Disbursement Of FUNDS For TETFUND Research Projects

                                  UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, NSUKKA                                                   


  To: BENEFICIARIES                                                                                        From: TETFUND COMMITTEE

  Our Ref: UN/RC.250/TFC/                                                                               Date: 26th November, 2018



  1. The under listed applicants (18 Nos.) whose research proposals were selected and recommended to TETFund for funding under Institution-Based Research (IBR) Intervention are hereby notified that their funds are ready for disbursement.


  1. Please note that the amount disbursed represents 60% first tranche of the total cost of the project. The second tranche payment of 40% will only be released when the Researcher must have published at least one article from the findings of the research in 1st Quartile or two articles in 2nd Quartile Journals, evidence of which should be submitted to TETfund.


  1. TETFund should be acknowledged as the sponsor of the research in a footnote in the first page of a paper citing the research project no. (TETFUND/DESS/UNI/NSUKKA/2017/RP/VOL.I)


  1. The Lead Researcher is to open an IBR Bank account into which the funds will be credited.


  1. Quarterly progress reports by the researchers are to be forwarded to the Fund for monitoring purposes. The quarterly reports should be regularly submitted until the entire intervention is completed and closed out.


  1. Upon completion of the Research Projects, you are expected to forward to TETFund a close out/completion report (including copies of the financial receipts obtained in respect of the Research Projects). You are also required to forward three (3) bound copies of the Research Report for the Research Project within three (3) months of completion.


  1. A pre-disbursement meeting with all beneficiaries is scheduled as follows;

Date: Monday 3rd December, 2018

Time: 11:00 am prompt



1. Molecular Characterization of Anti-fungal Resistance in Candida and Analysis of the Evolutionary Relatedness of Candida Spp. Responsible for Invasive Candidiasis in Veterinary and Human Hospitals in South East Nigeria 12 Months Dr. Anthony C. Mgbeahuruike + 2 1,070,000.00 642,000.00
2. Development and Implementation of E-teaching Capacity Building Programme for Training University Lecturers in South Eastern Nigeria 12 Months Dr. Benardine Ifeoma Onah+1 540,000.00 324,000.00
3. Solar System Based Static Electric Power Generator with Back-up 9 Months Engr. Dr. Nnadi Damian B. N. +2 1,549,039.00 929,421.60
4. Kinetic Modeling of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Livestock Waste Co-composition 12 Months Engr. Dr. Nwoke Oji Achuka +2 1,200,000.00 720,000.00
5. Development of Two-phase Synchronous Generator for Single-phase Load Supplies 12 Months Engr. Prof. Emeka S. Obe +4 1,230,000.00 738,000.00
6. Preparation of an Oral and Thermostable Fowl Typhoid Vaccine 12 Months Dr. Ebele Onuigbo +1 1,200,000.00 720,000.00
7. Development of Automotive Piston from Palm Kernel Ash Nanoparticles Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Synthesis by Double Layer Feeding-stir Casting Method 12 Months Engr. Associate Prof. V. S. Aigbodion +1 1,200,000.00 720,000.00
8. Improving the Public Sector Accounting: A Study of Public Agencies in South-East Nigeria 7 Months Dr. Edwin Madu Izueke +4 460,000.00 276,000.00
9. The Effect of Chemotherapy on Oxidative Stress and Renal Pathology in Trypanosoma brucei Experimentally Infected Dogs 12 Months Dr. Akpa Polycarp O. +1 1,000,000 600,000.00
10. Evaluation of the Energy and Protein Requirement of Growing Local Turkeys in a Hot Humid Tropical Environment 12 Months Prof. Augustine O. Ani +1 1,200,000.00 720,000.00
11. Evaluation, Isolation and Characterization of the Hepatoprotective Principle(s) in the Leaf Extract of Pterocarpus santalinoides  DC 12 Months Dr. Thelma Ebele Ihedioha +3 1,200,000.00 720,000.00
12. Socio-administrative and Religious Factors Affecting Livestock Production, Disease Surveillance and Control in South-East Nigeria 6 Months Prof Sylvia U. Agu +2 550,000.00 330,000.00
13. Developing of Aesthetic Education Programme for Adults in Realization of Sustainable Development Goal (11) in River State 5 Months Prof. S. C. Nwizu +1 543,000.00 325,800.00
14. Synthesis, Characterization and Properties Studies of some  Heterobimetallic Complexes of Schiff Base System Derived from 2,3-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde 12 Months Assoc. Prof. L. N. Obasi +1 890,000.00 534,000.00
15. Geophysics Investigations of Groundwater  Potentials, Vulnerability and Management in the Nsukka Campus of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State 12 Months Prof. Daniel N. Obiora +1 1,200,000.00 720,000.00
16. Economic Cost of Treatment of Childhood Acute Otitis Media and Tosillitis in Enugu South East Nigeria  6 Months Dr. James O. Akpe +1 1,050,000.00 630,000.00
17. Prospects and Potentials  of Using Crowdfunding for Sustainable Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Southeast Nigeria 12 Months Dr. I.C. Nwakoby +1 665,000.00 399,000.00
18. Cross over Trial of a Personalized Food Avoidance Dietary intervention to improve control of Essential Hypertension 12 Months Prof. Chijioke  Pascal Chioli +8 705,000.00 423,000.00
TOTAL N17,452,036.00 N10,471,221.600


Prof. Anene, B. M. Ph.D, FCVSN (JP)

Chairman TETFund Committee/TETFund Desk Officer