Industrial & Agro-waste Recovery for Dielectric Applications Research Group

Main Research Focus: To exploit the properties of industrial and agro-waste materials by studying their morphological and thermal properties through characterization using scanning electron microscope (SEM), Energy Dispersive System (EDS), and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA/DTA) techniques so as to determine their application as dielectric materials.

Title of Most Recent Research Project: Dielectric Properties of Polymer Matrix Composites Developed from Agro-Waste Materials.

Name of the Coordinator: Engr. Dr. A. D. Omah

UNN email address of the RG:

UNN email address of the Coordinator:

Current webpage of the RG:

Phone number of the RG: 08033863639

Phone Number of the Coordinator: 08033863639

Base Faculty/Institute/Center: Faculty of Engineering

Department of the Coordinator: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering