Drug Resistant Infections Research Group

Drug Resistant Infections Research GroupMain Research Focus: Surveillance studies on some common infectious diseases for which drug-resistance has
been documented, studying the patterns of evolution and spread of the causative pathogens and evaluating
alternative strategies for managing drug-resistant infections.
Title of Most Recent Research Project: Molecular evaluation of KDR mutation-associated insecticide
resistance among anopheline vectors of malaria in south eastern Nigeria.
Name of the Coordinator: Professor Ifeoma M. Ezeonu
Email address of the RG:
Email address of the Coordinator: ifeoma.ezeonu@unn.edu.ng
Current webpage of the RG:https://www.unn.edu.ng/drug-resistant-infections-research-group/

Phone number of the RG:
Phone Number of the Coordinator: 08037954649
Department of the Coordinator: Microbiology