Eco-Hydrological Systems Research Group

Eco-Hydrological Systems Research Group: Proposed Research Group in the Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, UNN
Seeking to find solutions to the problems of Environmental Hydrology, Catchment Management and Ecosystems Sustainability such as, floods, soil erosion, wetlands management and biodiversity conservation, the Research Group plans to develop local and indigenous expertise in computer-based modelling and applications of simulation models which incorporate GIS, DEM, remotely sensed data, GPS and other satellite-based, spatial analyst technology.
“It stands to reason”, said the farmer, “we’ve only had these quick, high floods since the foresters ploughed those hills up there” …. The outcome was that local authority engineers built the farmer a bridge over the newly flood-prone stream. Perhaps it is the heroic talent of the civil engineer to solve in this way point problems where they arise which has discouraged the ‘look upstream’ mentality of the local, the peasant, and the river enthusiast. Societies have built dams, canals, flood walls, bridges and other structures to ‘stabilise’ river systems without questioning the cause of the instability. Rather like early technical medicine, we have used the equivalents of drugs and pain-killers to cure ‘now’ problems whereas … the true human talent lies with holism and the longer term… Malin Falkenmark’s continual message that water allocation in biomass production and water’s role in environmental degradation should be the basis of development programmes, rather than water technology (supply and removal engineering), finds an accord here.   – Malcolm Newson
The Eco-Hydrological Systems Research Group plans to provide both the scientific and technical bases for catchment/watershed management in the tropical/Nigerian context. It is concerned with water allocation in biomass production and the role of water in environmental degradation. To this end, it will adapt, develop, test and apply models for the estimation/prediction of soil erosion, water balance/management, water yield, sediment yield, water quality,
as well as individual components of the hydrological cycle relevant to the productivity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as aquacultual production systems. The Research Group will be concerned with the
development and application of computer simulation models for the design and/or evaluation of irrigation and drainage systems, and for determination of the plant-soil-water relationships of the different ecological zones of Nigeria.
Engr. Prof C C Mbajiorgu – Coordinator
Engr. Dr Mrs C C Anyadike
Engr. Mrs G I Ezenne
Engr. M E Okechukwu
Mr. Vintus Ogwo
Mr. L E Ndulue
In addition to the above staff members of the Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering who are members of the proposed Research Group, the following PhD students of the Department under the supervision of the Coordinator are also members while their programmes of study last:
Mr Kingsley Ogbu
Mr Okala Nwoke
Engr. Jimmy I Udom
Mr Matthew Kamai
Engr John Awu
Ms Uche Chiwetalu
Mr Peter Adegede