Nutripharmaceuticals and Local Pharmaceutical Excipients Research Group

Nutripharmaceuticals and Local Pharmaceutical Excipients Research Group

Focus: The aim of the research group is to facilitate the coordinated scale-up of key interventions through approaches such as preventive chemotherapy, curative chemotherapy, individual case management, vector control, veterinary public health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). This vectors are normally the cause of tropical and neglected tropical diseases in West Africa and development of drug delivery materials (biomaterials, lipids) from indigenous plants with concomitant use of our local plants that are active against these diseases will be explored. The use of these herbs as nutrition through pharmaceutical formulations will be explored.

Base Department/Faculty: Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical Sciences

Description: Indigenous excipients are used in drug delivery owing to their biocompatibility, safe and biodegradable properties. The economic impact of tropical and neglected tropical diseases: generally, tropical and neglected diseases cost developing economies billions of dollars every year in lost revenue by interfering with labor productivity (agricultural and industrial) and with the wage-earning potential of individuals who are already poor and surviving on less than the US $ 2 a day. Herbal formulations will be used as nutritional remedy for some of these diseases.

Current research projects: Development of biomaterial and lipids for delivery of drugs for treatment of tropical and neglected diseases


Coordinator (name, department/academic unit, email and phone number):

Name: Dr John Dike Nwabueze OGBONNA,

Department: Pharmaceutics,

Email: john,ogbonna@unn,

Phone number: +2348063674303


Dr John Dike N. OGBONNA

Prof Anthony A. Attama

Pharm. Adaeze C. Echezona-Nwosu

Pharm. Chinekwu S. Nwagwu

Pharm. Samuel W.  Uzondu

Mrs Chiamaka P. Uzoewulu

Areas of research interest:

Research interest is in biomaterial development, development of lipid from natural sources,

Contact details of coordinator:

Dr John Dike N. OGBONNA;  Email: john,ogbonna@unn,   ,Phone number: +2348063674303

10 key publications:

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