF NONLINEAR AND CONVEX ANALYSIS 21 (2), 533-541publications 281. A method with inertial extrapolation step for split monotone inclusion problems

Y Yao, Y Shehu, XH Li, QL Dong

Optimization, 1-21publications 282. An inertial subgradient extragradient algorithm extended to pseudomonotone equilibrium problems

Y Shehu, OS Iyiola, DV Thong, NTC Van

Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 1-30publications 283. A Symmetric FBF Method for Solving Monotone Inclusions

A Gibali, Y Shehu

Symmetry 12 (9), 1456publications

284. A new iterative method for solving pseudomonotone variational inequalities with non-Lipschitz operators

DV Thong, Y Shehu, OS Iyiola

Computational and Applied Mathematics 39 (2), 1-24publications

285. New strong convergence method for the sum of two maximal monotone operators

Y Shehu, QL Dong, LL Liu, JC Yao

Optimization and Engineering, 1-27publications

286. Inertial Krasnoselskii–Mann Method in Banach Spaces

Y Shehu, A Gibali

Mathematics 8 (4), 638publications


OS Iyiola, Y Shehu

JOURNAL OF NONLINEAR AND CONVEX ANALYSIS 21 (5), 1175-1189publications

288. New inertial method for generalized split variational inclusion problems

P Chuasuk, F Ogbuisi, Y Shehu, P Cholamjiak

Journal of Industrial & Management Optimizationpublications


FU Ogbuisi, LO Jolaoso, Y Shehu

FIXED POINT THEORY 21 (1), 281-304publications

290. Sex differences in mate preferences across 45 countries: A large-scale replication

KV Walter, D Conroy-Beam, DM Buss, K Asao, A Sorokowska, …

Psychological science 31 (4), 408-423publications

291. Mindfulness and wellbeing in older adults’ survivors of herdsmen attack. The mediating effect of positive reappraisal

JC Aliche, IE Onyishi

Aging & mental health 24 (7), 1132-1140publications

292. Perceived leader integrity as a mediator between ethical leadership and ethical climate in a teaching context

IK Enwereuzor, IE Onyishi, FC Albi-Oparaocha, K Amaeshi

BMC psychology 8, 1-11publications

293. Situational experience around the world: A replication and extension in 62 countries

DI Lee, G Gardiner, E Baranski, International Situations Project, …

Journal of Personality 88 (6), 1091-1110publications

294. Distress tolerance moderates the relationship between anger experience and elevated blood pressure

MCC Onyedibe, PN Ibeagha, IE Onyishi

South African Journal of Psychology 50 (1), 39-53publications

295. Reasons for facebook usage: Data from 46 countries

M Kowal, P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, M Dobrowolska, K Pisanski, …

Frontiers in psychology 11publications

296. Correction to: A decade of Boko Haram activities: the attacks, responses and challenges ahead

JT Omenma, IE Onyishi, AM Okolie

Security Journal 33, 514-514publications

297. The moderating role of person-environment fit on the relationship between perceived workload and work engagement among hospital nurses

FO Ugwu, IE Onyishi

International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences 13, 100225publications

298. Global perspective on marital satisfaction

M Dobrowolska, A Groyecka-Bernard, P Sorokowski, AK Randall, …

Sustainability 12 (21), 8817publications

299. Solidarity and social behaviour: how did this help communities to manage COVID-19 pandemic?

PA Igwe, C Ochinanwata, N Ochinanwata, JO Adeyeye, IM Ikpor, …

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policypublications

300. Ecological and potential health risk assessment of heavy metals in soils and food crops grown in abandoned urban open waste dumpsite

NR Ekere, MCJ Ugbor, JN Ihedioha, NN Ukwueze, HO Abugu

Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 18 (2), 711-721publications

301. Human health risk assessment of bisphenol A released from polycarbonate drinking water bottles and carbonated drinks exposed to sunlight in Nigeria

UG Ugboka, JN Ihedioha, NR Ekere, FO Okechukwu

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 1-11publications

302. Multi-residue Analysis of Organochlorine Pesticides in Cocoa Beans (Theobroma cacao) and Soils from Ondo, Nigeria

JN Ihedioha, MA Ejalonibu, NR Ekere

Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry 21 (2), 219-231publications

303. Impact of digestate and its fractions on mineralization of 14C-phenanthrene in aged soil

C Ibeto, V Omoni, M Fagbohungbe, K Semple

Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 195, 110482publications

304. Production and Optimization of Biosurfactants from Citrullus lanatus Seeds and Activity Determination with Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolate

TO Ukwueze, VEO Ozougwu, OU Njoku, GS Haruna

Asian Journal of Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, 38-50publications

305. Antimicrobial and In Vivo Antifungal Potentials of Crude and Degummed Citrullus lanatus Seed Oil

VO Apeh, FI Chukwuma, PE Chidebelu, J Emaimo, OU Njoku

Presented at the 1st International Electronic Conference on Plant Science 1, 15publications

306. Optimization and characterization of bioethanol production fromAbrusseed flour

JC Obeta, EC Ossai, OU Njoku


307. Phytochemical and Toxicological effect of Alkaloid Fraction of Fresh Ripe Fruit of Dennettia tripetala (Pepper fruit) in Albino Rats.

K Salawu, OU Njoku, VN Ogugua

Current Trends in Biotechnology & Pharmacypublications

308. Serum antioxidant micronutrient levels in pre-eclamptic pregnant women in Enugu, south-East Nigeria: a comparative cross-sectional analytical study

JT Enebe, CC Dim, EO Ugwu, NO Enebe, IA Meka, KC Obioha, GU Eleje, …

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 20 (1), 1-9publications

309. Predictors of puerperal menstruation

GU Eleje, EO Ugwu, VO Dinwoke, PK Enyinna, JT Enebe, II Okafor, …

PloS one 15 (7), e0235888publications

310. A double‐blind placebo‐controlled randomized trial on the effect of hyosine n‐butyl bromide for improving duration of labor in term pregnancies

TB Ejikeme, GU Eleje, GO Igberase, EO Ugwu, DC Ikwuka, BC Okpala

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research 46 (6), 890-898publications

311. Diagnostic value of Chorioquick for detecting chorioamnionitis in women with premature rupture of membranes

GU Eleje, CO Ukah, IV Onyiaorah, EC Ezugwu, EO Ugwu, SR Ohayi, …

International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 149 (1), 98-105publications

312. Evaluation of postgraduate educational environment in a Nigerian teaching hospital

UO Ezomike, EI Udeh, EO Ugwu, EI Nwangwu, NI Nwosu, MD Ughasoro, …

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice 23 (11), 1583publications

313. Effects of mode of delivery on sexual functions of parturients in Nigeria: a prospective cohort study

EO Ugwu, CC Dim, GU Eleje

International Urogynecology Journal, 1-9publications

314. Serum selenium levels of pre-eclamptic and normal pregnant women in Nigeria: A comparative study

SC Eze, NA Ododo, EO Ugwu, JT Enebe, OA Onyegbule, IO Eze, …

Plos one 15 (8), e0238263publications

315. Effects of Short Inter‑Pregnancy Interval on Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes: A Cohort Study of Pregnant Women in a Low‑Income Country

CC Onwuka, EO Ugwu, SN Obi, CI Onwuka, CC Dim, GU Eleje, …

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice 23 (7), 928-933publications

316. ABO blood group as a biomarker of preeclampsia among antenatal clinic attendees in Nigeria

HC Okoye, CC Efobi, AO Ugwu, EO Ugwu, TU Nwagha

Nigerian journal of clinical practice 23 (5), 729-733publications

317. Acceptability and Outcome of Cervical Cytology in Postnatal Women and Other Nonpregnant Women in Enugu, Nigeria: A Cross-Sectional Study.


Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research 14 (4)publications

318. Birth by Cesarean Section and Academic Achievement in Adolescents: A Randomized Control Trial

LI Eleje, NPM Esomonu, FN Ufearo, AN Anyanwu, CC Okoye, OA Okoi, …

Obstetrics and Gynecology Research 3 (4), 251-263publications

319. Antivirals for prevention of hepatitis B virus mother‐to‐child transmission in human immunodeficiency virus positive pregnant women co‐infected with hepatitis B virus

EO Ugwu, GU Eleje, AO Ugwu, UI Nwagha, JI Ikechebelu, UA Umeh, …

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviewspublications

320. The Profile and Predictors of Early Prenatal Booking among Pregnant Women in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria

CI Onwuka, EO Ugwu, CI Onwuka, EI Iloghalu, IE Menuba, PC Udealor

morbidity and mortality 2, 4publications

321. Separatist threat, militarization and voter turnout: Exploring the dynamics of the 2017 governorship election in Anambra state, Nigeria

PO Mbah, TC Nzeadibe, C Nwangwu, AO Iheanacho, CO Eze, CC Ezeibe

Journal of Asian and African Studies 55 (8), 1093-1107publications

322. Covid-19 pandemic and informal urban governance in Africa: A political economy perspective

CJ Onyishi, AUP Ejike-Alieji, CK Ajaero, CC Mbaegbu, CC Ezeibe, …

Journal of Asian and African Studies, 0021909620960163publications

323. Nature and Drivers of ‘Miracle Examination Centres’ in Private Schools in Nigeria: A systematic review of literatures on examination malpractice

P Agwu, T Orjiakor, A Odii, C Onalu, C Nzeadibe, U Okoyepublications

324. Solid waste management during Covid-19 pandemic: Policy gaps and prospects for inclusive waste governance in Nigeria

TC Nzeadibe, AUP Ejike-Alieji

Local Environment 25 (7), 527-535publications

325. Molecular epidemiology, genetic diversity and antimicrobial resistance of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from chicken and pig carcasses, and carcass handlers

OJ Okorie-Kanu, MU Anyanwu, EV Ezenduka, AC Mgbeahuruike, …

PloS one 15 (5), e0232913publications

326. Virulence-associated genes of avian pathogenic E. coli isolated from chickens with colibacillosis in Enugu State, Nigeria

IC Ugwu, L Lee-Ching, C Ugwu, K Chah, JOA Okoye

International Journal of Infectious Diseases 101, 541publications

327. Comparison of colorimetric loop-mediated isothermal amplification kit and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction in the diagnosis of peste des petits ruminants in …

IC Chukwudi, KI Ogbu, PD Luka, RP Malesa, LE Heath, EI Ugochukwu, …

Veterinary World 13 (11), 2358publications

328. Update on Peste des petits ruminants status in South East Nigeria: serological and farmers’ awareness investigation, and potential risk factors

IC Chukwudi, KI Ogbu, AL Nwabueze, OS Olaolu, EI Ugochukwu, …

Tropical Animal Health and Production 52 (6), 3285-3291publications

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