The E-market University Of Nigeria

The E-market; what it stands for, rules, regulations and other information regarding businesses on campus.

The E-marketing office is saddled with the responsibility of business registration on campus, biometric data capture of vendors/documentation of businesses, vendors’ database management, allocation of business space/shops, and other tasks as may be assigned by the University administration through its committee on Budget and Internally Generated Revenue.


The office oversees the day-to-day running of businesses on campus, while ensuring that the vendors carry out their businesses in accordance with the code of conduct guiding such on campus.


Process flow on allocation of business space/shop:


  1. Interested individuals who wish to do any form of business on campus are required to apply to the E-market office stating the nature of business they want to do on campus.
  2. The office considers the request, ascertains that the nature of business is approved by the University, and that there is a space/shop for such business.
  3. For those whose request were granted, they are required to formally register, payments and do businesses in accordance with the code of conduct.

Exception; The businesses excluded from the above process flow are those that require special attention/approval from the University administration, in which case will have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by relevant authorities on campus.


Note: The E-market office does not have any agent(s) or representatives inside or outside the Campus, so we are all advised not to negotiate or go into any form of agreement regarding business spaces/shops on campus, as whoever involved does so at his/her own risk.


E-Market Payment:


The University community and intending vendors should note that no payment for spaces/shops is made to any individual account or is collected cash.


All payments are made through the University’s E-market remitta platform. The office will not be liable to any money paid to any individual.


Anyone who is confused on how to make his/her payment can only go the E-market office for guidance.


Hawking or selling outside the approved E-market zones on campus:


It should be noted that any form of hawking on campus is prohibited, and selling outside the University approved zones is illegal.


The University has approved zones/places in and around different departments/ faculties, and other strategic areas on campus where vendors can sell or render other forms of services to students and staff of the University, and businesses are to be carried out only in approved places. Any form of hawking at staff quarters, hostels, classrooms, office buildings and the Campus premises in general is prohibited and the e-market office together with the University security department and the Committee on Environment are putting in extra measures to curb this ugly trend.

These hawkers also contribute to littering the University premises, and render substandard services to the community as they do not adhere to the E-market code of conduct.


In as much as the University welcomes all who may wish to sell their products or render other forms of services to the community as a way to sustain livelihood and ease the stress on both staff and students, there is need for such to be done at the right places and in accordance with the rules and regulations.


The University is an academic environment and should be seen as such, therefore, we call on the University community especially at this time when there is need to be more security conscious to also help in checkmating this in order to keep the environment safe for all.





Head of E-market.