Center for Translation and Implementation Research

Main Research Focus: Implementation research, Translation of research to policy and practice, Clinical trials of evidence-based interventions, Multi-centre studies

Title of Most Recent Research Project: Men’s Club: Impact of male partner involvement on initiation and sustainment of exclusive breastfeeding among HIV-infected postpartum women

Name of the Coordinator: Prof Echezona Ezeanolue

UNN email address of the RG:

UNN email address of the Coordinator:

Current webpage of the RG:

Phone number of the RG:

Phone Number of the Coordinator: +2348080138155

Base Faculty/Institute/Center: Medicine

Department of the Coordinator: Paediatrics

List and brief profile of Members:

  • Echezona Ezeanolue (Executive Director): Echezona Ezeanolue, MD, MPH is a clinician-scientist whose research focuses on implementation science to enhance effectiveness and quality of health services. He has broad experience in clinical research, implementation research, program implementation, program evaluation and effectiveness research.
  • Chima Onoka (Associate Director)
  • Ernest Onwasigwe (Member, Board of Trustees)
  • Uchenna Nwagha (Chair, Advisory Board)
  • Hyginus Ezegwui (Member, Advisory Board)
  • Prof Obinna Onodugo (Member, Advisory Board)
  • Tonia C. Onyeka (Program Manager): Tonia Onyeka is a Physician Anaesthetist, Pain Medicine and Palliative Medicine doctor. Employed by the University of Nigeria as an Associate Professor, she is the immediate past Head, Department of Anaesthesia as well as the founding and current Head of the Pain and Palliative Care Unit.  She is a member of several professional bodies including Technical Expert Group (TEG) that produced first-ever pain management guidelines for Nigerian healthcare professionals.
  • Izuchukwu Frank Obi (Assistant Director for Clinical Research): He is doing his postgraduate residency training in Community medicine and a skilled researcher.
  • Ijeoma Itanyi (Senior Research Fellow): She is a Nigerian and a US-trained clinician-scientist, an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology, and the Coordinator of the Research Management Office at the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).
  • Chibuike Chigbu (Senior Research Fellow)
  • Cyril Dim (Senior Research Fellow) 
  • Nwamaka Lasebikan (Research Fellow)


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  • Ernest Onwasigwe:

  • Uchenna Nwagha: 

  • Hyginus Ezegwui: 

  • Tonia C. Onyeka: 

  • Chibuike Chigbu: 


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Key publications:

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