Bio-Energy Research Group

Bio-Energy Research Group
University of Nigeria,
Nsukka 410001 Nigeria
Name: Bio-Energy Research Group
Research Focus:
The non-renewable nature, and the numerous environmental problems associated with use of fossil fuels have sustained interest in renewable and environmentally friendly bio-energies. Nigeria is blessed with a lot of biomass materials that can be converted to various forms of bio-energies. Unfortunately, apart from firewood, charcoal and to less extent wood pellets, there is no commercial production of bio-energies in Nigeria. This research group will focus on development and commercialization of various forms of bio-energies with high potential in Nigeria. These include Bio-ethanol, Bio-diesel, bio-gas, bio-hydrogen, and microbial bio-fuels. Various biomass materials such as food and non-food crops, photoautotrophic and heterotrophic microorganisms, agro-processing wastes, timber residues, wastewater, and other waste materials will be explored for efficient production of different forms of bio-energies.
Research Team:
Prof. James C. Ogbonna (Department of Microbiology – Group Leader)
Prof. M. Uguru (Department of Crop Science)
Prof. Obi Njoku (Department of Biochemistry)
Dr. C. O. Nwuche (Department of Microbiology)
Prof E. Obe (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Dr. O. Udengwu (Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology)
Engr Dr.  E. C. Okoroigwe (Department of Mechanical Engineering)