Crop Science

Crop Science is concerned with the selection, improvement and production of crops useful to man. It addresses the planting, maintenance, protection, harvesting, storage and aspects of post-harvest handling of produce.
1. To equip the graduates with sufficient training and production technology that will enable them engage meaningfully in full-time crop production enterprise
2. To prepare the graduates with adequate knowledge and skill to work in research and development institutions at both national and international levels.
3. To produce graduates that will teach agricultural science at secondary level.
The B. Agric (Crop Science) programme is designed to provide a broad practical and theoretical training in the basic agricultural sciences for the first three years. During the fourth year (farm year), practical training is provided in approved farms and agro-based establishments. During the fifth (final) year, the students are given intensive courses that will enable them graduate in any of the under-listed areas of specialization.
Crop Production
Crop Protection
Our research focus spans through the application of basic sciences to the production, protection and exploitation of indigenous crop species. Recently, emphasis has been extended to address the utilization of biotechnology in the production of high premium planting materials for farmers.
Job Opportunities
Crop Science is applied biological and physical sciences in the production of food and fibre the foundation of civilization. Training in the Department provides job opportunities in various government and private agencies engaged in crop production as well as being self-employed. Graduates work as agricultural and biological scientists and also as research staff of agriculture based institutions at both national and international levels, technical experts in agricultural farms, ADPs, River Basin Authorities, plantations, agro-chemicals industries and food control laboratories, They can also serve as science teachers. Job opportunities also exist in customs and quarantine services, agricultural department of financial institutions such as commercial banks and agricultural credit banks.
Admission Requirements
UTME Entry Requirements
Candidates for admission to the Department must first satisfy the University entry requirements. In addition, the UTME entry requirements include level credits in Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology or Agricultural Science.
Direct Entry Requirements
Candidates must have passed at the principal level in the Higher School Certificate Examination or equivalent passes at the GCE Advanced Level in Chemistry and Biology (or Botany, Zoology or Agricultural Science).