Artificial Intelligent and Tech Teach Research Group

Name Of Research Group:

Artificial Intelligent and Tech Teach Research Group

Main Research Focus and Other Areas of Research Interest of the RG:

  1. Forensic And Cyber Security
  2. Robotics Education and Software Development
  3. Internet Of Things
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Data Science
  7. Technology Enhanced Learning and Teacher Development
  • Title Of Most Recent Research Project: Not Applicable
  1. A Maximum of Seven (7) Other Current or Completed Research Projects: Not Applicable
  2. Name Of Coordinator: Onah, Benardine Ifeoma (Ph.D.)
  3. UNN Email Address of the RG:
  1. Phone Number of the RG: 08113590944
  2. Phone Number of The Coordinator: 07030610025
  3. Base Faculty/Institute/Centre of the RG: Faculty of Vocation and Technical Education
  • Department Of the Coordinator: Computer and Robotics Education



  • List And Brief Profile of Members:


  1. Benardine Ifeoma Onah Is a Lecturer in The Department of Computer and Robotics Education, University of Nigeria Nsukka. She Obtained The Following Qualification From The University Of Nigeria, Nsukka: Phd,M.Ed, And B.Sc. All In Computer and Robotics Education and Professional Masters in Digital Education (Switzerland). She Attended Different Conferences and Workshops Both National and International. Her Academic career Is garnished with strings of academic publications. She has published Journals both on International Journals and National Journals. She has also co-authored books in different research areas. Her research Interests Includes Software development and artificial Intelligent (AI). Dr. Benardine Ifeoma Onah Is a Member of Professional Bodies which Includes Computer Educator Association, Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE) USA, International Vocational Education Training Association (IVETA), USA Among Others. Dr. Benardine Ifeoma Onah Possesses the following skills: Software Development Skills, Programming Skill, Digital Education Design Skills Among Others. As An Academic and Active Researcher, she has globally traveled to many countries in the world. She has served as a resource person to Nigeria in Diaspora on Issues on ICT which held at Wisconsin USA. She supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr. Benardine Ifeoma Onah Is happily married with four children and grandchildren. Dr. Benardine Ifeoma Onah can be contacted through Phone No:07030610025, Ifybenonah@Yahoo.Com Or Ifeomaonahbenardine@Gmail.Com
  2. Chukwuma Mgboji Is a Doctoral Student, Researcher and Lecturer in The Department of Computer and Robotics Education. Chukwuma Is Pursuing Ph.D. In Computer And Robotics Education With Special Interest In Robotics And Technological Enhanced Learning . He Bagged His B.Sc. And Masters Degree from University of Nigeria and University of Lagos and Has Several Years of Experiences Working with Core IT Service Companies Deploying Solutions to Institutions. Chukwuma’s exceptional Communications skills and Leadership qualities make him an excellent Team Player and Is passionate about monitoring and training the next generation of researchers and regularly supervises the undergraduate students In the Lab. Overall, Chukwuma Is a highly motivated and accomplished researcher , Dedicated to advancing the field of Computer and Robotics Education Phone no: 08034615603 email:
  3. Uzoegwu Chigozie is a postgraduate student (Ph.D.) and also a lecturer in the department of computer and robotics education, university of Nigeria Nsukka. She obtained the following qualifications: in advanced computer science in university of Liverpool, United Kingdom, and B.Sc. in Computer Robotics Education, University of Nigeria Nsukka. she has attended different conferences and workshops both national and international. Her academic career is garnished with strings of academic publications. she published journals both on international journals and National Journals. Her research interest is on programming. Chigozie Uzoegwu is a member of Computer Educator Association of Nigeria; Financial Secretary till date. She possesses skills: leadership, oracle SQL among others. As an academic and active researcher, She has globally travelled to different countries in the world . she can be contacted through the phone no: 08072020823 email: url:–
  4. George Chibuike Agbo, a lecturer in the department of computer & robotics educations, faculty of vocational and technical education, university of Nigeria, Nsukka. He holds a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computer & Amp; Robotics Education from University of Nigeria Nsukka, a Master of Technology (MTech) in Information System Management from Brunel University, London, a bachelor of science (B.Sc.) and diploma in Computer Education from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is well skilled in the development of computer applications using Python, Java, HTML, PHP, SQL and CSS. He possesses over 30 international IT Certifications from Europe and have published m over 20 local and international journal articles. Phone: +2348133887609, email:
  5. Blessing Ngozi Eze (PhD) is a lecturer in the department of computer and robotics education, university of Nigeria Nsukka. I have special interest in educational technology, human computer interaction, AI and robotics, computer science education. In my years of teaching, research and publication on computer, educational technology, robotics and solving issues in Nigeria. My academics activities started with NCE in computer science education, degree, masters and PhD in computer science education, faculty of vocational and technical education, university of Nigerian Nsukka. I have taught and publish in the field of education, computer and human computer interaction. I aim to bring my academic and research experience to influence the public decision making through presentation of reliable information. phone no: 08038973227, email :
  6. Members Google Scholar Citation links
  7. Onah Benardine Ifeoma (Ph.D)
  8. Chukwuma Mgboji
  9. Uzoegwu Chigozie
  10. Agbo, G.C (PhD)
  11. Eze B.N (Ph.D) https;//
  • Members Researchgate Links
  1. Onah Blessing Ifeoma (Ph.D)
  2. Chukwuma Mgboji
  3. Uzoegwu chigozie
  4. Agbo, G.C (Ph.D)
  5. Eze B.N (Ph.D.)
  • 10key publications of the RG from 2019 till date: Not applicable
  • List of patents/exhibitions/shows/productions, etc. from 2019 till date: Not applicable
  • Bank account details of the RG: Account Name: Chukwuma Mgboji  Bank Name: Zenith Bank  Account No: 1003917720