2018 Journal Publications IX

Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria  for the year 2018


1600 – 1800


1601. Influence of Varying Backpack Loading and Velotypes on the Spatiotemporal Parameters of Gait and Energy Cost of Ambulation Among Primary School Children in Nigeria

END Ekechukwu, CC Okigbo, AJ Okemuo, CN Ikele

Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, 743-757publications

1602.  Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2018): Volume IX: Aging, Gender and Work, Anthropometry, Ergonomics for Children and …

S Bagnara, R Tartaglia, S Albolino, T Alexander, Y Fujita



1603. Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2018): Volume III: Musculoskeletal Disorders

S Bagnara, R Tartaglia, S Albolino, T Alexander, Y Fujita



1604.  Physiotherapy Identity: Confusion surrounding the title “Gashi” in Northern Nigeria

L Umar, BB Abdullahi, END Ekechukwu


1605.  Pre-processing of Images as a Source of Additional Information for Image of the Natural Polymer Com-posites

CVA Drugarin, VV Lyashenko, MJ Mbunwe, MA Ahmad


1606.  Nuclear Effect in terms of Hurst Exponent in 28Si-Emulsion Collisions at 14.6 A GeV

MA Ahmad, MH Rasool, JH Baker, S Ahmad, MJ Mbunwe

Proc. DAE Symp. Nuclear Phys 63, 956-957publications

1607.  An Interesting Approach of Bray–Liebhafsky (BL) Oscillatory Chemical Reactions

N Sarikavakli, SK Mustafa, MA Ahmad, V Lyashenko, MJ Mbunwe

Eur. J. Chem. Environ. Eng. Sci 2 (3)publications

1608.  Death anxiety as a factor in health-related quality of life among people living with HIV/AIDS

CM Ifeagwazi, JBC Chukwuorji, DU Onu

Nigerian Journal of Psychological Research 14publications

1609.  Generic approach for estimating final feed water temperature and extraction pressures in Pulverised Coal Power Plants

PU Akpan, WF Fuls

Applied Thermal Engineering 141, 257-268publications

1610.  Research Article In vitro Inhibition of Carbohydrate Metabolizing Enzymes and in vivo Anti-hyperglycaemic Potential of Methanol Extract of Desmodium velutinum Leaves

VEO Ozougwu, BO Akubapublications

1611.  Farmers use of erosion control measures in Anambra State Nigeria

CE Nwobodo, S Otunwa, VA Ohagwu, ED Okechukwu

Journal of Agricultural Extension 22 (3), 174-184publications

1612.  Creativity in calamity: Igbo funeral as interface of visuality and performance

CK Ikwuemesi, IE Onwuegbuna

Continuum 32 (2), 184-200publications

1613.  Incidence of pre-pregnancy and pregnancy-related illnesses in rural women accessing antenatal care services in Awka, south-east, Nigeria

UD Ezeani, OS Agbaje, CE Ezedum, PIC Umoke, CN Iweama, KA Nfor

Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology 10 (7), 215-224publications

1614.  Thermodynamic evaluation of irreversibility and optimum performance of a concentrated PV-TEG cogenerated hybrid system

S Singh, OI Ibeagwu, R Lamba

Solar Energy 170, 896-905publications

1615.  Effect of dietary inclusion of biochar on growth performance, haematology and serum lipid profile of broiler birds

CE Dim, EA Akuru, MA Egom, NW Nnajiofor, OK Ossai, CG Ukaigwe, …

Agro-Science 17 (2), 9-17publications

1616.  Simulated economic evaluation of changing from CFLs to LED lighting

E Chikuni, M Tobias, P Manyere, E Mabunda, OI Okoro, SE Oti

ACRID 2017: EAI International Conference for Research, Innovation and …publications

1617.  Analysis and Performance Simulation of Permanent Magnet Generator

OS Ejiofor, C Madueme Victory, E Candiduspublications

1618.  Application of Servqual Model in the Evaluation of Quality of Services in Academic Libraries in Nigeria

BU Asadu

International Journal of Library & Information Science Research and …publications

1619.  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Application in Polytechnic Libraries in South-South, Nigeria

RE Ozioko, BU Asadu, RNC Ugwuanyi

Nnamdi Azikwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukkapublications

1620.  Determinants of the choice of marketing channel among cocoyam farmers in South East Nigeria.

P Opata

JAPS: Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences 28 (4)publications

1621.  Revenue drivers of women labour in crop production in south east Nigeria

PI Opata, AB Ezeibe

Journal of Agricultural Extension 22 (3), 149-160publications

1622.  Critical Perspective on Agribusiness Supply Chain Management (ASCM) in Developing Nations: What are the Policy and Institutional Lessons for Developing Economies?

Ume Chukwuma O, Ihedioha Nice N, Opata Patience I, Obiajulu Chukwuchebe U

American International Journal of Agricultural Studies 1 (1), 26-37publications

1623.  Pointing Bias in “Spatial Matched Filter” Beamforming at a Tri-Axial Velocity-Sensor due to Non-Perpendicular Axes

CJ Nnonyelu

World Journal of Innovative Research 5 (2), 24-29publications

1624.  An array of directional sensors (cardioid sensors or figure-8 sensors), diversely orientated but spatially collocated: their beam-patterns

CJ Nnonyelu

Hong Kong Polytechnic Universitypublications

1625.  Efficacy of rational emotive digital storytelling intervention on knowledge and risk perception of HIV/AIDS among schoolchildren in Nigeria

B Ezegbe, C Eseadpublications

1626.  The protective effects of Vitamin E and glibenclamide on spermatogenic and haematological changes in alloxan-induced diabetic male rats

RI Odo, NE Ugwu, S Akusu

African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 12 (28), 431-435publications

1627.  Phytochemical profile and ameliorative effect of fractions of methanol root bark extract of Afzelia africana (Smith) of family Fabeceae on libido, testosterone and …

RI Odo, CN Uchendu

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 17 (8), 1549-1555  publications

1628.  Methodology For Assesing Antihypertensive Drug Treatment Requirement As an Outcome Parameter To Evaluate the Efficacy of A Personalized Food Avoidance Dietary Approach to Stop …

MT Okafor, CP Chijioke, MN Gbenimachor, NI Nwosu, NC Mbadiwe, …

Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society …publications

1629.  Discourse strategies in Nigerian job interview sessions

CF Anonye

Work in Progress 16 (17), 1-21publications

1630.  Linguistic identity and the stylistics of nativisation in Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus

CF Ononye

GEMA Online® Journal of Language Studies 18 (4)publications

1631.  Peer pressure and home environment as predictors of disruptive and risky sexual behaviours of secondary school adolescents

DE Adimora, IN Akaneme, EN Aye

African health sciences 18 (2), 218-226publications

1632.  Urbanization, Spatial Distribution of Healthcare Facilities and Inverse Care in Ibadan, Nigeria%00

Y Adewoyin, NA Chukwu, LM Sanni

Ghana Journal of Geography 10 (2), 96-111publications

1633.  A residential habitat quality model for population health vulnerability assessment in Urban Nigeria

Y Adewoyin

International Journal of Scientific Reports 4 (3), 59-67publications

1634.  Urban crime prevention and adaptation measures in Ilorin, Nigeria

LM Sanni, Y Adewoyin, AI Bako, SO Akande

Tanzania Journal of Development Studies 16 (2), 34-48publications

1635. Political ecology of malaria prevalence in urban Nigeria

Y Adewoyin

Tanzania Journal of Development Studies 16 (2), 74-86publications

1636.  Mapping incidents of infant mortality arising from gastroenteritis; a case study from South-East Nigeria

EEI Chukwuemeka A. Onyekwelu, Ernest A. Obienusi, Arinze T. Mozie, R.U …

African Population Studies 32 (No 2)publications

1637.  Social media usage and firm performance: Reflections from the Nigerian telecommunication sector

AE Etim, I Uzonna, C Worgu Steve

International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration 4 (6 …publications

1638.  Effect of Pawpaw (Carica Papaya) Seed Meal on Sex Determination, Growth, and Survival, of Oreochromis mossambicus Fry

D Brink, H Lambrechts, VO Omeje

Israeli Journal of Aquaculture-Bamidgeh 70, 20942publications


TA Anagor, KF Chah, VO Omeje, BM Anene

Animal Health and Production 66, 693-698publications

1640.  Compensation for land and building compulsorily acquired in Nigeria: A critique of the valuation technique

IR Egbenta, FP Udoudoh

Property Managementpublications

1641.  Counter-insurgency operations of the African Union and mitigation of humanitarian crisis in Somalia

OA Ononogbu, C Nwangwu

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 9 (2), 117-117publications

1642.  Political Participation, the Church and Gender Mainstreaming in Nigeria

DC Ononogbu, OA Ononogbu


1643..Management, Remediation and Compensation in Cases of Crude Oil Spills in Nigeria: An Appraisal

KG Kingston, P Nweke

Journal of Mineral Resources Law 8 (1)publications

1644.  Contributions of co-operative societies to economic development in kogi State, Nigeria


GPH-International Journal of Business Management (IJBM) 1 (1), 01-18publications

1645.  History and society towards a sustainable life transformation in Nigeria

NP Onyemaechi, NO Faith


1646.  Basic education in Nigeria: A constitutional right of the child

NO Adara, NP Onyemaechi

Journal of Educational Foundations, 249publications

1647.  Institutional Determinants of Economic Growth in Ecowas Sub‑Region

ER Ukwueze, ES Aguegboh

International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues 8 (5), 1-6publications

1648.  Integrating Mobile Phones in Teaching Auditory and Visual Learners in an English Classroom.

AA Ibrahim, GC Kadiri

English Language Teaching 11 (12), 1-10publications

1649.  Critical Metaphor Analysis of Political Discourse in Nigeria.

II Agbo, GC Kadiri, BU Ijem

English Language Teaching 11 (5), 95-103publications

1650.  Impact of social media language on writings of the Undergraduates of University of Nigeria, Nsukka

GC Kadiri, I Agbo, J Ekwueme

AFRREV IJAH: An International Journal of Arts and Humanities 7 (4), 46-59publications

1651.  Assessing Problem Areas in Senior Secondary Students’ Use of the English Concord

II Agbo, GC Kadiri, BU Ijem

Theory and practice in Language studies 8 (8), 973-981publications

1652.  Lexico-grammatical Analysis of AdaOkere Agbasimalo’s The Forest Dames

GC Kadiri, AE Uzoma, J Ekwueme

International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature 7 (6), 1-11publications