Eco-Hydrological Systems Research Group

Eco-Hydrological Systems Research Group (EHSRU)


Main Research Focus: Soil and Water Resources Engineering.


Others areas of research interest of the RG: Hydrological Modelling, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Aquacultural and Environmental Engineering

Title of most recent research project: Flood forecasting and modelling of climate and land-use change impacts on runoff and sediment yield of urban and rural watersheds using SWAT

A maximum of seven (7) other current or completed research projects

(a) Using Artificial Intelligence in enhancing the Production, Management and Marketing of Nsukka Yellow Pepper (Capsicum Chinense Nsukkadrilus)

(b) Fish farm Effluent Discharge on Soil and Water bodies : Development of an interactive

Design Tool for Aquaponics System.

(c) Production of Biochar for Improved Soil and Crop Yield

(d) Treatment of Leachates using Locally Sourced Waste Biomaterials as Permeable

Reactive Barriers

(e) Evaluation of Sediment Transport Capacity Functions for Rill Erosion Modelling in

Southeastern Nigeria

(f) Modelling the Fate and Transport of Nitrates in Groundwater due to Non-point Source

Pollution from Agricultural Watersheds

Name of the Coordinator: Engr. Prof. Constantine C. Mbajiorgu

UNN email address of the RG:

UNN email address of the Coordinator:

Current webpage of the RG:

Phone number of the RG: 07038680071

Phone number of the Coordinator: 07038680071

Base Faculty/Institute/Center of the RG: Faculty of Engineering

Department of the Coordinator: Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering

Headshot of the Coordinator

List and brief profiles of members (one paragraph per member) with their UNN website url to their detail CVs (hyperlinks are ok)

  • Prof. C.C. Mbajiorgu: Professor and staff of Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering at University of Nigeria Nsukka. Email address:

MBAJIORGU, Constantine Crowner is a Professor of Soil and Water Resources Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He holds a Ph.D. from Technical University of Nova Scotia, Canada (1992). He was the Head of Department (2003 – 2005 and 2016 – 2019) and Associate Dean (2009 – 2012). His current research is on Eco hydrological systems modelling. He has successfully supervised 12 Ph.Ds. He is currently supervising Five Ph.Ds. He was appointed a full Professor in 2008. He has taught full-time for 35 years. His email addresses are and His telephone number is 07038680071. Download CV:

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  • Prof. C.C. Anyadike . Professor Anyadike is the current Head of Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering at University of Nigeria Nsukka. Anyadike, Chinenye Chukwuemeka is the first female professor and Head of Department, Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering.  She pioneered the Association of Professional women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN) Nsukka Chapter and  is an advocate of Girl Child Education in STEM aimed at motivating the girls to choose science / engineering as a career.  She has organized successful STEM awareness programmes, hands on workshops, capacity development programmes for the collegiate and women in Engineering. Prof. Anyadike is result oriented and passionate in activities that enhance the capacity and capability of women and youth in national development. Prof. Anyadike holds a Ph.D, Masters, and Bachelor’s in Agricultural and Bioresources engineering and has been in the academic environment for over sixteen (16) years teaching, researching, mentoring and impacting positively the communities within her reach. She is a reviewer of several journal and has published several papers from her research work. Email address:
  • Dr. M.E Okechukwu, Senior Lecturer and staff of Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering at University of Nigeria Nsukka. His research focus is in Soil and Water Resources Engineering/ Environmental Hydrology, and Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. He is a COREN registered engineer and member of many professional bodies. Email address:
  • V. Ogwo: Engr. Vintus Ogwo is a Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and a member of Eco-Hydrological Systems Research Unit (EHSRU). He is currently a Ph.D student in the area of Soil and Water Engineering. His research interests include hydraulics engineering, hydrological modeling, soil erosion, watershed modeling and management. Email address:
  • E. I. Ugwu: An academic staff and PhD candidate in the  Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering at University of Nigeria Nsukka. Email address:
  • G.U.Chukwu: An academic staff of Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering at University of Nigeria Nsukka. Email address:
  • Dr. P. A. Adegede: Dr. Adegede is a staff of Raw Materials Research & Development Council (RMRDC) Jos, Plateau State – Nigeria. Research focus is on Soil erosion/sediment yield/streamflow modelling; Soil and water conservation; Development of expert system to serve as a decision support to address challenges of erosion and sedimentation; Watershed and water resource management; Development of Resilient Climate Change Adaptation Strategies; Natural resource management; Agro value-chain development; Digital video recording and editing.
  • M. B, Kamai: An academic staff and PhD candidate of the Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering Taraba State University Jalingo, Taraba State. Email address:


Members’ Google Scholar citation links

Prof. C.C. Mbajiorgu

Dr. Okechukwu Michael Emeka

Prof. C.C. Mbajiorgu

Dr. Okechukwu Michael Emeka:

Okechukwu Michael (


10 key publications of the RG from 2019 till date

  • Okechukwu M. E., Onyekwelu I., Ndulue E. E., Echiegu E. A., Asoiro F. U., Ogwo V. and Chiwetalu U. J. (2023) (in press) Groundwater Quality Evaluation in Enugu Metropolis, Southeastern Nigeria: A medical hydrogeological Approach. J. Hydrology Science and Technology. Inderscience DOI: 10.1504/IJHST.2023.10053225 (Thomson Reuters: Emerging Sources)
  • Okechukwu M.E., Mbajiorgu C.C. and Ugwu I. E., (2022) Crop Water Requirements of Watermelon (Citrullus Lantus), Cassava (Manihot Esculenta), Groundnut (Arachis Hypogea), Rice (Oryza Sativa) and Pineapple (Ananas Comosus), for Year-round Production in Southeast Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Hydrological Sciences (NJHS) vol. 9. pp 96-103
  • Catchment-based Management of Sediment Yield Using a Decision Support System: An Application to the Derived Savanna Ecological Zone of Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Hydrological Sciences Volume 9, 2022 pp 45-60.
  • Okechukwu, M. E., and C. C. Mbajiorgu (2020) Determination of Crop Coefficients and Spatial Distribution of Evapotranspiration and Net Irrigation Requirements for three Commonly Cultivated Crops in South-east Nigeria. Irrigation and Drainage vol. 69 issue 4, pp 743-755.doi:1002/Ird.2447. (Thomson Reuters IF = 1.424)
  • Ndulue E., Onyekwelu I., Okechukwu M., Anyadike C. and Echiegu E. (2021) Sensitivity of FAO Penman-Monteith reference Evapotranspiration (ETo) to climatic variables under different climate types in Nigeria. Journal of Water and Climate Change. 12 (3) pp 858 – 878.doi: 10.2166/wcc.2020.200 (Thomson Reuters IF = 2.803)
  • Okechukwu, M. E., and C. C.   (2020). Spatial distribution of rainfall and reference evapotranspiration in southeast Nigeria. Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal, vol. 22 no. 1.  pp. 1-8. (SJR = 0.24)
  • Ngasoh G.,. Mbajiorgu C.C, Kamai M. B., Okoro G.O. (2020). A Revisit of Rainfall Simulator as Potential Tool for Hydrological Research. Open Access Book chapter “Agrometerology” Edited by Dr. Ram SwaroopMeenaPg 93-110
  • Ndulue E., Onyekwelu I., Okechukwu, M., Anyadike, C., & Echiegu, E., (2020). Sensitivity of FAO Penman–Monteith reference evapotranspiration (ETo) to climatic variables under different climate types in Nigeria. Journal of Water and Climate Change. ISSN: 2040-2244
  • Ogwo, V, Ogbu, K. N. Anyadike, C. C. Nwoke, O. A. and Mbajiorgu C. C (2020). Development and Testing of a Capacitive Digital Soil Moisture Sensor with Printed Circuit Board as a Probe. Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH) Vol. 39, No. 3, July 2020, Pp. 911 – 917. ISSN: 1115-8443
  • Chiwetalu, U.J., C.C. Mbajiorgu and B.E. Eje (2020). Development of Phyto-Remediation Models for Lead Contaminated Soil for Potted Experiments in Enugu North L.G.A., Enugu State, Nigeria. International Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Vol.6, No.8.