Skill-UP III Training Presents One-month Training For Junior and Senior Secondary School Students

Skill-UP III Training Presents One-month Training For Junior and Senior Secondary School Students


One-month program – Amount payable per student – 5,000

Target audience: Junior & Senior secondary school students

Date: 1st – 30th August

Time: 9am –  3pm Daily

Venue: ICT Access Bank building

For registration please visit ICT Access Bank Building



  1. Introduction to computer
  • Understanding computer basics
  • Software and hardware
  • Basics of operating system
  • Computer terminologies and meaning
  • Parts of computer
  • Keyboard shortcut keys
  • Sending e-mail, surf the web and securing data
  • Computer and the society
  • Business on the Web
  1. Word processing
  • Word processor as a teaching tool
  • How to use word processor to create notes, articles, resumes and assignments.
  • Writing reports and publishing PDFs
  • Creation of memos and forms
  • How word processor integrates with other program
  1. Working with spreadsheet
  • Analyzing and storing data
  • Data recovery and spreadsheet
  • Uses of mathematical formulas for calculation
  • Managing business expenses
  • Creation of calendars and schedules
  • Adding charts and forms
  1. Presentation package
  • creation of presentation
  • infographics
  • creation of business cards and fliers
  • use of PowerPoint for tutorials
  • preparing animations using PowerPoint
  1. Graphic design
  • Object creation and manipulation
  • Drawing and shaping object
  • Working with special effects and text special effects
  • Designing of fliers, business cards, invitation cards, banners, poster, etc
  1. Internet usage
  • internet as information disseminating tool
  • using internet for research purposes
  • using internet for do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials
  • internet as a means of communication
  • using internet for e-commerce purposes
  • using internet for education purposes


  1. typing tutor


Registration detail

Early bird registration     12th  June – 20th  July 2019                          5,000

Late registration             21st  July – 30th  July, 2019                           6,500

On-site registration         1st August, 2019                                              7,500