Abstract – Suitability of Detarium microcarpum…


The suitability of Detarium microcarpum (Dm) seed flour as a binder and partial fat substitute was investigated in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) meat loaves. Buffalo meat loaves were prepared incorporating 0.5% and 1.0% Dm seed flour using two (5% and 10%) levels of fat. A control was prepared with 3% wheat semolina as the binder. Inclusion of Dm seed flour had no effect (p > 0.05) on the product”s yield, water holding capacity and consumer shrink (frying loss). The microbiological quality and the internal surface color of the meat loaves were not affected by the presence of Dm seed flour. Increased fat level reduced the consumer shrink, cooking loss and sheer force significantly (p < 0.05).=”” increasing=”” dm=”” seed=”” flour=”” substitution=”” from=”” 0.5%=”” to=”” 1.0%=”” affected=”” the=”” textural=”” quality=”” of=”” the=”” meat=”” loaves=”” significantly=””>p < 0.05)=”” particularly=”” at=”” 10%=”” fat=”” level.=”” sensory=”” panel=”” results=”” showed=”” that=”” the=”” 0.5%=”” dm=”” product=”” had=”” comparable=”” scores=”” with=”” the=”” control=”” in=”” all=”” the=”” sensory=”” attributes=”” tested.=”” overall=”” acceptability=”” scores=”” indicated=”” that=”” all=”” the=”” products=”” were=””>

Suitability of Detarium microcarpum (Dm) seed flour as a binder and partial fat substitute in buffalo meat loaves. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/225318870_Suitability_of_Detarium_microcarpum_Dm_seed_flour_as_a_binder_and_partial_fat_substitute_in_buffalo_meat_loaves [accessed Dec 28, 2015].