Of the greatest needs of societies all over the world in sound a educational system. Researchers in both developed and developing countries have continued parted at technology as a major driver of learning. Educational technology is a combination of the processes and tools involved in addressing educational needs and problems with an emphasis on applying the most current digital and information tools (Roblyer and Doering 2013).
From the foregoing the underlying desire of the educational technology research group in investigating means of integrating technology across curriculum. This may involve these major areas;
(a) How to motivate and engage students for meaningful and sustainable learning.
(b) How to support students learning needs in order to help them discover their potentials and enable them to apply what they have learnt.
(c) How to prepare students for future learning through technology literacy, information literacy and visual literacy.
Some proposed research topics are:
(a) Electronic content development for different category of learners.
(b) Innovative approaches to learning and learning environment.
(c) Technologies for socially responsive learning.
(d) Virtual and distance education.
(e) Innovative assessment methods
Members of the research group
1. Dr. T.O. Ofoegbu
2. Prof. F.A. Okoro
3. Dr. P.N. Uzoegwu
4. Prof. O. J. Nwoji
5. Prof. Z.C. Njoku
6. Dr. J.C. Onuoha
7. Dr. Agar
8. Prof. Offorma
9. Dr. Uche Asogwa
10. Dr. Chris Ibenegbu