Researchers for Contemporary Issues in the Business Circle (RCIBC)

Researchers on Contemporary Issues in The Business Circle


Focus: To address business environmental challenges emanating from the complexity of today’s business world through strategic critical thinking and implementation of an applicable solution to issues


Areas of research interest: Business trends, Environment, Culture, Policies, and Regulations


Title of most recent research project: Intrapreneurial competencies and firms’ growth: The mediating effect of perceived organizational support.


Current and Previous Research Projects:

  • Identity Reconstruction to foster Socio-cultural Integration of Nigerian Generation Z youths.
  • Financial Inclusion Ecosystem and Economic Sustainability of Rural Women in Nigeria.
  • Institutional base research, titled “Management Challenge of Sustaining Competitive Advantage through Innovation in a business environment”
  • Research Partner on RISE (Research on Improving Systems of Education) a new multi-country research programme that aims to build an understanding of education systems and how they can be transformed to accelerate learning for all.
  • A concluded Tetfund sponsored and presented institutional-based Research titled “The Impact of Social Entrepreneurship on Sustainability of Business Development in Nigeria”.
  • An institutional based research, titled “Weberian revisit of the link between social entrepreneurship, treats and Christianity in South Eastern Nigeria”. (approved and concluded)
  • Room 10 under the UNN Room 17-X Project : Reduce income inequality within and among countries


Name of the Coordinator: Professor (Mrs) Ann Ogbo

UNN email address of the coordinator:

Current webpage of the RG:

UNN webpage of RG:

Phone number of the RG: 08028074393

Phone number of the coordinator: 08036686027

Base Faculty of the RG: Faculty of Business Administration

Department of the coordinator: Management


  1. Ann Ifechukwudebelu Ogbo (Co-ordinator) Professor of Management Sciences. University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

A professional with an insight into the practical details involved in strategy formulation. Passion for responding to the increasing pace of innovation and entrepreneurship. Encouraging critical thinking on issues of strategic position, strategic choices and strategy in action challenges through an integrated management approach. Highly articulate and great at value-adding activities

Special Skills

Strategies for structuring and restructuring of Business Organisations

Project Management risk valuation and control Resource person

Consultancy services

Research activities and supervision

Ability to vary styles of managing change with different circumstances

Professional Bodies Membership

  • Member, Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (MNIFST).
  • Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Management (MNIM).
  • Fellow Institute of Management Consultant (MIMC).
  • Member of The Academy of Management Nigeria
  • Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administrators of Nigeria (FCAI).
  • Fellow, Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors
  • Fellow, Australian Academy of Business Leadership

ORCID :0000-0002-4569-9623

Google Scholar:

Researchgate Link:

  1. Professor Daniel Nwachukwu, Professor (Cardiovascular Physiology), Department of Physiology, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus


Professional Bodies Membership

  • Member of the Physiological Society of Nigeria.
  • Member of the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Books Published:

  1. Nwachukwu D. Basic Cardiovascular Physiology. Chenglo Press, Enugu, Nigeria; 2004, 2016 2nd
  2. Nwagha UI, Nwachukwu D, Anyaehie, USB, Iyare EE, Nweke ML, Orizu
  3. Fundamental Multiple Choice Questions in Medical Physiology. Ezu Books Ltd, Enugu, Nigeria. 2009.
  4. Nwachukwu DC, Nwagha UI, Anyaehie USB, Iyare EE, Nweke ML, et al. Experimental Physiology for Medical and Health Science students. 4th Chenglo press, Enugu, Nigeria. 2012.
  5. Nwachukwu DC. Principles of Excitable Tissues and Autonomic Nervous System. 2nd Chenglo Press,Enugu, Nigeria; 2015.
  6. Nwachukwu DC. Essentials of NeuroPhysiology. Chenglo Press,Enugu, Nigeria; 2017 (In Press).

  1. Helen Agu, Lecturer 1, International & Comparative Law, University of Nigeria

Post-Doctoral Research on ‘Women in Wildlife Trafficking in sub-Saharan Africa’, as African Futures Scholar funded by Alliance for African Partnership at Michigan State University. 2019 – 2020.

Exchange Scholar Visiting Research on ‘Human Rights and African Women’s disproportionate Vulnerability to Climate Change’ at Centre for Human Rights Addis Ababa University funded by Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Lund, Sweden


  1. Josiah Ogbuka, Lecturer 2, The Institute of Maritime Studies, University of Nigeria, Enugu campus,

AREAS OF RESEARCH INTEREST: Marine pollution studies, Marine Biogeochemistry, Wildlife Conservation, Circular Economy and Sustainability studies, Blue Economy, Marine Governance, etc.

Teaching experience: Teaches Regulations of Shipping and Commerce at the Post-graduate diploma level at the Institute of Maritime Studies, UNEC.


  1. a) Journal article on “Quantifying carbon sinks in the seagrass ecosystems of northern Brazil” (Main Author) (undergoing peer review for publication)
  2. b) Journal article on “Blue carbon in the seagrass ecosystems of southern Brazil” (Main Author) (undergoing peer review for publication)

  1. Lovelyn Ekeowa, Lecturer 1, Department of Management


  1. Emeka Onwe, Assistant Lecturer (Entrepreneurship), University of Nigeria

TETFund, Institution Based Research Grant, University of Nigeria 2019

Title: Weberian revisit of the link between social entrepreneurship, treats and Christianity in Southeastern Nigeria

  1. Henry Okwo, Researcher, Management Department,  University of Nigeria

TETFund, Institution Based Research Grant, University of Nigeria 2019

Title: Weberian revisit of the link between social entrepreneurship, treats and Christianity in Southeastern Nigeria

Religiosity as a moderator on the EO-Performance Effect presented at the Second International Conference of the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Nigeria, Enugu campus, Enugu – Nigeria Theme Exploring Interdisciplinary Strategic Response to Global Economy with

Security Challenge 23rd – 25th June 2021

Presenter 2021:2. Subjective norms as a moderator in the networking competence-social entrepreneurial intentions link presented at the 5th International Conference on Social Sciences in Africa at Turkish-Nile

University, Abuja.

Lead Presenter 2019

Budgeting Architecture and Hi-Tech Managerial Level Performance in Nigeria to be presented at the annual international finance conference at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

  1. Lawrence Okereke, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Management, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus

Founder, CULNETZ Integrated Services. Task: Consultancy, Academic research, Skill development and Business management. AutoCAD Room, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Rivers State University

  1. Mabel Nwekwo, Lecturer –Accountancy Department, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus

  1. Sylvester Ilo, Lecturer, Department of Management, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

Sylvester is a researcher, lecturer and development consultant with over ten years of experience in consultancy, which includes five years of functional solid experience of operations in the Financial Services industry in Nigeria and four years of management consulting that cut across management consulting, project management, governance, and outsourced technical support services.

▪ Currently a lecturer in the Department of Management with the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

▪ ICT coordinator of the Department, lectures courses such as Statistics, Analysis for Business Decisions, ICT Management, Government and Business.

▪ Cognitive experience in multi-stakeholder relationship management with donor (International and local) government agencies, the private sector, and NGOs.

▪ Strong knowledge of the Nigerian public sector, both at the State and national levels, gained from supporting notable government agencies and establishments to improve their functionality and delivery of their statutory mandates.

▪ Working experience in relationship management dealing with the human interface issue in development projects and engagements.

▪ Sound knowledge of data analysis with statistical methodologies and applications

▪ Excellent writing and verbal communication skills with professional presentation skills

▪ Excellent team player with the ability to liaise with cross-functional team

  1. Chinelo Ugwu, Researcher, Management Department, University of Nigeria

Published Works

  • Ann I Ogbo, Chinelo C. Ugwu, Charles O Ugbam, Benjamin I Chukwu (2016) Participative Management: Concept and Application in Consumer Goods Companies. Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions. Vol. 6, Issue 4 114-118.
  • I. Ogbo, Ugwu Chinelo Constance., Enemuo J and Ukpere I.U. (2019). E-commerce as a Strategy for sustainable value creation among selected traditional open market retailers in Enugu state, Nigeria. Sustainability 2019,11,4360 doi 10.3390/su11164360.
  • Chinelo Constance Ugwu & Ann Ogbo (2021) The implications of the Legal and Policy Framework for E-commerce in Nigeria. CBN Bullion Vol 45 No.2
  • Chinelo Constance Ugwu, Anthony Igwe & Anthony Chukwuma (2021) Foreign Direct Investment: A look at Nigeria 2009-2019 The International Journal of Business & Management. Vol 9 Issue 7. Doi:10.24940/theijbm/2021/v9/i7/BM2107-048
  1. Nnajiofor Eneh

Principal System Analyst

Faculty of Business Administration

University of Nigeria

Principal System Analyst (Dean’s Office, Faculty of Business Administration)

Head ICT training and Supervision of:

  • Computation of Undergraduate Admission
  • Grammarly quality assurance

General ICT activities in the faculty


10 key publications:

  • Henry Okwor, Anastasia Ogbo, Vitalis Ndu. Chukwuemeka Christian Onwe (2022) Intrapreneurial competencies and firms’ growth: The mediating effect of perceived organizational support. International Entrepreneurial Review. 8(2), 51-66.
  • Edigbo A, Ogbo A. I., Onwe C, Igwe A, Okafor L., (2021) Mediating Role of Entrepreneurship Alertness Between Prior Entrepreneurship Exposures and Entrepreneurial Intentions. Entrepreneurship Business and Economics Review, 9(4), 67-84.
  • Igwe, A., Ogbo, A. I., Agbaeze, E., Abugu, J., Ezenwakwelu, C., & Okwo, H. (2020). Self-efficacy and subjective norms as moderators in the networking competence – social entrepreneurial intentions link. SAGE Open, 3(10), 1–16.
  • Ogbo, A. I., Okechukwu, I., & Ukpere, W. I. (2012). Managing innovations in telecommunications industry in Nigeria. African Journal of Business Management, 6(25), 7469–7477.
  • Chukwuemeka Christian Onwe, Ogbo, A. I.,, Abu Amodu Ameh (2020). Entrepreneurial orientation and small firm performance: The moderating role of environmental hostility. Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review, 8(4), 67-84.
  • Onodugo C, Onodugo I, Ogbo A. I, Okwo H & Ogbaekirigwe C. (2021). Moderating role of social capital on the effect of financial behaviour on financial inclusion. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 19(3). 502- 512.
  • Ogbo, A. I., Ugwu, C. C., Ugbam, C. O., & Chukwu, B. I. (2016).Participative management: concept and application in consumer goods Companies. Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions, 6(4), 223–226. t12
  • Ogbo A.I., Jesse Ezeobi, Ugbam,C., Obinna, Okeke, & Kalu, Ebere Ume (2019). The management challenge of sustaining competitive advantage through innovation in Nigerian business environment. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 24(1), 1–13. v24i130153 37
  • Ogbo, A. I., Anthony Igwe, Jesse Ezeobi, Nwanneka Modebe, & Kalu, Ebere Ume (2019). The impact of social entrepreneurship on the sustainability of selected small and medium enterprises in Nigeria. Advances in Research, 19(2), 1–15. 9i230116

Ogbo, A. I., Ugwu, C. C., Enemuo, J., & Ukpere, I. W. (2019). E-commerce as a strategy for sustainable value creation among selected traditional open market retailers in Enugu State, Nigeria. Sustainability, 11(16),1-18.