Mass Com/Music/Theatre and Film Studies

Mass Com/Music/Theatre and Film Studies

Research Focus Area: National Integration and Cohesion for Sustainable Peace

Proposed Research Topics:

  1. Mental Noise/Hate Speech as Impediment to National Integration and Peace
  2. Developing Effective Communication Skills in a Multi-cultural Society
  3. Strategies for Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution in Nigeria
  4. Communicating Youth Values and Curbing youth Restiveness
  5. Community Mobilization for National Integration and Sustainable Peace
  6. Strengthening Community Based Festivals for Tourism and Cultural integration
  7. A holistic Approach to Addressing the Problem of Climate Change

Composition of the Group

  1. Ngozi Udengwu (Theatre and Film Studies)
  2. Chinenye Amonyeze (Theatre and Film Studies)
  3. Chinwe Okpoko (Mass Comm)
  4. Anthony Ekwueme (Mass Comm)
  5. Jude Nwankwo (Music)
  6. Greg Ezeah (Mass Comm)
  7. Nelson Obasi (Theatre and Film Studies)
  8. Chidiebere Nwachukwu (Mass Comm)
  9. Omanwa Ekwueme (Mass Comm)
  10. Ifeanyi Ugwu ( Theatre and Film Studies)
  11. Ikenna Onwuegbna (Music)
  12. Uche Nwaozuzu (Theatre and Film Studies)

Statement of Intent

Of all the problems besieging Nigeria as a large multicultural, multireligious and multilingual nation, is basically that of national integration and cohesion. This claim is attested to by the ethnocentrism and religious jingoism which has engendered incessant security problems and crippling economic growth and sustainable development. The size and divert of Nigeria should not be a curse but a blessing if it is well harnessed. As a matter of fact, the size and diversity is a potential for greatness if enough effort is made to instil the principles of unity in diversity in the citizens, if they are made well aware of the huge profit they stand to gain simply by recognizing and respecting one another and being able to work as a formidable team, irrespective of religion and ethnicity.

We are aware of prior attempts that have been made in the past, but the efforts seem to be flawed at the point of implementation and sustainability. It is our conviction that Arts and Humanities primarily concerned with human condition have the expertise and resources needed to stimulate attitudinal change in people at grassroots. Consequently in this Research Group different Departments form research teams to address national integration and cohesion through sustained community-based participatory programmes.

Faculty of Arts Research Group 1 is made of academic staff from three departments – Mass Communication, Music and Theatre and Film Studies. Between them they have generated the seven research topics listed above, which are not necessarily final. Research teams, of at least three researchers each from across the departments, will eventually be formed to carry out research on the topics or any other topics that may be generated under the focus area above. Research findings will be presented first at the newly Faculty of Arts Research Forum and at conferences, preferably international conferences, before being published as books or journal articles in reputable Impact Factor journals.