2018 Journal Publications XI


Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2018


2001 – 2200


2001.  Fourier Analysis of Six Step Inverter Controlled Three Phase Induction Motor Drive

CU Ogbuka, CM Nwosu, MC Odo

NIEEE Journal of Research and Innovative Technology 1 (1), 19-23publications

2002. Effects of tomato extract (lycopersicon esculentum) on carbimazole-induced alterations in kidney of albino rats

UI Kingsley

International Journal of Research and. Review 5, 72-79publications

2003.  Effect of Aqueous Extract of Bitter Leaf (Vernonia Amygdalina) Against Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Damage in Rats

I Uchendu, Bioequivalence & Bioavailability International Journal 2 (1), 000122publications

2004.  Combination of aqueous extracts of curcuma longa (turmeric) and some calcium channel blockers synergistically improves CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in albino rats

UI Kingsley, NE Bitrus, OO Chukwuma

Pharmacology Online 3, 392-401publications


NE Bitrus, UI Kingsley, OO Chukwuma

studies 2, 5


2006.  The effects of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) extract on carbimazole-induced biochemical alter-ations in pancreas of albino rats

IK Uchendu, CE Agu, OC Orji

Journal of Medical & Allied Sciences 8 (2), 59-65publications



Department of Veterinary Obstetrics and Reproductive Disease, Faculty of …publications

2008.  Antitrypanosomal Activity of Natural Products from Nigerian Holarrhena Africana A. DC.(Apocynaceae)

CO Nnadi

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münsterpublications

2009.  Retrospective evaluation of canine fractures in southern Nigeria

EA Uwagie-Ero, CN Abiaezute, OJ Okorie-Kanu, EA Odigie, OD Asemota

Comparative Clinical Pathology 27 (5), 1127-1132publications

2010.  Hydrocarbon Generation Potentials of Cenozoic Lacustrine Source Rocks: Gulf of Thailand, Southeast Asia

OO Akinlotan, BA Jolly, OA Anyiampublications

2011.  Sociodemographic and Cultural Factors Influencing Adjustment to Bereavement in Umuahia, Southern Nigeria

CN Ngwu, AA Agbo, EC Onuoha

Journal of Loss and Trauma 23 (8), 639-658publications

2012.  Harvesting Chlorella variabilis biomass using Moringa oleifera seed-induced sedimentation

CN Ogbonna, IC Edeh

Journal of Advances in Biology & Biotechnology, 1-11publications

2013.  Isolation of amylase and cellulase producing fungi from decaying tubers and optimization of their enzyme production in solid and submerged cultures

CN Ogbonna, OB Nnaji, OJ Chioke

International Journal of Biotechnology and Food Science 6 (1), 9-17publications

2014.  Effect of dietary Centrosema pubescens leaf meal on growth and reproductive traits of Archachatina marginata snails

CE Oyeagu, FU Udeh, IE Uzochukwu, CO Osita, SOC Ugwu, OH Agugom

Journal of Applied Animal Research 46 (1), 947-952publications

2015.  Growth performance of broiler birds fed varying dietary levels of artemisia annua (sweet wormwood)

AO Ani, DU Iyida, MC Ogwuegbu, CO Osita, HO Edeh

Nigerian Journal of Animal Production 45 (5), 122-128publications

2016.  Social Media Addiction among Nigerian Students Abroad: Evidence from a Focus Group Discussion

OD Apuke, GH Ezeah

International Journal of Communication: A publication of Communication …publications

2017.  Native Craft and Tourism: A Study of Ushafa Pottery

OF Emeafor, PI Eze-Uzomaka

International Journal of Rural Development, Environment and Health Research …publications

2018.  Conceptualizing Time in Archaeology: A Study of the Igbo of Nigeria

PI Eze-Uzomaka

Advances in Sciences and Humanities 4 (5), 62publications

2019.  Collaboration and sensitisation as strategies for community involvement in Nigeria’s event tourism development: The Abia State Example

NG Ololo, H Unit, PUC Dieke, PI Eze-Uzomaka

Collaboration & Co-creation Opportunities in Tourism, 135publications

2020.  Antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic potential of ethanol extract of Salacia lehmbachii stem bark in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

GC Akuodor, LK Eban, GA Ajoku, NN Nwobodo, JL Akpan, BC Ezeokpo, …

Journal of basic and clinical physiology and pharmacology 30 (2), 239-244publications

2021.  Effectiveness of Teleconferencing in Nigerian Universities: A Descriptive Approach

J Bakare, CT Orji, JO Wogu, CA Ogbonna

International Journal of u-and e-Service, Science and Technology 11 (3), 27-38publications

2022.  Phytochemical, Anti-nutritional and Toxicity Assessment of Moringa Oleifera Seeds, Stem Bark and Leaves Using Brine Shrimp (Artemia Salina) Assay


Jordan Journal of Chemistry (JJC) 13 (3), 171-178publications

2023.  Epidemiological assessment of testosterone levels in women population: A factorial analysis of cell proliferation

VE Okpashi, BC Obi, I Okagu, PO Opublications

Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory activity of the Commelina ascendens JK Morton (Commelinaceae) aerial part extract

AM Onwuka, CS Nworu, I Emmanuel, FNM Peter, BC Obi, AC Onyeto, …publications

2024.  Solution to Nonlinear Duffing Oscillator with Fractional Derivatives Using Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM)

CL Ejikeme, DF Agbebaku, MB Okofu, MO Oyesanya

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics . 14 (10), 1363-138publications

2025. . Influence of Varying Backpack Loading and Velotypes on the Spatiotemporal Parameters of Gait and Energy Cost of Ambulation Among Primary School Children in Nigeria

END Ekechukwu, CC Okigbo, AJ Okemuo, CN Ikelepublications

2026.  Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, 743-757

GEMA Online® Journal of Language Studies 18 (4)

GC Kadiri, I Agbo, J Ekwueme

AFRREV IJAH: An International Journal of Arts and Humanities 7 (4), 46-59publications

2027.  Africa’s Tarnished Name

C Achebe

Penguin Classicspublications

2028.  Investigating the willingness to pay for a contributory National Health Insurance Scheme in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional stated preference approach

MK Al-Hanawi, K Vaidya, O Alsharqi, O Onwujekwe

Applied health economics and health policy 16, 259-271publications

2029.  Strategic purchasing for universal health coverage: examining the purchaser–provider relationship within a social health insurance scheme in Nigeria

E Etiaba, O Onwujekwe, A Honda, O Ibe, B Uzochukwu, K Hanson

BMJ global health 3 (5), e00publications

2030.  Accountability mechanisms for implementing a health financing option: the case of the basic health care provision fund (BHCPF) in Nigeria

B Uzochukwu, E Onwujekwe, C Mbachu, C Okeke, S Molyneux, L Gilson

International journal for equity in health 17, 1-16publications

2031.  Implementation of free maternal and child healthcare policies: assessment of influence of context and institutional capacity of health facilities in South-east Nigeria

DC Ogbuabor, OE Onwujekwe

Global health action 11 (1), 1535031publications

2032. Scaling-up strategic purchasing: analysis of health system governance imperatives for strategic purchasing in a free maternal and child healthcare programme in Enugu State, Nigeria

DC Ogbuabor, OE Onwujekwe

BMC health services research 18 (1), 1-12publications

2033.  Malaria knowledge and treatment practices in Enugu state, Nigeria: A qualitative study

BSC Uzochukwu, EN Ossai, CC Okeke, AC Ndu, OE Onwujekwe

International journal of health policy and management 7 (9), 859publications

2034. Willingness to pay for antiretroviral drugs among HIV and AIDS clients in south‐east Nigeria

C Mbachu, C Okoli, O Onwujekwe, F Enabulele

Health Expectations 21 (1), 270-278publications

2035.  The community is just a small circle: citizen participation in the free maternal and child healthcare programme of Enugu State, Nigeria

DC Ogbuabor, OE Onwujekwe

Global health action 11 (1), 1421002publications

2036.  Examining the financial feasibility of using a new special health fund to provide universal coverage for a basic maternal and child health benefit package in Nigeria

O Onwujekwe, C Onoka, I Nwakoby, H Ichoku, B Uzochukwu, H Wang

Frontiers in public health 6, 200publications

2037.  Valuing the unpaid contribution of community health volunteers to mass drug administration programs

HC Turner, J Toor, AA Bettis, AD Hopkins, SS Kyaw, O Onwujekwe, …

Clinical Infectious Diseasespublications

2038.  Corruption in the Nigerian Health Sector has many Faces: How to fix it

O Onwujekwe, A Odii, C Mbachu, E Hutchinson, H Ichoku, PA Ogbozorf, …

University of Londonpublications

2039.  Antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic effects of ethanolic extract of dryopteris dilatat leaves

AE Akpotu, CO Ani, C Nworgu, P Okorie, U Igwe, J Uzoigwe, U Igwe, …

Journal of Diabetes & Endocrinology 9 (3), 25-27publications

2040.  Antidiabetic and anti-hyperlipidemic effects of ethanolic extract of Dryopteris dilatata leaves

A Ajirioghene, C Ani, C Nworgu, O Pamela, I Uzoma, J Uzoigwe, A Mercy, …

Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology 9 (3), 20-27publications

2041.  Does increase in fiscal space have effect on government allocations to the health sector? A study of Lagos State, Nigeria

C Okoli, H Ichoku, N Ezumah, J Umeano-Enemuoh, O Onwujekwe

International Journal of Medicine and Health Development 23 (1), 217-226publications

2042.  Out of Pocket Payments for Medicines Among Diabetes Patients in Abuja Nigeria: Does enrollment in Nigeria’s National Health Insurance Scheme Matter?

C Okoro, FR Feeley, RO Laing, D Berlowitz, O Onwujekwe

APHA’s 2018 Annual Meeting & Expo (Nov. 10-Nov. 14)publications

2043.  Exploring actors roles in formulation of the human resources for health policy in Nigeria

N Uguru, E Etiaba, B Uzochukwu, M Ajuba, G Russo, R Huss, …

Nigerian Journal of Medicine 27 (1), 59-68publications

2044.  Measuring performance on the Healthcare Access and Quality Index for 195 countries and territories and selected subnational locations: a systematic analysis from the Global …

N Fullman, J Yearwood, SM Abay, C Abbafati, F Abd-Allah, J Abdela, …

The Lancet 391 (10136), 2236-2271publications

2045.  An assessment of the potentials for retention of primary health care workers in Rivers State, Nigeria

NP Kadiri-Eneh, EC Azuike, C Tobin-West, BSC Uzochukwu

Afrimedic Journal 6 (1), 35-51publications

2046.  Perception and practice of breastfeeding among HIV positive mothers receiving care for prevention of mother to child transmission in South-East, Nigeria

AK Umeobieri, C Mbachu, BSC Uzochukwu, A Elias, B Omotowo, …

International breastfeeding journal 13 (1), 1-8publications

2047.  A Comparison of Prescribing Practices for the Treatment of Malaria in Public and Private Health Facilities in Southeast Nigeria

C Okeke, BSC Uzochukwu, O Ifeomapublications

2048.  Effect of Diabetes on the Pharmacokinetic Profile of Fluoroquinolones

FO Okpana, PA Akah

International Journal 6 (2), 21-27publications

2049.  Sub-acute Toxicity Profile of Methanol Leaf Extract of Lo-phira lanceolata (Ochnaceae) in Rats

CA Onyeto, S Ihim, B Emesiani, PA Akah, SC Nworu

Int J Appl Res Med Plants: IJARMP-105. DOI 10publications

2050.  Experimental and computational chemistry studies on the removal of methylene blue and malachite green dyes from aqueous solution by neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves

SA Odoemelam, UN Emeh, NO Eddy

Journal of Taibah University for Science 12 (3), 255-265publications

2051.  The professionalisation of indigenous medicine: A comparative study of Ghana and Zambia

PA Twumasi, DM Warren

The professionalisation of African medicine, 117-135publications

2052.  Electrochemical supercapacitive properties of SILAR-Deposited Mn3O4 electrodes

MC Nwankwo, AC Nwanya, A Agbogu, ABC Ekwealor, PM Ejikeme, …

Vacuum 158, 206-214publications

2053.  In situ encapsulation of tin oxide and cobalt oxide composite in porous carbon for high-performance energy storage applications

B Pal, SG Krishnan, BL Vijayan, M Harilal, CC Yang, FI Ezema, MM Yusoff, …

Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 817, 217-225publications

2054.  Dye-sensitized solar cells based on Al-doped ZnO photoelectrodes sensitized with rhodamine

MD Tyona, SB Jambure, CD Lokhande, AG Banpurkar, RU Osuji, …

Materials Letters 220, 281-284publications

2055.  The properties of spray-deposited zinc sulfide thin films using trisodium citrate complexant

PO Offor, BA Okorie, CD Lokhande, PS Patil, FI Ezema, AD Omah, …

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 95, 1849-1857publications

2056.  Porosity and hole diameter tuning on nanoporous anodic aluminium oxide membranes by one-step anodization

UK Chime, FI Ezema, J Marques-Hueso

Optik 174, 558-562publications

2057.  Surface-modified mucoadhesive microgels as a controlled release system for miconazole nitrate to improve localized treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis

FC Kenechukwu, AA Attama, EC Ibezim, PO Nnamani, CE Umeyor, …

European journal of pharmaceutical sciences 111, 358-37publications

65 2018

2058.  Novel intravaginal drug delivery system based on molecularly PEGylated lipid matrices for improved antifungal activity of miconazole nitrate

FC Kenechukwu, AA Attama, EC Ibezim, PO Nnamani, CE Umeyor, …

BioMed Research International 2018publications

2059.  Electricity generation potential of poultry droppings wastewater in microbial fuel cell using rice husk charcoal electrodes

GE Oyiwona, JC Ogbonna, CU Anyanwu, S Okabe

Bioresources and Bioprocessing 5 (1), 1-6publications

2060.  Effects of carbon source on growth characteristics and lipid accumulation by microalga Dictyosphaerium sp. with potential for biodiesel production

IO Ogbonna, JC Ogbonna

Energy and Power Engineering 10 (2), 29-42publications

2061.  Utilisation of Desmodesmus subspicatus LC172266 for simultaneous remediation of cassava wastewater and accumulation of lipids for biodiesel production

IO Ogbonna, OO Okpozu, J Ikwebe, JC Ogbonna



2062.  Addition of fillers to sodium alginate solution improves stability and immobilization capacity of the resulting calcium alginate beads

U Oyeagu, CO Nwuche, CN Ogbonna, JC Ogbonna

Iranian Journal of Biotechnology 16 (1)publications

2063.  Ethanol Production from Cassava Pulp by a Newly Isolated Thermotolerant Pichia kudriavzevii LC375240

IA Ndubuisi, JE Nweze, NJ Onoyima, M Yoshinori, JC Ogbonna

Energy and Power Engineering 10 (10), 457publications

2064.  Bioethanol production under multiple stress condition by a new acid and temperature tolerant Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain LC 269108 isolated from rotten fruits

CO Nwuche, Y Murata, JE Nweze, IA Ndubuisi, H Ohmae, M Saito, …

Process Biochemistry 67, 105-112publications

2065.  Lipase in biodiesel production

OJ Chioke, CN Ogbonna, C Onwusi, JC Ogbonna

African Journal of Biochemistry Research 12 (8), 73-85publications

2066.  valuation of Oil Producing Potential of a New Isolate—Chlorella lewinii SUB3545914 for Biodiesel Production under Heterotrophic Cultivation

IO Ogbonna, JC Ogbonna

Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems 8 (03), 67publications

2067.  New isolated yeasts display multiple stress tolerant properties in ethanol fermentation

C Nwuche, Y Murata, J Nweze, I Ndubuisi, H Omae, M Saito, J Ogbonna

SIMB Annual Meeting 2018publications

2068.  Utilisation of blood and blood products during open heart surgery in a low-income country: our local experience in 3 years

IA Nwafor, OA Arua, JC Eze, N Ezemba, MN Nwafor

Cardiology in the Young 28 (11), 1289-1294publications

2069.  Energy storage and loss capacity of graphene‐reinforced poly (vinylidene fluoride) nanocomposites from electrical and dielectric properties perspective: a review

UO Uyor, AP Popoola, O Popoola, VS Aigbodion

Advances in Polymer Technology 37 (8), 2838-2858publications

2070.  Electrochemical studies and surface analyses of laser deposited Zn-Al-Sn coatings on AISI 1015 steel

OS Fatoba, API Popoola, VS Aigbodion

International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering 12 (1), 40-59publications

2071.  The political economy of restructuring the Nigerian federation

C Soludo

A Keynote address delivered at the Median Lecture Organized by Ndigbo Lagos …publications

2072.  Stochastic wavepacket tessellation of atomic and periodic table build in structural R3×SO(3) configuration space

E Trell, G Akpojotor, S Edeagu, A Animalu

AIP Conference Proceedings 2046 (1), 020101publications

2073.  Kidney disease in the setting of HIV infection: conclusions from a Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) Controversies Conference.

WCM Swanepoel CR, Atta MG, D’Agati VD, Estrella MM, Fogo AB, Naicker S, Post …

Kidney Int 93 (3), 545-559publications

2074.  Assessment of conventional PCR and real-time PCR compared to the gold standard method for screening Streptococcus agalactiae in pregnant women

MB Ferreira, F de-Paris, RM Paiva, LS Nunes

Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases 22, 449-454publications

2075.  Prevalence of autonomic dysfunction among pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients in a tertiary hospital, South East Nigeria

O Onodugo, E Arodiwe, J Okoye, B Ezeala, N Onodugo, I Ulasi, C Ijoma

African Health Sciences 18 (4), 940-957publications

2076. Carotid Intima Media Thickness Measurements in Nigerian Pre Dialysis CKD Patients

OF Afolabi, CU Ibewuike, II Ulasi, EB Arodiwe, CK Ijoma, MU Nwobodo

Journal of Medical Sciences and Research 6, 1-7publications

2077.  Linking perceived organizational frustration to work engagement: The moderating roles of sense of calling and psychological meaningfulness

FO Ugwu, IE Onyishi

Journal of Career Assessment 26 (2), 220-239publications

2078.  Invariances in the architecture of pride across small-scale societies

D Sznycer, D Xygalatas, S Alami, XF An, KI Ananyeva, S Fukushima, …

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (33), 8322-8327publications

2079.  Global study of social odor awareness

A Sorokowska, A Groyecka, M Karwowski, T Frackowiak, JE Lansford, …

Chemical senses 43 (7), 503-513publications

2080.  Organisational trust and employee adaptation to change: Moderating role of fear of failure among bank employees

IVN Ujoatuonu, IE Onyishi, CO Apex-Apeh, NA Ezeasor, OJ Okeke

Practicum Psychologia 8 (1)publications

2081.  Characterization of Plasmodium falciparum structure in Nigeria with malaria SNPs barcode

BE Bankole, AT Kayode, IO Nosamiefan, P Eromon, ML Baniecki, …

Malaria Journal 17, 1-10publications

2082.  Rotavirus diarrhoea hospitalizations among children under 5 years of age in Nigeria, 2011–2016

BN Tagbo, JM Mwenda, CB Eke, BO Edelu, C Chukwubuike, G Armah, …

Vaccine 36 (51), 7759-7764publications

2083.  Renal Size of Apparently Healthy Primary School Children in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

TA Uchenwa, IC Anochie, HU Okafor, OC Maduforo

African Journal of Paediatric Nephrology 5 (1), 14-20publications

2084.  Prevalence and socio-demographic association of Hepatitis B and C co-infection and dual infection among People Living with HIV: a seven year retrospective data review of …

VA Adepoju, O Chidubem, O Adejumo, J Inegbeboh, U Kangiwa, V Okafor, …

Int. J. Adv. Multidiscip. Res 5 (2), 11-19publications

2085.  The Promise of Transition: Is there an African Dawn for Democracy?

SJ Omotola, FC Onuoha

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, 1-14publications

2086.  A new double-projection method for solving variational inequalities in Banach spaces

G Cai, A Gibali, OS Iyiola, Y Shehu

Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 178, 219-239publications

2087.  Iterative methods for solving proximal split minimization problems

M Abbas, M AlShahrani, QH Ansari, OS Iyiola, Y Shehu

Numerical Algorithms 78, 193-215publications

2088.  Strong convergence of a double projection-type method for monotone variational inequalities in Hilbert spaces

C Kanzow, Y Shehu

Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications 20, 1-24publications

2089.  Calcined corncob-kaolinite Combo as new sorbent for sequestration of toxic metal ions from polluted aqua media and desorption

HO Chukwuemeka-Okorie, PN Ekemezie, KG Akpomie, CS Olikagu

Frontiers in chemistry, 273publications

2090.  Abstraction and regeneration potential of temperature-enhanced rice husk montmorillonite combo for oil spill

KG Akpomie, CC Ezeofor, CS Olikagu, OA Odewole, CJ Ezeorah

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25, 34711-34719publications

2091.  Heavy metal remediation from automobile effluent by thermally treated montmorillonite-rice husk composite

KG Akpomie, FA Dawodu, SI Eze, JN Asegbeloyin, JU Ani

Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 73 (3), 254-263publications

2092.  Utilization of Nkpuma-Akpatakpa clay in ceramics: characterization and microstructural studies

CG Ituma, AB Etukudoh, MA Abuh, KG Akpomie, CI Obioha

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management 22 (1), 47-53publications


FA Dawodu, UN Obioha, KG Akpomie

Petroleum & Coal 60 (5)publications

2094.  Effect of iodide ions on the inhibitive performance of O-, M-, P-Nitroaniline on mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution

FK Ojo, IA Adejoro, KG Akpomie, BT Ogunyemi, EE Oyeka

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management 22 (5), 775-782publications

2095.  Characterization of Mbaukwu Clay from Awka-South, Anambra State, Nigeria for Industrial Purposes

GN Chikwelu, TU Onuegbu, CC Ezeofor, KG Akpomie

The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology 19 (1), 251-256publications

2096.  Coagulation-Flocculation process of Citropsis articulata seed powders as natural coagulant for textile effluent


Leonardo J Pract Technol 32, 271-284publications

2097.  Performance of Dioscorea rotundata Peel as an Environmental Waste Additive in Enhancing the Insulating Properties of a Local Clay Mineral

KG Akpomie, CC Ezeofor, OL Alum, UA Augustine, FN Ibeanu

Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia 15 (1), 59publications

2098.  First detection of fox-1 AmpC β-lactamase gene expression among Escherichia coli isolated from abattoir samples in Abakaliki, Nigeria

E Chika, E Charles, I Ifeanyichukwu, A Michael

Oman Medical Journal 33 (3), 243publications

2099.  Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of MBL genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from the non-hospital environment

C Ejikeugwu, C Esimone, I Iroha, P Eze, M Ugwu, M Adikwu

Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology 12 (4), 1877-1885publications



Phytochemistry: Volume 1: Fundamentals, Modern Techniques, and Applications, 261