FOCUS: Baseline studies and investigation on the state of our environment and ecosystem  (South east Nigeria)  to develop and set up an environmental data base for research and development purposes.
a/. Modelling of hydrological processes in enugu Urban. Modelling of hydrological processes significantly contributed to water resource management and planning. The research will focus on the impact of hand dug wells on the underground water resources in enugu. It will involve quantitative and qualitative modelling of underground water properties.
b/. spatial analysis  for Investigations into the state of our environment to create a data base for researchers .
c/.Role of Systematic risk mapping in emergency management in allowing effective utilization of rescue units for mitigation of emergency;
Coordinator: Prof. C. B. Chukwuali
Phone: 08060444440   email: chukwuemeka.chukwuali@unn.edu.ng
Brief CV of members
Prof. Chukwuali, Chukwuemeka Basil is a professor in the department of Architecture. His research interests in sustaible development and sustainable architecture. He has supervised several MSc and PhD research. He was the first director of the Center for Environmental Management and Control. He has attended several conferences and presented several papers.
Phone: +2348060444440         E-Mail:               chukwuemeka.chukwuali@unn.edu.ng
Arc. Dr. Osefoh,  Francis Chuma is a senior lecturer in the department of Architecture.  His research interests include; eco-tourism, hospital architecture, environmental pollution and design with nature. He has attended several conferences where he presented papers and has several publications including:
1.  Osefoh, F.C. (2012) Nature Conservation for Eco-Tourism: The Case of CERCOPAM, Calabar, Nigeria, Technoscience, Vol. 3, (1&2) 37-44.
2.  Osefoh, F.C. (2011) Fundamentals of Acoustics & Noise Control in Buildings.  Fundamentals in Architecture.  Heston Ltd., Enugu, Nigeria, 125-142.
Phone:+234 8067100534   E-Mail:  francis.osefoh@unn.edu.ng
Prof. Okeke,  F. I. is the dean faculty of Environmental studies
Rev Chiemelu, Ndukwe E. lecturer in the department of Surveying and Geo-informatics
Debem, Chikelu  lecturer in the department of Urban and Regional Planning