The Department of Home economics and Hospitality Education was formerly the Department of Home Economics Education which started in 1964. The Hospitality component was added in July, 2015, owing to the demand of the job market. It was a unit of the former Department of Vocational Teacher Education now Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education.

The Department has the following areas of study among others:

  1. Home management Education
  2. Clothing and textile Education
  3. Child development and care
  4. Food and nutrition
  5. Hospitality Management, etc.

Its runs undergraduate and postgraduate programmes (Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Education, M.Tech and Ph.D Tech) in all its areas

The main vision of the Department is the promotion of saleable skills acquisition among youths in various areas of Home Economics and Hospitality Management for self-reliance, welfare of individuals and families and society in its entirety.