Barr. I. E. Odo – Assistant Chief Executive Officer

Barr. I. E. Odo – Assistant Chief Executive Officer.
a)Â Â Â Date of Birth.
Barr.I. E. Odo now married is from Agbamere Eha-Alumona, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. He was born on 3rd April, 1959 in the family of late Mr. Felix Odo Ezeaku.
b)Â Â Â Educational Qualification with Dates.
I.   FSLC     ——— 1975.
II.   GCO(O/L)/WASC —- 1980/81.
III.   GCE(A/L) —– 1984.
IV.   LLB   —–     1995.
V.   B.L   —–      1996.
c)Â Â Â Working Experience.
Employed in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka as a senior Porter in 1982 and later converted to Executive Cadre with effect from 1996.After his call to the Bar in 1996, the University Administration Enugu Campus and where he was then saw him as a material that can perform certain administrative/Legal functions and he transferred to the Legal Unit, Vice-Chancellor’s Office, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
d)Â Â Â Service on University Committees.
I.   Secretary/Legal Adviser Board of Survey on Unserviceable Vehicles/Scraps –2010 to date.
II.   Member/Secretary Prize Award Committee Enugu Campus 2005 to2008.
III.   Member Performance Award Committee, Students Affairs Enugu Campus 2007.
IV.   Secretary Committee on Business Centres Enugu Campus 1999 –2007.
V.   Member Committee to review the case of Mr. Njoku, Sports Council 2007.
VI.   Secretary Audit Panel to Investigate SUG Enugu Campus 2005/2006.
VII.   Secretary Committee for Disposal of Items Student Affairs Enugu Campus 2005.
VIII.   Member Committee to Investigate the Vandalization of University Property Enugu Campus 2001.
IX.   Secretary Electoral Tribunal SUG Election Enugu Campus 1999 -2000.
The above notwithstanding, Barr. I. E. Odo is still willing, ready, eager and prepared to give the University the best of his services.