Abstract – Flow Behavior and Gelatinization…


The flow behavior of a 25% cowpea slurry with 8% oil held at 70°C showed shear-thinning behavior and an Arrhenius temperature relationship. Cowpea flour (8%) and starch (2.5%) slurries heated for less than 1 min at 70–87°C exhibited shear-thickening while those heated longer times exhibited shear-thinning behavior. Maximum viscosities attained due to heat-induced gelatinization showed a power relationship with temperature of heating. Starch gelatinization kinetics followed a first-order equation and the temperature dependence of the rate constant followed the Arrhenius relationship with an activation energy of about 47.4 kcal/mol. Heating the slurries for >200 min above 80°C resulted in loss of viscosity.

Flow Behavior and Gelatinization of Cowpea Flour and Starch Dispersion. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/229791862_Flow_Behavior_and_Gelatinization_of_Cowpea_Flour_and_Starch_Dispersion [accessed Dec 28, 2015].