NAME:  Human Rights Research Group
RESEARCH FOCUS: The role of human rights in promoting wellbeing; the interface between human rights and culture; the dichotomy between Western notions of human rights versus African human rights; the relationship between human rights and good governance; and the intersection of human rights and health.
1. “Recontextualizing Human Rights as a Propeller of  Good Governance and Accountability in a Democracy”
2. “Maternal Health and Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5 in Nigeria – Key Challenges and Prospects for Success: Any Catalytic Role for Human Rights?”
3. “Health Professionals’ Efflux to Western Countries: Could Human Rights and Pragmatism Justify Recruitment by Receiving Countries?”
4. “Juvenile Justice and Rights of Children at a Crossroad: Examining the International Legal and Policy Regimes Relating to Protection of Children and Failure to Deliver Appropriate Dividend”
5. “Corporal Punishment in Juvenile Justice Systems – A Form of State-Sanctioned Violence against Children or What? A Human Rights Analysis”
6. “Rethinking Justiciability of Socioeconomic Rights in Nigeria:  A Critique of the Dominant Position”
7. “Fidelity to Culture or Human Rights Violation? A Critique of the Jurisprudence of Nigerian Courts Regarding the Enforcement of Women’s Rights”
8. “Health-MDGs Conundrum in Africa and Countdown to 2015: Does Primary Health Care System Provide a Way Out?”
9. “Health-MDGs in Africa and Countdown to 2015 – Failures, More Failures and Rising Pessimism: A Question of Resources or Accountability Deficit or What?”
10. “Equity, Fairness and Universal Access –The Key to Better Health: A Comparative Analysis of Nigerian, British and Canadian Health Systems”
11. “Nigeria’s National Health Act and National Health Insurance Scheme: A Recipe for Universal Healthcare or What?”
12. “Health Financing and Universal Health Care in Africa: Is Social Health Insurance an Appropriate Panacea?”
1. Dr. Obiajulu Nnamuchi – Coordinator
2. Dr. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo – Coordinator
3. Mrs. Ebelechukwu Lawretta Okiche
4. Mr. Damian Uche Ajah
5. Mrs. Obinne Chikaodili Obiefuna
6. Rev. Fr. Emeka Adibe
1. Dr. Obiajulu Nnamuchi, LL.B. (Awka), LL.M., Human Rights (Notre Dame), LL.M., Health Law & Policy (Toronto), LL.M., International Law (Lund), M.A., Bioethics & Medical Humanities (Louisville), S.J.D., Health Law & Policy (Loyola, Chicago).
Research Interest: human rights, health law and policy, medical law/ethics, and moral philosophy.
2. Dr. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, PhD (Nigeria), L.L.M. (London), LL.B. (Nigeria), Diploma, Peace and Conflict Resolution (Uppsala); Diploma, Gender Studies CODESRIA (Dakar, Senegal).
Research Interest: human rights, reproductive health, gender studies, and peace and conflict.
3. Mrs. Okiche Ebelechukwu Lawretta, B.A. Philosophy (Lagos), LL.B. (Nigeria), LL.M. (Nigeria).
Research Interest: human rights, jurisprudence and legal theory, consumer protection and advocacy, insurance law, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
4. Mr. Damian Uche Ajah, LL.B. (Nigeria), LL.M. (Nigeria).
Research Interest: human rights, comparative international criminal law, environmental law, and land law.
5. Mrs. Obinne Chikaodili Obiefuna, LL.B. (Nigeria), LL.M., Information Technology (Essex).
Research Interest: human rights, information technology law, cybercrime, telecommunications law and competition law.
6. Rev. Fr. Emeka C. Adibe, LL.B, M.A.Philosophy (Nigeria), M.A. Pastoral Theology (St. Paul, Ottawa), M.A. Legal Studies (Carleton, Ottawa).
Research Interest: human rights and international law.