Urban and Regional Planning

Philosophy, Objectives and Scope

Urban and Regional Planning is a professional discipline which embraces Management of the physical spaces and the environment. It is manifested in spatial and management of land uses at the local, urban and regional levels. This is accomplished within the Frame work of micro-economic resource allocation and political decision making. Urban and Regional Planning, therefore, requires comprehensive theoretical and practical education and training in the planning design and management of the total environment. It also requires an understanding of societal needs, goals, and objectives.

The programme is aimed at providing the students with a sound and broad based education in urban and regional planning with particular reference to the Nigeria situation. This is with a view to equipping the students adequately for careers in professional practice not only as generalist planners, but also as experts in specific areas of planning. The programme is also aimed at preparing students for careers in planning research and in other planning related activities. Consequently, they are first introduced to the multi-disciplinary perspectives of urban and regional planning and thereafter are exposed to areas of specialization and research towards the penultimate and final year. Practical training in professional planning firms and governments is an essential prerequisite for graduation.

Information about Service Courses

The department offers service courses to other departments in the University that request for them.

Job Opportunities

Graduates of the programme are eligible for registration with the Town Planners Registration Council of Nigeria, and for membership of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners. Employment opportunities exist for them in both the public and private sectors of the economy.