An African Journal of New Writing (OKIKE)



  1. A.U. Esimaje, Proverbs in Context – a Study of John Munonye’
  2. Abba A. Abba, From Heroism to Madness – Tragic Injustice in
  3. Abba, Technicians of Terror – Deconstructing the Boundary be
  4. Adebiyi, A Critique of South Africa Truth and Reconciliation
  5. Aikoriogie, Morphological Creativities and Phrasal Pragmatic
  6. Alabi, The Poetics of Yoruba Proverbs in Nigerian Literature
  7. Asika, Discourse Techniques in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall A
  8. Awa Samuel and Ngele Chimuanya, Absence of Local Flavour – P
  9. Bernth Lindfors, What Should We Do Now, Ruminations on the F
  10. Braspenning, Chinua Achebe, a Mountain of the African Savann
  11. C. Orie, Women Meet Dystopia in Their America – A Femalist R
  12. Charles E. Nnolim, ‘A Source for Arrow of God’ – Matters Ari
  13. Chinedu, There Was a Country – Achebe’s Ijele
  14. Chukwumezie, A Vision of the Ancient TerrorChukwumezie, A Vision of the Ancient Terror
  15. CHUKWUNEZIE, Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, Rebmann
  16. Chuma-Udeh, Unoka – The Gentleman Ill-at-Ease with the Code
  17. Chuma-Udeh, Unoka – The Gentleman Ill-at-Ease with the Code2
  18. Cocker, Mythic Imagination and the Postcolonial Experience i
  19. Dan Izevbaye, Arrow of God and the Re-Reading of Event, Imag
  21. Elijah Ojochonu Okpanachi and Adah P. Idachaba, Arrow of God
  22. Emmanuel & Aboh, A Re-assessment of Generationalizations in
  23. Emmanuel J. Ibuot, Epistemology of Arrow of God
  24. Esimaje, Masagbor, and Ezirim, Proverbsw as Iconic and Index
  25. Esimaje, Masagbor, Ezirim, Proverbs as Iconic and Indexical
  26. Ezekwesili, Mythic Thought and Mythic Ideation in Arrow of G
  27. Felix Chinedu, Traditional Political Structures of the Igbo
  28. Halima Shehu, Literature and Religious Discourse in West Afr
  29. Hunsu, Life-lines of a Nigerian wanderer-poet – A study of
  30. Ifeanyi Ugwu, Achebe’s Arrow of God and the Greek Sense of t
  31. Igbokwe & Oweregbulam, Point of View – Manner of Realizing t
  32. Igwedibia and Dieke. Re-reading Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
  33. Iniobon Uko, Affirming the Humanity of Oppressed Women
  34. J. Udofia, Emerging Issues in the Definition and Evaluation
  35. Judith A. Mgbemena, The Rhetoric of Interrogative Structures
  36. Julia Udofia, Arrow of God and the Sanctity of Spiritual Val
  37. K. Eke, War and Nigerian Poetry – Peter Onwudinjo as a Case
  38. Kabir Ahmed, A Question of Power – the Leadership Question,
  39. M. Amadihe Ezugu, Ezeulu’s Extreme Individualism and the Off
  40. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, Ezeulu in the Binary Systems of Chinua Ach
  41. Ngozi Dora Ulogu, Anxiety and Repression – A Psychoanalytic
  43. O.M. Melefa and T.M.E. Chukwumezie, A Critical Pragmatic Ana
  44. Oabueze, The Representation of the Rough Beast in Chinua Ach
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  67. Okike 52 Editorial
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  69. Okike 53 Contents
  70. Okolo, Sexualising Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
  71. Okoye-Ugwu, Going Green – An Ecocritical Reading of Chinua A
  72. OLUCHUKWU, A. N. Akwanya’s Visitant on Tiptoe and Other Poem
  73. Onunkwo and Chukwumezie, Discourse Patterning in Chinua Ache
  74. Onwumere and Egbulonu, The Influence of Negritude Movement o
  75. Onyemuche Anele Ejesu, Achebe’s Arrow of God, the Anti-Prome
  76. Orabueze, The Representation of the Rough Beast
  77. Orabueze, The Rights of the Stranger in A. N. Akwanya’s Orim
  79. Psalms, Re-Evincing Part of Sisyphus’ Dilemma in Post-Aparth
  80. Remy Oriku, ‘When Brothers Fight to Death’ – Internal Confli
  81. Romanus Egudu, The Ironic Aesthetic in Chinua Achebe’s Arrow
  82. Senayon Olaoluwa, Rites of Self-Rebirth and the Palaver of T
  83. Teyilanyo, Idiosyncratic Grammar – The Verb Phrase in the La
  84. Ushie and Aboh, Lexical Innovation in Nigerian Novels
  85. Uwa, John Olatunde, Griotization and (Re)Structuring of the
  86. Wale-Olaitan, Issues of Globalization in Contemporary Femini