Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2022I


1.Cancer incidence, mortality, years of life lost, years lived with disability, and disability-adjusted life years for 29 cancer groups from 2010 to 2019: a systematic analysis …

JM Kocarnik, K Compton, FE Dean, W Fu, BL Gaw, JD Harvey, …

JAMA oncology 8 (3), 420-444

  1. The global burden of adolescent and young adult cancer in 2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

EM Alvarez, LM Force, R Xu, K Compton, D Lu, HJ Henrikson, …

The Lancet Oncology 23 (1), 27-52

3.The Lancet Nigeria Commission: Investing in health and the future of the nation

I Abubakar, SL Dalglish, B Angell, O Sanuade, S Abimbola, AL Adamu, …

The Lancet 399 (10330), 1155-1200

4.Measuring the availability of human resources for health and its relationship to universal health coverage for 204 countries and territories from 1990 to 2019: a systematic …

A Haakenstad, CMS Irvine, M Knight, C Bintz, AY Aravkin, P Zheng, …

The Lancet

5.Diabetes mortality and trends before 25 years of age: an analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

E Cousin, BB Duncan, C Stein, KL Ong, T Vos, C Abbafati, …

The Lancet diabetes & endocrinology 10 (3), 177-192

6.The global burden of cancer attributable to risk factors, 2010–19: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

KB Tran, JJ Lang, K Compton, R Xu, AR Acheson, HJ Henrikson, …

The Lancet 400 (10352), 563-591

7.Role of trust in sustaining provision and uptake of maternal and child healthcare: Evidence from a national programme in Nigeria

N Ezumah, A Manzano, U Ezenwaka, U Obi, T Ensor, E Etiaba, …

Social Science & Medicine 293, 114644

8.Population health outcomes in Nigeria compared with other west African countries, 1998–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study

B Angell, O Sanuade, IMO Adetifa, IN Okeke, AL Adamu, MH Aliyu, …

The Lancet 399 (10330), 1117-1129

9.Strategic health purchasing in Nigeria: investigating governance and institutional capacities within federal tax-funded health schemes and the formal sector social health …

U Ezenwaka, A Gatome-Munyua, C Nwankwor, N Olalere, N Orji, …

Health Systems & Reform 8 (2), e2074630

10.The Role of the Private Sector in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences From Four Health Systems

LJ Wallace, I Agyepong, S Baral, D Barua, M Das, R Huque, D Joshi, …

Frontiers in Public Health, 1527

11.“Miracle Examination Centres” as hubs for malpractices in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination in Nigeria: A systematic review

P Agwu, CT Orjiakor, A Odii, C Onalu, C Nzeadibe, P Roy, O Onwujekwe, …

International Journal of Educational Development 88, 102538

12.Estimates, trends, and drivers of the global burden of type 2 diabetes attributable to PM2· 5 air pollution, 1990–2019: an analysis of data from the Global Burden of Disease …

K Burkart, K Causey, AJ Cohen, SS Wozniak, DD Salvi, C Abbafati, …

The Lancet Planetary Health 6 (7), e586-e600

13.Exploring the nature, enabling factors and solutions to corruption in the procurement of pharmaceuticals in Nigeria tertiary health institutions: a qualitative study

O Onwujekwe, P Agwu, A Odii, C Orjiakor, E Hutchinson, P Roy, M McKee, …

SOAS Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) Research Consortium, Working Paper no. 42

14.Mapping development and health effects of cooking with solid fuels in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000–18: a geospatial modelling study

JJ Frostad, QAP Nguyen, MM Baumann, BF Blacker, LB Marczak, …

The Lancet Global Health 10 (10), e1395-e1411

15.Stakeholders’ perceptions of adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health needs in Southeast Nigeria: a qualitative study

CC Okeke, CO Mbachu, IC Agu, U Ezenwaka, I Arize, C Agu, C Obayi, …

BMJ open 12 (6), e051389

16.Can strategic health purchasing reduce inefficiency and corruption in the health sector? The case of Nigeria

O Onwujekwe, P Agwu

Health Systems & Reform 8 (2), e2057836

17.Gender differences in informal payments for healthcare: evidence from 34 African countries

S Rajan, C Santoso, M Abba-Aji, D Stuckler, M McKee, E Hutchinson, …

Health policy and planning 37 (1), 132-139

18.The prevalence of onchocerciasis in Africa and Yemen, 2000–2018: a geospatial analysis

CA Schmidt, EA Cromwell, E Hill, KM Donkers, MF Schipp, KB Johnson, …

BMC medicine 20 (1), 1-12

19.Stakeholders’ perspectives and willingness to institutionalize linkages between the formal health system and informal healthcare providers in urban slums in southeast, Nigeria

O Onwujekwe, C Mbachu, V Onyebueke, P Ogbozor, I Arize, C Okeke, …

BMC Health Services Research 22 (1), 1-14

20.Evaluating a capacity development intervention in health economics among producers and users of evidence in Nigeria: a case study in Getting Research Into Policy and Practice …

CC Ezenduka, OE Onwujekwe

Health Economics Review 12 (1), 1-9

21.Examining healthcare purchasing arrangements for strategic purchasing in Nigeria: a case study of the Imo state healthcare system

C Ezenduka, E Obikeze, B Uzochukwu, O Onwujekwe

Health Research Policy and Systems 20 (1), 1-16

22.Effects of a structured health education on prevention of HIV risky behaviours among adolescents in Nigeria–a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

IO Maduakolam, NP Ogbonnaya, IF Ndubuisi, END Ekechukwu, …

Libyan Journal of Medicine 17 (1)

23.Assessing performance of the Healthcare Access and Quality Index, overall and by select age groups, for 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis from the …

A Haakenstad, JA Yearwood, N Fullman, C Bintz, K Bienhoff, MR Weaver, …

The Lancet Global Health

24 SARS CoV-2 Seroprevalence in Selected States of High and Low Disease Burden in Nigeria

OM Kolawole, O Tomori, D Agbonlahor, E Ekanem, R Bakare, …

JAMA Network Open 5 (10), e2236053-e2236053

25.Unpaid family responsibilities and absenteeism among health workers in primary healthcare centres in Enugu state, Nigeria: Does location of health facility matter?

C Nwokolo, O Onwujekwe, DN Obodoechi, M McKee, B Angell, P Agwu, …

26.How (not) to promote sub‐national ownership of national initiatives in decentralised health systems: The free maternal and child health programme in Nigeria, 2008–2015

U Ezenwaka, S Abimbola, O Onwujekwe

The International Journal of Health Planning and Management

27.Effects of cervical traction and infrared therapy on pain intensity and neck disability index among people with cervical spondylosis: a cross-over cohort study

AA Igwe, OK Onyeso, CI Ezema, GO Eyichukwu, EC Ejim, VA Egwuonwu, …

Journal of Musculoskeletal Research, 2250023

28.Stakeholders’ perspectives on the financial sustainability of HIV response in Nigeria

D Ogbuabor, O Onwujekwe


29.Stakeholders’ perspectives on “miracle examination centres” in Nigeria

P Agwu, A Odii, T Orjiakor, P Roy, C Nzeadibe, C Onalu, UO Okoye, …

Quality Assurance in Education

30.The Gendered Drivers of Absenteeism in the Nigerian Health System.

P Ogbozor, O Onwujekwe, D Balabanova, A Odii, P Agwu, M McKee, …

Health Policy and Planning, czac056

31.Evaluating an intervention to improve the quality and use of sub-national routine immunization data for improved immunization decision-making in Nigeria: a qualitative …

DC Ogbuabor, NC Ghasi, UJ Okenwa, CN Nwangwu, U Ezenwaka, …

32.Violence and mental health among adolescents in South East Nigeria

MD Ughasoro, VO Onukwuli, OE Onwujekwe, BSC Uzochukwu, B Ebenso, …

Nigerian Journal of Medicine 31 (2), 156-162

33.The Role of Contextual Factors in Private Sector Engagement: A Case Study of Private Sector Contribution to COVID-19 Mitigation in Nigeria

C Okeke, GO Eigbiremolen, B Uzochukwu, C Mbachu, O Onwujekwe

Frontiers in public health 10

34.Financial Deepening and Per Capita Income in Nigeria: An Impact Assessment

O Obinna

A Publication of 2 (1), 253-261

35.Gender norms and ideologies about adolescent sexuality: A mixed-method study of adolescents in communities, south-eastern, Nigeria

IC Agu, CO Mbachu, U Ezenwaka, I Eze, N Ezumah, O Onwujekwe

Frontiers in Sociology, 147

36.Perturbation des services de soins de santé essentiels due à la maladie à coronavirus-19 (COVID-19): leçons pour garantir la durabilité au Nigéria

C Okeke, O Onwujekwe, E Etiaba, U Ezenwaka, B Kreling

Organisation mondiale de la Santé. Bureau régional de l’Afrique

37.Essential health care service disruption due to COVID-19: Lessons for sustainability in Nigeria

C Okeke, O Onwujekwe, E Etiaba, U Ezenwaka, B Kreling, …

World Health Organization. Regional Office for Africa

38.Village health worker motivation for better performance in a maternal and child health programme in Nigeria: A realist evaluation

C Mbachu, E Etiaba, B Ebenso, U Ogu, O Onwujekwe, B Uzochukwu, …

Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 13558196211055323

39.Corruption during final external examinations in private secondary schools in Nigeria: Qualitative insights into operations and solutions to ‘Miracle Examination Centres’

P Agwu, CT Orjiakor, A Odii, C Onalu, C Nzeadibe, P Roy, O Onwujekwe, …

40.Effects of corruption and unaccountability on responses of frontline health workers to COVID-19 in Nigeria: Lessons and considerations for the social work profession

P Agwu, CT Orjiakor, A Odii, O Onwujekwe

International Social Work, 00208728211073391

41.Strategic Health Purchasing in Nigeria: Exploring the Evidence on Health System and Service Delivery Improvements

O Onwujekwe, CO Mbachu, C Okeke, U Ezenwaka, D Ogbuabor, …

Health Systems & Reform 8 (2), 2111785

42.A review of Nigeria’s health systems response to COVID-19: lessons for strengthening the health systems for improved service delivery

CC Okeke, CA Onyedinma, BC Uzochukwu, O Onwujekwe

The Sixth AfHEA Scientific Conference

43.Strategic health purchasing progress in sub-Saharan Africa and adjustments needed for health financing systems to become more resilient to pandemics

A Gatome-Munyua, O Onwujekwe, O Bodunrin, C Cashin

The Sixth AfHEA Scientific Conference

44.Prevalence and sociodemographic determinants of risky sexual behavior among unmarried adolescents in Southeast Nigeria.

I Eze, C Mbachu, M Ndubuisi, I Agu, N Ezumah, O Onwujekwe

International Journal of Medicine and Health Development 27 (2), 176-176

45.Quantum thermodynamic devices: from theoretical proposals to experimental reality

NM Myers, O Abah, S Deffner

AVS Quantum Science 4 (2), 027101

46.Critical quantum metrology with fully-connected models: from Heisenberg to Kibble–Zurek scaling

L Garbe, O Abah, S Felicetti, R Puebla

Quantum Science and Technology 7 (3), 035010

47.Harnessing nonadiabatic excitations promoted by a quantum critical point: Quantum battery and spin squeezing

O Abah, G De Chiara, M Paternostro, R Puebla

Physical Review Research 4 (2), L022017

48.Activity Report of the Second African Conference on Fundamental and Applied Physics, ACP2021

KA Assamagan, O Abah, A Abebe, S Avery, D Boye, A Boye-Faye, …

arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.01882

49.Unified trade-off optimization of quantum harmonic Otto engine and refrigerator

V Singh, S Singh, O Abah, ÖE Müstecaplıoğlu

Physical Review E 106 (2), 024137

50.Harnessing non-adiabatic excitations for quantum technological tasks

O Abah

APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts 2022 …

51.An Overview of the production and prospect of polyhydroxyalkanote (PHA)-based biofuels: Opportunities and limitations

AR Akinwumi, OC Nwinyi, AO Ayeni, EF Ahuekwe, MN Chukwu

Scientific African, e01233

52.Inactivation kinetics and thermodynamics assessments of Geobacillus stearothermophilus during thermal sterilization for products safety

AO Ayeni, IT Samuel, BT Adekeye, O Agboola, OC Nwinyi, O Oladokun, …

South African Journal of Chemical Engineering 42, 223-228

53.Hygiene Assessment of Paper Currency and Fomites Handled by Food Vendors in Covenant University

CN Obinna, QC Somachi, DKA Olushola

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 1054 (1), 012005

54.Use of Nicotiana Tabacum, Jatropha Curcas, and Ficus Exasperata for Treatment of Pus-Producing Bacteria

CN Obinna, EO Damilola, O Oziegbe

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 1054 (1), 012010

55.Bioethanol Production from Waste Paper: An Alternative Energy Source

ME Zimife, CN Obinna, FA Eze, ZG Dango

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 1054 (1), 012002

56.Impacts of pharmaceutical effluents on aquatic ecosystems

SD Kayode-Afolayan, EF Ahuekwe, OC Nwinyi

Scientific African, e01288

57.Assessing the Safety of Tiger Nut Drinks Produced from Cyperus esculentus L. Seeds Sold in Ota

MB Alade, EF Ahuekwe, AO Adeyemi, OC Nwinyi

Bioenergy and Biochemical Processing Technologies: Recent Advances and …

58.Assessing the Safety of Tiger Nut Drinks Produced from L. Seeds Sold in Ota

MB Alade, EF Ahuekwe, AO Adeyemi, OC Nwinyi

Bioenergy and Biochemical Processing Technologies, 163-174

59.Scientific African

AR Akinwumi, OC Nwinyi, AO Ayeni, EF Ahuekwe, MN Chukwu

60.Proximate Analyses of Watermelon and Pineapple Wastes as Substrates for Single-Cell Protein Production

AO Salami, OC Nwinyi, EF Ahuekwe, AO Adeyemi

Bioenergy and Biochemical Processing Technologies, 243-251

61.Antibacterial Activities of Pentaclethra Macrophylla and Syzygium Samarangense against Opportunistic Bacteria Pathogens

S OYEJIDE, O Nwinyi, M ONIHA, J Olugbuyiro, O Taiwo

International Journal of Advances in Life Science and Technology 6 (1), 24-30

62.Trends in Downstream Processing Approaches, Laccase Mediator Systems and Biotechnological Applications of Laccases

OD Akinyemi, EF Ahuekwe, O Oziegbe, OC Nwinyi

Bioenergy and Biochemical Processing Technologies, 175-190

63.Reduced frequency of cytotoxic CD56dim CD16+ NK cells leads to impaired antibody-dependent degranulation in EBV-positive classical Hodgkin lymphoma

E Pánisová, A Lünemann, S Bürgler, M Kotur, J Lazarovici, A Danu, …

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 71 (1), 13-24

64.Recycling Scrap Tire-Derived Fibers in Concrete

N Banthia, O Onuaguluchi

Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering 7 (1), 207-217

65.The Influence of CaCl2-Blended Acrylic Polymer on Steel Rebar Corrosion and Acid Attack Resistance of Mortar

O Onuaguluchi, N Banthia

Corrosion and Materials Degradation 3 (1), 160-177

66.Effect of sodium sulfate activation on the early-age matrix strength and steel fiber bond in high volume fly ash (HVFA) cement mortar

O Onuaguluchi, R Ratu, N Banthia

Construction and Building Materials 341, 127808

67.Sulfate resistance of cement composites containing Nano-Fibrillated Cellulose (NFC)

O Onuaguluchi, N Banthia

Cement and Concrete Composites, 104831

68.Cellulose fibril-enhanced repair mortars

G Minhas, K Gourlay, N Banthia, O Onuaguluchi

US Patent App. 17/617,491

69.The consequences of using a smooth cosmic distance in a lumpy universe: I

O Umeh

arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.08230

70.The art of building a smooth cosmic distance ladder in a perturbed universe

O Umeh

arXiv preprint arXiv:2201.11089

71.Emergence of smooth distance and apparent magnitude in a lumpy Universe


Classical and Quantum Gravity

72.Approaching healthcare delivery through a new lens: a crowdsourcing challenge to identify health-related social innovations to increase universal health coverage in Nigeria

OI Ekwunife, CU Onubogu, OB Aribodor, KC Anigbogu, UC Ogwaluonye, …

BMJ Innovations, bmjinnov-2021-000869

73.Description of global innovative methods in developing the WHO Community Engagement Package

YV Bayugo, M Labarda, JRB Cruz, JD Mier-Alpaño, PMP Tiangco, …

BMJ open 12 (6), e063144

  1. Impact of conditional economic incentives and motivational interviewing on health outcomes of adolescents living with HIV in Anambra State, Nigeria: A cluster-randomised trial

OI Ekwunife, MU Anetoh, SO Kalu, PU Ele, BE Egbewale, GU Eleje

Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications 30, 100997

75.Satisfaction of Nigerian Patients with Health Services: A Systematic Review

MO Akunne, TL Heise, CV Ukwe, MJ Okonta, C Anosike, OI Ekwunife

Nigerian Journal of Medicine 31 (3), 237-248

76.Interventions to increase mammography screening uptake among women living in low-income and middle-income countries: a protocol for a systematic review

IJ Nduka, IL Ejie, CE Okafor, GU Eleje, OI Ekwunife

BMJ open 12 (3), e056901

77.Awareness And Willingness-To-Pay For Rotavirus Vaccine In Anambra State, Nigeria

N Ajagu, M Ugoma, O Okafor, O Ekwunife, B Ogbonna, N Okpalanma, …

Journal of Current Biomedical Research 2 (1), 50-63

78.Home Delivery of Antiretrovirals for HIV Clients amidst Covid-19 and Insecurity Challenges: A Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

A Nnenna, O Ogochukwu, OO Daughter, AN Ifeoma, UI Blessing, …

Journal of Pediatrics, Perinatology and Child Health 6 (1), 70-82

79.Protocol: Interventions to increase mammography screening uptake among women living in low-income and middle-income countries: a protocol for a systematic review

IJ Nduka, IL Ejie, CE Okafor, GU Eleje, OI Ekwunife

BMJ Open 12 (3)

80.Why SARS-CoV-2 vaccination still matters in Africa

SD Taylor-Robinson, MY Morgan, CW Spearman, AAA Suliman, T Corrah, …

QJM: An International Journal of Medicine 115 (3), 191-192

81.Stimulating maximum staff performance in cross-functional and multiracial work environments: personal perspectives

OO Oleribe, GM Trovato

The Pan African Medical Journal 41

82.Migration of highly-skilled workers: personal perspectives

OO Oleribe, RA de la Fuente

The Pan African Medical Journal 41

83.Why Nigeria Must Care for, Eliminate and Eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

SO Etokwudo, OO Oleribe

International Journal of Public Health, Pharmacy and Pharmacology 7 (2), 29-33

84.Describing the Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Nigeria: An Analysis of the First Year of the Pandemic

O Oleribe, O Olawepo, O Ezechi, P Osita-Oleribe, M Fertleman, …

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 33 (1), 33-46

85.An experimental and field case study to evaluate the effects of shut-in on well performance

TS Asl, A Habibi, MR Yassin, OD Ezulike, H Dehghanpour

Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 208, 109318

86.Port-Opening Falloff Test: A Complementary Test to Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test

S Hossain, H Dehghanpour, O Ezulike, B Dotson, S Motealleh

SPE Journal, 1-21

87.The production of polyhydroxyalkanoates using volatile fatty acids derived from the acidogenic biohydrogen effluents: An overview

P Sekoai, O Ezeokoli, K Yoro, O Eterigho-Ikelegbe, O Habimana, …

Bioresource Technology Reports, 101111

  1. Diversity and predicted functional roles of cultivable bacteria in vermicompost: bioprospecting for potential inoculum

AR Raimi, AC Atanda, OT Ezeokoli, PJ Jooste, E Madoroba, RA Adeleke

Archives of Microbiology 204 (5), 1-13

89.Elucidating the Role of Biofilm-Forming Microbial Communities in Fermentative Biohydrogen Process: An Overview

PT Sekoai, V Chunilall, B Sithole, O Habimana, S Ndlovu, OT Ezeokoli, …

Microorganisms 10 (10), 1924

90.Analysis of bacterial communities of three cassava‐based traditionally fermented Nigerian foods (abacha, fufu and garri)

KS Dike, CP Okafor, BN Ohabughiro, MC Maduwuba, OT Ezeokoli, …

Letters in Applied Microbiology 74 (3), 452-461

91.The Chemistry and Health Outcomes of Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Leachate: Exposure to E-Waste Is Toxic to Atlantic Killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) Embryos

JK Igbo, LO Chukwu, EO Oyewo, JL Blum, A Schanzer, I Wirgin, …

Sustainability 14 (18), 11304



Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies & Management 15 (4)

93.Bacterial Indicators of Contamination in Highly Impacted Segment of Tropical Lagoon, Southwest Nigeria

AI Obiakara-Amaechi, DO Iyiola, IM Oyem, RO Moruf, LO Chukwu

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management 26 (4), 705-710

94.Modelling contamination on various stations along the Chanomi Creek (Niger Delta), produced by combined effects, using mathematical tools (SIMUS and WQI, methods)

AP Onyena, JA Nkwoji, LO Chukwu, N Munier

Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 1-11

95.Air Quality in Nigerian Urban Environments: A Comprehensive Assessment of Gaseous Pollutants and Particle Concentrations

CD Ezeonyejiaku, CO Okoye, NJ Ezeonyejiaku, MO Obiakor


96.Untreated Surgical Problems Among East African Refugees: A Cluster Randomized, Cross-Sectional Study

ZO Enumah, F Manyama, G Yenokyan, H Ngude, MY Rafiq, O Juma, …

World journal of surgery 46 (6), 1278-1287

97.Effects of hospital facilities on patient outcomes after cancer surgery: an international, prospective, observational study

SR Knight, CA Shaw, R Pius, TM Drake, L Norman, AO Ademuyiwa, …

The Lancet Global Health

98.Therapeutic citizens or therapeutic refugees? An examination of triage, refugeehood, and referral health care in Tanzania

ZO Enumah

Social Science & Medicine 298, 114837

99.Patterns of referral for refugees in western Tanzania: a retrospective review

O Abrahim, S Rapaport, H Ngude, M Abbas, PJ Winch, KA Stevens, …

The Pan African Medical Journal 41

100.Prevalence of pediatric surgical problems among east African refugees: estimates from a cross-sectional survey using random cluster sampling

ZO Enumah, MY Rafiq, D Rhee, F Manyama, H Ngude, K Stevens, …

BMC pediatrics 22 (1), 1-8

101.Reasons for referral and referral compliance among Congolese and Burundian refugees living in Tanzania: a community-based, cross-sectional survey

ZO Enumah, MY Rafiq, F Manyama, H Ngude, O Juma, JV Sakran, …

BMJ open 12 (10), e058778

102.Access to Health Services Among Forced Migrants in Tanzania: A Cluster Randomized Cross Sectional Study of 3560 Congolese and Burundian Refugees

ZO Enumah, MY Rafiq, O Juma, F Manyama, H Ngude, K Stevens, …

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 1-8

104.Reimagining Referral: Surgery, Triage, and Citizenship in a Tanzanian Refugee Camp

ZO Enumah

Johns Hopkins University

105.Contemporary Single-Center Experience with Axillary Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps

AK Velez, H Rando, M Acton, Z Enumah, A Kilic

The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 41 (4), S272-S273

106.Role of Humanitarian Cardiac Surgery Missions in Developing the Next Generation of Global Surgeons

P Patel, Z Enumah, P Boateng

Global Cardiac Surgery Capacity Development in Low and Middle Income …


OCD Anejionu, ES Ebinne, RI Ndukwu

Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development 5 (1), 6

108.The Rate of Asymptomatic Plasmodium Parasitemia and Placental Parasitization in Urban and Rural Areas of Cross River State, Nigeria

C Emechebe, AE Okpe, EM Eyong, CO Njoku

Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences 10 (B), 438-444

109.A Study on Gel/Space Ratio Development in Binary Mixture Containing Portland Cement and Meta-Illite Calcined Clay/Rice Husk Ash

DO Nduka, BJ Olawuyi, OO Joshua, IO Omuh

Gels 8 (2), 85

110.Assessment of the Durability Dynamics of High-Performance Concrete Blended with a Fibrous Rice Husk Ash

DO Nduka, BJ Olawuyi, OI Fagbenle, BG Fonteboa

Crystals 12 (1), 75

111.Mechanical and durability property dimensions of sustainable bamboo leaf ash in high-performance concrete

DO Nduka, BJ Olawuyi, AM Ajao, VC Okoye, OM Okigbo

Cleaner Engineering and Technology, 100583

112.Mechanical and microstructural properties of high-performance concrete made with rice husk ash internally cured with superabsorbent polymers

DO Nduka, BJ Olawuyi, EO Fagbenle, BG Fonteboa

Heliyon 8 (9), e10502

113.A scoping review examining the integration of exercise services in clinical oncology settings

EF Ezenwankwo, DA Nnate, GD Usoro, CP Onyeso, IB Anieto, …

BMC health services research 22 (1), 1-15

114.Kinesiophobia and associated factors among patients with chronic non-specific low back pain

JN John, EC Ugwu, OC Okezue, END Ekechukwu, UG Mgbeojedo, …

Disability and Rehabilitation, 1-9

115.Evaluation of trunk muscle activities in response to three breastfeeding positions utilised by women (vol 34, pg 1015, 2021)

CP Ojukwu, AO Ezeukwu, CF Anih, AJ Okemuo, UA Ezugwu, CN Ikele, …


116.Hydrogeochemical evolution, water quality indices, irrigation suitability and pollution index of groundwater (PIG) around eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria

OC Akakuru, CU Eze, OC Okeke, AI Opara, AO Usman, O Iheme, …

International Journal of Energy and Water Resources, 1-23

117.Electro-geohydraulic estimation of shallow aquifers of Owerri and environs, Southeastern Nigeria using multiple empirical resistivity equations

OO Urom, AI Opara, OS Usen, FB Akiang, HO Isreal, JO Ibezim, …

International Journal of Energy and Water Resources 6 (1), 15-36

118.Interpretation of hydrochemical data using various geochemical models: a case study of Enyigba mining district of Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, SE Nigeria

MO Eyankware, OC Akakuru, EO Eyankware

Sustainable Water Resources Management 8 (1), 1-18

119.Appraisal of groundwater to risk contamination near an abandoned limestone quarry pit in Nkalagu, Nigeria, using enrichment factor and statistical approaches

MO Eyankware, OC Akakuru

International Journal of Energy and Water Resources, 1-19

120.Hydrogeophysical delineation of aquifer vulnerability in parts of Nkalagu area of Abakaliki, se. Nigeria

MO Eyankware, OC Akakuru, OE Eyankware

Sustainable Water Resources Management 8 (1), 1-19

121.Paleoenvironments and hydrocarbon reservoir potentials from the selected sedimentary basins in Nigeria using sedimentary facies and textural analyses

GO Aigbadon, A Ocheli, OC Akakuru, EO Akudo, SD Christopher, …

Journal of Sedimentary Environments, 1-31

122.Hydrogeochemical approach in the assessment of coastal aquifer for domestic, industrial, and agricultural utilities in Port Harcourt urban, Southern Nigeria

MO Eyankware, OC Akakuru, ROE Ulakpa, EO Eyankware

International Journal of Energy and Water Resources, 1-19

123.Calibration of petrophysical evaluation results of clastic reservoirs using core data, in the offshore depobelt, Niger Delta, Nigeria

SO Onyekuru, JC Iwuagwu, A Ulasi, IS Ibeneme, C Ukaonu, EA Okoli, …

Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 8 (3), 3033-3046

124.Water quality index, hydrogeochemical facies and pollution index of groundwater around Middle Benue Trough, Nigeria

BM Agidi, OC Akakuru, GO Aigbadon, K Schoeneich, H Isreal, I Ofoh, …

International Journal of Energy and Water Resources, 1-20

125.Hydro-geophysical investigation of groundwater resources within Abakaliki, Lower Benue Trough Nigeria

AO Usman, KO Iheme, AI Chinwuko, G Azuoko, OC Akakuru

COOU Journal of Physical Sciences 5 (1), 473-491

126.Sedimentary facies and textural characteristics of Cretaceous sandstones of southern Bida Basin, Nigeria: Implication for reservoir potential and depositional environment

GO Aigbadon, SD Christopher, EO Akudo, OC Akakuru

Energy Geoscience

127.Hydrocarbon prospectivity of the southern Bida and northern Anambra basins, Nigeria using palynological and geochemical studies

GO Aigbadon, AN Odoma, IA Obasi, SD Christopher, CA Nanfa, …

Geosystems and Geoenvironment 1 (4), 100103

128.Assessment of the Quantity and Quality of Harvested Rainwater in Igah Communities of Kogi State, North West Nigeria

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