Abstract – Estimating leaf area of plantain. Sci Hortic


The area of leaves of plantain (Musa acuminata × Musa balbisiana) was traced on graph paper. Then the length (L) and the maximum width (W) were measured. A known leaf area from each leaf was taken and both the sample and the remaining leaf blades were dried and weighed. Using known leaf area and their dry weights, the leaf area of each whole leaf was determined. From the regression equation, a coefficient for estimating the true leaf area from the L × W measurements was determined to be 0.8 (approx.) which was statistically significant (P = 0.05).Using a mathematical method (independent of the first method), the coefficient for estimating the true leaf area of plantain was found to be 0.7854. A significant correlation (r, 0.001 = 0.73) was also found between the area traced on graph paper and that determined using the coefficient 0.8 (L × W).