Nigerian Journal of Development Studies

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  1. Name of Journal-The Nigerian Journal of Development Studies (NJDS), Editor Professor Osita Ogbu (Director Institute for Development Studies).


         Editorial Board Members: Professor Charles Soludo, Professor Ukwu, I Ukwu, Professor Francis Okafor, Prof Ikechwukwu Chidobem, Professor  Ralph Akinfeleye,


  1. The current address of the journal: Institute for Development Studies, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus
  2. The scope of the journal: Development Studies, Applied Social Sciences.
  3. Previous and current issues of the journals – Table of contents with abstracts and/or full texts (attached )


  1. Current websites of the journals: Nil
  2. Current publishers of the journals: Institute for Development Studies


  1. Strengths and Weaknesses of the journals: (Strengths ) -Name and Reputation , wide readership and reach based on its long existence and diversified coverage of development issues, Collaboration with other Universities, research centres and Institutions in book/journal exchange. WEAKNESSESS: Break in publication with papers submitted for publications in arrears.


  1. Opportunities and Threats of the journals: Wide market in Nigeria, the West African sub-region and Diaspora. Resuscitated research programmes of the Institute which will feed into publications.

Threats:  (i)Charging of Publication fees  which often results in the publication of low quality papers, (ii) Online publishing vis- avis the weak ICT standing of the Institute as well as(iii) epileptic power supply, (iv)Poor subscription and funding,(v) retirement of the only production editor of the journal with no succession.

  1. Strategies to enhance the capacity of the journals: (i) Work in progress to appoint a robust editorial advisory board with tenure. (ii) Constitution of a committee to advise IDS management on ways of reorganizing the entire publication unit of the Institute for Development Studies.(iii) Appointment of a managing Editor of the Journal.
  2. Any other information.

To support the resumption of serious business of publication the Institute requires financial support/grant from the University for some time.

Best Regards.

Dr Umoh, Boniface

(Deputy Director).