Optoelectronics And Renewable Energy Research Group

Name : Optoelectronics And Renewable Energy    

                 Research Group


Research Focus:

The aim of forming this group in the department is to initiate and grow research in the area of optoelectronics and renewable energy and, in future, develop devices, systems and processes that would add value to science and technology and national development.

Optoelectronic devices are electrical-to-optical or optical-to-electrical transducers, or instruments that use such devices in their operation. Their operation is based on quantum-mechanical effects of light on electronic materials, especially semiconductors. They are classified into photovoltaic, photoconductive, stimulated emission, radiative recombination and photoemissive devices.

Solar cells, light-dependent resistors, infrared diodes, infrared sensor modules, photodiodes, phototransistors, laser diodes are some of the optoelectronic devices used in a wide range of telecommunications, computers, industry and commercial applications.

On the other hand, renewable energy resources have, for about 4 decades, attracted global attention in view of their potential to complement conventional energy resources which pose the threat of climate change and environmental degradation and are finite in nature.

Solar, wind, hydro and biomass resources have been developed for electricity generation and production of biofuels. More R&D work is needed to improve the efficiencies of devices, systems and production processes to achieve higher outputs of energy production. Energy efficiency and management studies will be carried out using computing and internet technologies.

A 3-tier research and development approach will be adopted namely, devices research, systems research, modeling/simulation studies. At the devices research level, diffusion, ion implantation, epitaxial and other techniques will be used to grow semiconductor layers with varying electrical and optical properties to suit different applications. Part of the systems research will involve research on balance-of-system components such as charge controllers, inverters, batteries etc. Laboratories will be set up for the fabrication and testing of devices and systems. Outdoor testing will be carried out in the actual field operating conditions using state-of the-art equipment which will be acquired from research grants. Collaborations with research groups, institutions and industry within and outside Nigeria will be established in order to enhance research ouput. In addition to laboratory-based research , the group will offer consultancy services in the design, installation and performance evaluation of renewable energy power systems and in energy efficiency studies in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Membership of the Research Group


  1. Engr Professor O.U. Oparaku –Electronic Engineering
  2. Dr C.N. Anyanwu(Snr Lecturer _ Agric. & Bioresources Engineering
  3. Engr Nathan David(Snr Lecturer _ Electronic Enginering
  4. Engr V.C. Chijindu(Lecturer 1   _ Electronic Engineering
  5. Engr Rev. Fr E. Anoliefo(Lecturer 11- Electronic Engineering
  6. Engr Kennedy Okafor( PhD Student – Electronic Engineering
  7. Engr Mathias C. Obi (PhD Student ­_   Electronic Engineering
  8. Engr Evaristus E. Okpala(PhD Student_ Electronic Engineering
  9. Engr Jideofor H. Odoeze (M.Sc Student_Electronic Engineering


The research profiles of the members are as shown below:





NAME:                                             OPARAKU OGBONNA UKACHUKWU

POSITION:                                       Professor

CONTACT DETAILS                     Department of Electronic Engineering

University of Nigeria, Nsukka


e-mail: ogbonna.oparaku@unn.edu.ng

Phone: +2348038926351



University of Northumbria    Newcasttle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom(PhD: 1985–1988);    University of Nigeria, Nsukka(B.Eng.:1975 – 1980); Government Sec. School, Afikpo                     (WASC, with Distinction- 1971 – 1975).




Registered Engineer(COREN) – R. 7531(1999); Doctor of Philosophy(1988); Bachelor of Engineering(Electrical/Electronic Engineering-1980) Second Class Honours(Upper Division); West African School Certificate(Distinction-1975).



(i)        Nigerian Society of Engineers (Member) — NO. 5348; (ii) Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; (iii)          Solar Energy Society of Nigeria (Fellow); (iv)    International Solar Energy Society (Member); (v)           Nigerian Meteorological Society (Member).




  1. General Electric Company(Special Projects Engineer –1981 – 1983)




*Electronic Engineering(ECE)/National Centre for Energy Research and Development

(NCERD) Universityof Nigeria, Nsukka(From Graduate Assistant in 1983 to   Professor in 2003).

*Head, Department of Electronic Engineering(2011- 2014).

*Director, Energy Research Centre(2004 – 2009).

*Senior RF/Lecturer(1993 – 2003); RF 1/Lecturer I(1990-1993);

*RF II/Lecturer II(1988-1990) ; Graduate Assistant(1983-1988).






Professor Oparaku has published more than 70 articles in local and international journals and conference proceedings and contributed chapters in books. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Nigerian Journal of Solar Energy for five years(1992-1997). He has reviewed more than 60 articles for six(6) reputable journals and attended more than 80 conferences in Africa, Europe , Asia, North America and South America. He has served as a resource person in about 30 scientific/engineering meetings/workshops some of which he participated as a delegate of the Federal government. In the University , he has served in 18 administrative/technical Committees. He has served as an Energy Consultant to NITEL, UNDP and Energy Commission of Nigeria.




A recipient of several awards, Engr Professor Oparaku was, this year, conferred with two awards:

  1. i)   Award of Excellence in Energy Management, by the School of Management

Technology, Federal University of Technology,Akure, In recognition of

Contribution to the Development of the Energy Sector in Nigeria, May 27,



  1. ii) An Award by the Prison Rehabilitation And Welfare Association(PRAWA) for

contributions made to the welfare of Prison inmates at Nsukka Prison(June 2014).





Semiconductor materials and devices fabrication and characterization. Solid State Electronics. Digital devices and systems. Mechatronics, Renewable Energy Systems Research and development. Systems developed include:

  1. Multi-agent mobile-learning system.
  2. Web-based Management System for National Health Insurance Scheme.
  3. Emergency Data Information System for Road Accident Victims.
  4. Renewable energy systems for village electrification, street lighting vaccine refrigeration and water pumping etc.





  • Nigerian Society of Engineers.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Solar Energy Society of Nigeria.
  • International Solar Energy Society.
  • Nigerian Meteorological Society

A Registered Engineer with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria(COREN)



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                  Framework for Cloud Energy Metering System (CEMS) in Solar

                 PV Plant”,In African Journal of Computing & ICT, IEEE, Vol 7.    

                 No. 2, Pp.15-26, June, 2014.


  1. C.N. Udanor, O.U Oparaku, B. Udoisang(2012).An Agent-Driven M-

Learning Application. Presented at the 4th Workshop on

UNESCO-HP “BRAIN GAIN INITIATIVE” ( in conjunction with

The 3rd Kuwait Conference on e-services and e systems) held

In Kuwait in December 18-20, 2012.



  1. C.N. Udanor, O.U. Oparaku(2013). Performance Analysis of a Multi-

Agent M-learning system: Testing and evaluation results

(under review by Journal of Education Technology and



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Technology :A key Drive for improving climate change and Socio

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Cosmas is a Chemical Engineer with in-depth knowledge of renewable energy research, especially in the fields of biomass, solar thermal technologies etc. He has taught Food and Bioprocess Engineering as well as Industrial Chemistry courses in the University of Nigeria since 2006. His current research interests include biomass and
waste-to-energy conversion processes, stove design/testing,gasification, biodiesel etc.He has served as a consultant to the German International Co-operation Agency (GIZ) as well as the International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development (ICEED) on various renewable energy projects. Currently, he represents the Nigerian Technical Committee on Clean Cookstoves and Cooking Solutions in the Technical Committee (TC 285) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). He has published about 40 articles mostly in peer-reviewed international journals.
































Nationality:                                   Indian

Date of birth:                                  10th June 1969

Marital Status:                              Married

Email                                                nathan.david@unn.edu.ng

Phone number                                   234 803 6686028





2000 – 2003           University of Nigeria                                                                                                Nsukka

  • Engr. Electronic Engineering


1990 – 1991           Anambra State University of Technology                                                       Enugu

  • PGD, Business Administration


1985 – 1990           Anambra State University of Technology                                                       Enugu

  • Engr. Computer Science and Engineering


  • Design of a Campus Wide Internet Service Provider, 2003
  • The Use of Computer Simulation Models in Management, 1991
  • Design and Construction of a Digital Clock and a PROM based Calendar, 1990






2010 – date          UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA                                                                                         Nsukka

Senior Lecturer, Department of Electronic Engineering


2007 – 2010           UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA                                                                                         Nsukka

Lecturer I, Department of Electronic Engineering


2004 – 2007           UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA                                                                                         Nsukka

Lecturer II, Department of Electronic Engineering

Courses taught

  • Microprocessors
  • Digital Logic
  • Software Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering


Supervision of Undergraduate Projects under the following categories:

  • Microprocessor based projects
  • Information Communication Technology based projects.
  • Software Engineering based projects


Number of students supervised till date                  > 200





Journal Articles


  1. The Impact of ICT in Rural Education: Case Study – Enugu State, Nathan David, NIJOTECH, Vol.28 No.2 Sept.2009. http://nijotech.com/index.php/nijotech/article/view/122
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                       Committee                                                                      Position Held                       Date


  1. Fee Payment and Verification Committee chairman                    2013 -date
  2. Faculty Exhibition Committee chairman                   2010-2012
  3. Departmental Curriculum/Accreditation Committee member                     2010-date
  4. Nigerian Journal of Technology associate editor              2007-2012
  5. Finance Committee NUGA member                    2005-2009
  6. Examination Committee exam officer                2005-2008
  7. Digital Bridge Institute Curriculum Committee member                    2005-2006
  8. ICT Curriculum Committee member                    2005-2007





2002 – 2004    GIL ONLINE                                                                Enugu

Networking Manager

  • Installation/maintenance of the office network with 100 points.
  • Installation of fixed Wireless access points in and around Enugu.
  • Maintenance of computer systems.


2001 – 2002    COMPUTER COMMUNICATION CENTER              Nsukka

  • Assisted in conducting lectures in Computer Applications.
  • Assisted in an Undergraduate project to develop and implement a LAN for the Communication Center, UNN.


2000 – 2001    CAPASH RESOURCES                                                Enugu

Manager Engineering

  • Working on the implementation of an ISP in Enugu.
  • Implementing Local Area Networks in various arms of the State Government, and maintenance of their computers.


1996 – 2000    IJAY Nigeria Limited                                                   Enugu

Manager Maintenance

  • Maintenance of computers in the company and training of the staff.
  • Setup a Computer Center in Nsukka to provide Internet services, training and desktop publishing and offering consultancy services.


1995 – 1996    WYSENET SYSTEMS                                                  Warri

Systems Manager

  • Maintenance of computers in the company and training of the staff.
  • Initializing training courses for Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Corporation (WRPC).


1993 – 1995    METCOL                                                                      Warri

Systems Manager

  • Worked on a number of projects both maintenance and installation in NNPC; worked in branches of the three refineries.
  • Worked on security systems in PPMC Obudu and PPMC Benin.
  • Maintenance of computers in the company and training of the staff.


1991 – 1993    MOBISSON TECHNOLOGIES                                    Enugu


  • Worked on hardware projects that included designing using CAD and wiring/testing of boards.































Faculty:                ENGINEERING Department:       ELECTRONIC ENGINEERIING Phone:      +234 08037620332

e-mail:   vincent.chijindu@unn.edu.ng     Present Position:      LECTURER I


Academic Qualifications:

  1. Eng. (Electrical/Electronic Engineering), M. Eng. (Computer Science & Engineering),

PGD (Management), PhD (Computer & Control Engineering) (in progress)


Professional Experience:

                Date                                                                       Post

  1. April 2009 to date Lecturer I, Electronic Dept. University of Nigeria
  2. Nov. 2004 to Sept. 2006 Asst General Manager- Organisation, MB-ANAMMCO LTD.

iii.            Sep. 1998 to Oct. 2004                       Senior Manager- Organisation, MB-ANAMMCO LTD.

  1. Sep. 1995 to Aug. 1998 Manager – Systems Analyst, MB-ANAMMCO LTD.
  2. Jan. 1995 to Aug. 1995 Research Fellow II, Computer Science & Engineering Dept., ESUT.
  3. Oct. 1993 to Dec. 1994 Research Fellow II, Industrial Development Centre, ESUT.

vii.           Jan. 1991 to Sep. 1993                       Research Assistant, Industrial Development Centre, ESUT.


Research Interest:

Digital Systems Design/Development, Image Engineering (emphasis on medical images), Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Design/Development, Renewable Energy etc .



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vii) V.C. Chijindu, M.A. Ahaneku & A.O. Edeh (2014). Dynamic Knowledge Consolidation & Management Using ICT: The Case of JAMB Review Questions on English Language in Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Vol. 5, Issues 9, Sept., 2014.












Born June12,1970

B.A(Philosophy) 1993
B. Engr2007
M. Engr2011

1.      Design  and fabrication of PV system  components like power
inverters, solar charge  controllers with emphasis on MPPT algorithms.
2.       Battery   characterization, performance  evaluation and
prediction(with  special interest  in the use of artificial  neural
3.      Automobile electronics.
4.      Sensors, automation and instrumentation

1.      Microcontoller programming using mikroC and Arduino.
2.      Use of  CAD tool like eagle, proteus

1.      Supervisor of  electronic workshop, NATIONAL CENTRE  FOR  ENERGY
2.      Teaching  experience  at  UNN






                                                         ENGR KENNEDY C. OKAFOR


Okafor, Kennedy Chinedu had his B.Eng in Electrical Electronics Engineering, from Enugu State University of Science and Technology, (ESUT) in 2005. He obtained his M.Eng in Digital Electronics and Computer Engineering, from UNN in 2012 while currently pursuing his PhD in Electronics Engineering from UNN. He previously worked with Electronic Development Institute (Former Centre For Adaptation of Technology-CAT), Awka under National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, (NASENI-FMST), Nigeria as an R&D Engineer from 2008-2014. He is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Electronics Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, (FUTO). Some of his professional trainings includes: IT Certifications in Cisco Routing /Switching, ComPTIA A+, Server+ as well as Digital System Designs based on Microcontrollers/FPGA&CPLDS with VHDL. Professionally, he is a cooperate Member of   Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineering (IEEE), Nigerian Computer Society (NCS), International Association of Engineers (IAENG) Hong Kong, and American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT) & COREN. His previous research projects includes: Cloud based Systems, Cisco Datacenter Networks, VLSI, and Smart Anti-Vandal Systems. His areas of interest include- Renewable Energy Micro-grid designs, RF Metering Systems, Network Design & Cloud Management (Enterprise-Wide Systems), Embedded Systems &VLSI (FPGAs/CPLDs), Application Development, Security, and Wireless Networks. He is happily married to Dr.(Mrs).Ijeoma, Peace Okafor and can be reach via Email: arissyncline@yahoo.com, or kennedy.okafor@futo.edu.ng. Phone: +2348034180668.

Some of his publications include:

  1. O.U Oparaku, F.N.Ugwoke, K.C. Okafor, C.C Udeze, I.O.Okeke , “A Novel Framework for Cloud Energy Metering System (CEMS) in Solar PV Plant”, In African Journal of Computing & ICT, IEEE, Vol 7. No. 2, Pp.15-26, June, 2014.
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  1. Okafor, K.C, Nwafor C.M, Ugwoke, Fidelia Ndidi, Udeze C.C, “A Novel   Security   Integration   for   Vulnerability Avoidance in Enterprise Cloud   Applications (CLOUD ERP), in African Journal of Computing & ICT, Vol 6, No 5,2013
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  3. Okafor K.C, O.V.Okoro, F.N.Ugwoke, Udeze C.C, Akura.M, “SmartGreen: A Novel Green Computing Architecture for Environmental Data Acquisition in IT/Automation DataCenterAfrican Journal of Computing & ICT, IEEE. Vol 6. No. 5, December 2013.
  4. Okafor K.C, Ugwoke, F. N, Udeze, C. C, Okezie, C. C, O. U Oparaku, “Gateway Load Balancing Service In Cloud Data Centre Environments Using Throughput Metric Index”, In American Journal of Computation, Communication and Control, (AJCCC), AASCIT, USA, 2014; Vol.1 , No. 1, April 2014, pp.8-17, 2014.
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  7. Okafor K.C, Udeze C.C, H.C.Inyiama: “Virtualization: A Cost Effective Approach to Infrastructure Management in   Data Center Networks (A Case for Elastic Sky X Server). J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res., 2(5)4910-4920, 2012.pp 4910-4920.

K.C, Okafor, F.N. Ugwoke, O.U Oparaku, “Characterization of Distributed Cloud Computing Network (DCCN) Server Resource Pool Using Virtualization Dynamics”, In International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJARECE),Vol 4.No.2, Feb.2015, Pp.280-294.






Surname                                       Obi

Other names                                Mathias chukwunonyelu

Sex                                                Male

Marital Status                            Married

Date of Birth                               14th July, 1969

Nationality                                   Nigeria

State Origin                                 Enugu

Local Govt Area                          Ezeagu

Contact Address                          % Engr. M. C. Obi

Block 1 Ekpunobi Avenue, Nigeria Railway Quarters,

G.R.A Enugu By Otigba Junction

GSM                                           08034962273

E-Mail Address                            mchuks@yahoo.com

Permanent Address                       % Mr. F.C. Anozie

25 Uli Street Onu Asata Enugu, Enugu state

Next of Kin                                   Mrs. Adaobi Joy Obi

Address of Next of Kin                Ndiabor  Oyofo Oghe

GSM                                              08037656923


NAME OF INSTITUTION                   CERTIFICATE                                 DATE

Christ High Sch. Abor Enugu state            W.A.S.C                                             1980

Enugu State University of Sc. & Tech.      B.Eng(Hons)    Computer Sc/Engg      1992

University of Nig. Enugu Campus            PGD in Marketing                                2005

University of Nig. Nsukka,                        M.ENG   Digital Electronics and

Computer Specialization UNN               2013

University of Nig. Nsukka.                       Ph.D in view (Electronic Engineering)   2015-

( Digital Electronics and computer Specialization)


First Degree project: Microcomputer Based Airline Seat Reservation System

PGD Marketing: The Roles of Information and Communication Technology in modern marketing in Nigeria.

Masters degree project: Web Based Health Management System for National Health Insurance Scheme

Proposed Ph.D Thesis: Cloud Computing OEE (Overall equipment Effectiveness for reducing production downtime)


Council of Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN

  1. Computer professional and registration council of Nigeria
  2. Computer professional and registration council of Nigeria

















Surname:                                                                                                         Okpala

Other Names:                                                                                                  Etomchi Everistus

Date of Birth:                                                                                                  13th October,1978

State of Origin:                                                                                               Anambra

Local Govt. Area:                                                                                           Aguata

Nationality:                                                                                                     Nigerian

Sex:                                                                                                                 Male

Marital status:                                                                                                 Married

GSM Number:                                                                                                            08066311805

E-mail address:                                                                                   etomchiokpala@yahoo.com

Contact Address                                                                                             20B Nkwubor Road, Emene, Enugu


University of Nigeria Nsukka (Electronic Engineering)                                 Ph.D (In view)              

University of Nigeria Nsukka (Electronic Engineering)                                M.Eng. (2013)

Enugu State Universiy of Science and Technology

(Computer Engineering)                                                                                 B.Eng. (2004)

Boys Secondary School Uga                                                                          WAEC (2005)

Oka Community Primary School                                                                    FSLC (1989)


Embedded Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

























Department of Electronic Engineering

University of Nigeria Nsukka


Contact details

No. 2 Ezenweze Street

University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Mobile: (+234)-806-695-3710

Email: jideofor.odoeze@un.edu.ng

AREAS OF INTEREST:   Control, Intelligent Systems and Robotics(CIR)


Physical Electronics


                                     BEng(2012)     Electronic Engineering , University of Nigeria Nsukka.


  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Responsibilities: Assists in ECE 573 (Software Engineering).

Teaches C++ Programming Language.

  • Basic Electronic Teacher, Federal Science and Technical College (FSTC) Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Responsibilities: Taught some staff and student of Electronic Department assembly Language and the use of Microcontroller.

Designed and Implemented a 4-way traffic light system with sensor.



2012                   Undergraduate Research, Automated Library Management System with                                 Security.

Traffic Light System.

2014                  Research Assistanship to Prof. O. Oparaku

Microinverter in Solar Cells under review

PUBLICATIONS             The Design and Implementation of an Universal EPROM Programmer

published in International Journal of Engineering Research &                                                          Technology (IJERT),Vol. 2 Issue 9, September – 2013


  1. BEng , Electronic Engineering Department, First class Honours 2012/2013 academic session.
  2. Recipient of the prestigious Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarship in recognition of Academic Excellence for consecutive (2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012) academic session.
  3. Recipient of MTNF Foundation Scholarship in recognition of Outstanding Academic performance for consecutive (2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012) academic session.
  4. Recipient of Etisalat Award in 2008/2009 academic session in recognition of outstanding academic performance.
  5. Recipient of NsukkaUSA Inc. Scholarship Award(2012/2013) academic session.


HOBBIES : Playing Chess, Listening to music, dancing, making new friends, travelling and swimming.