Consortium for Advocacy and Research (CADRE).

Consortium for Advocacy and Research (CADRE).
1. LOCATION OF RESEARCH GROUP:- CADRE is domiciled in the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus and has its head office/research office located in the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus.
2. MISSION STATEMENT:- CADRE  as a research body aspires to break new grounds via collaborative research efforts in the fields of Internal Medicine as well as Public Health in Nigeria principally and to work with like minded international groups. CADRE intends to function as a vehicle for advocacy in health issues at all levels nationally and internationally with a focus on medical research and intervention programmes designed to improve the quality of life of Nigerians. CADRE is a registered non-governmental organization in Nigeria.
3. BROAD OBJECTIVES:- The broad objectives of research and advocacy programs in CADRE are as follows:
(i). To improve awareness on health related events in the society.
(ii). To potentially influence attitudinal changes in the Nigerian society
(iii). To encourage capacity building of health workers
(iv). To encourage public-private sector partnerships on relevant health issues
(v). To assist in the implementation of health programmes
(vi). To encourage international collaboration in Nigerian based health research.
4. CURRENT AND PREVIOUS RESEARCH ACTIVITIES:- CADRE has concluded and published research findings including:-
(i).  I O Onwuekwe, O D Onodugo, B Ezeala- Adikaibe, E N Aguwa, E C Ejim, K Ndukuba, T R Abadom, C K Illo, C Onyejizu. Pattern and presentation of epilepsy in Nigerian Africans: a study of trends in the South East. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene  (2009) 103: 785 – 789.
(ii). Ijoma Uchenna, Onwuekwe Ikenna, Onodugo Obinna, Aguwa Emmanuel, Ejim Emmanuel, Onyedum Cajetan, Onah Linus, Okwudire Emecheta, Ugwuonah Geraldine. Effect of promotional strategies of pharmaceutical companies on doctors’ prescription pattern in South East Nigeria. TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin 2010; 9: 1 – 6.
At the moment, it is studying 2 proposals for (i) investigating affective disorders in chronic liver disease states in Enugu as well as (ii) characterizing health –related quality of life issues in pre- hepatic encephalopathic patients in South East Nigeria.
The curriculum vitae of the following members of the research group are listed underneath though new members of the group are expected in due course –
a. Dr. Ikenna Onwuekwe Coordinator +2348033424240
b. Dr. Emmanuel Ejim Member
c. Dr. Emmanuel Aguwa Member
d. Dr. Obinna Onodugo Member
e. Dr. Uchenna Ijoma. Member