Department of Fine and Applied Arts


                                                       DEPARTMENT OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS

                                SECOND SEMESTER LECTURE TIME TABLE (2016/2017 SESSION)

FAA 102 Basic Drawing II 3 Wednessday 8-11 Drawing Studio Dr. C.V Okpara/Dr. C.C. Akabuike Mr. C.O. Emenako
FAA 104 2-Dimensional Design II 3 Tuesday 8-11 Basic Design Studio Dr (Mrs) R.E. Ubah/Dr. N. Agujiobi Odoh/Mr. K.N. udeaja Mrs. P.Ikwuemesi
FAA 106 3-Dimensional Design II 3 Thursday 3-6 Basic Design Studio Dr. E.C. Obodo/Mr. L. Kc. Ngwu/Dr. C.C. akabuike Mr.C.O. Ibe
FAA 122 Basic Photography 2 Monday 9-11 Photography Studio Mr. E.C. Egwibe/Mr. T. Morgan/Dr.G. Agbo Mr. Anorue
  Seminar Thursday 9-12 Sculpture Studio Staff  
FAA 202 Figure Drawing 2 Monday 9-12 Drawing Studio Dr. C.N. Onuora/Dr. (Mrs) N.S. Odoh Mr. C.O. Emenako
FAA 212 Orientation To Art Education 2 Tuesday 9-11   Mrs. A.N. Diogu/Dr. N.F. Alu  
FAA 222 Visual Communication Design I 2 Thursday 3-5 Graphics Studio Dr. G.O. Uka/Mr. T. Morgan/Mr.C.O. Uzoagba Mrs. C. Onuora
FAA 262 Textile Design I 2 Tuesday 3-5 Textile Studio Dr. S.O. Asogwa/Uchay, C.P.  
FAA 272 Ceramic: Throwing and Modeling I 2 Friday 9-11 Ceramics Studio Prof. V.E. Ali/mrs.N.p. Ezema Mr. C.O. Ibe/Mrs. G. Asogwa
FAA 282 Hist: survey of Western and Oriental Art 2 Wednesday 9-11   Dr. N. Agujiobi-Odoh/Dr.(mrs) R.E. Ubah/Miss M.N. Okafor  
  Seminar Thursday 9-11 Sculpture Studio Staff  
FAA 392 Project I         Staff  
FAA 394 SIWES         Dr. V.C. Okpara  
FAA 491 Project II 4       Staff  
FAA 402 Advance Drawing II 2 Tuesday 3-5 Drawing Studio Dr. C.N. Onuora/Dr. M.N. Okoro/Mr.U.M. Chime Mr. C.O. Emenako
FAA 404 Professional Practice in Fine/Applied Arts 2 Monday 9-11   Assoc. Prof. C.K. IKwuemesi/All Heads of Section  
FAA 484 African Architeture 2 Tuesday 8-10   Dr. M.N. Okoro/Dr.(Mrs) N.S. Odoh  
FAA 485 Modern African Art I 2 Friday 9-11   Dr. S.O.Asogwa/Dr. G.O. Odoh  
  Seminar Thursday 9-12 Sculpture Studio Staff  
FAA 422 Illustration, Editorial and Advertising Design 3 Wednesday 11-2 Graphic Design Studio Dr. G.O. Uka/Mr. N.C. Egwibe/Mr. T. Morgan/Mr. N.J. Asogwa Mrs C. Onuora
FAA 424 Product Design I 3 Thursday 3-6 Graphic Design Studio  Dr. G.O. Uka/Dr. G. Agbo Mr. C. Anorue
FAA 426 Colour and Design 2 Tuesday 3-5 Graphic Design Studio Mr. T. Morgan/Mr. N. Egwibe/ Mr. N. J. Asogwa Miss I. Okpala
  Seminar 2- Thursday 9-12   Staff  
FAA 430 Advance Painting and Colour Language 2 Monday 3-6 Painting Studio Dr. M. Okoro /Dr. C.V Okpara/Dr. (mrs) N. Odoh Mr. C. Emenako
FAA 432 Advance Life Painting 2 Wednesday 9-11 Painting Studio Mr. IK.T.Igwenahgu/Dr.(Mrs) N. Odoh/Mr. U.M Chime Mr. C.Emenako
FAA 434 Human Image and Metaphor 2 Tuesday 3-5 Painting Studio Assoc. Prof. C.K. Ikwuemesi/Mr.U.M Chime/Dr. G. Odoh Mr. C. Emenako
FAA 436 Mixed media painting 2 Thursday 3-5 Painting Studio Dr. G.O. Odoh/Mr. IK.T. Igwenagu Mr. C. Emenako
FAA 438 Painting Theory II 2 Friday 3-5 Painting Studio Dr. C.V. Okpara/Dr. M.N. Okoro  
  Seminar Thursday 9-12 Sculpture Studio Staff  
FAA 442 Sculpture: mixed media 3 Wednesday 9-12 Sculpture Studio Mr. U.C. Onyishi/Mr. L.Kc. Ngwu  
FAA 444 Adv. Exploration of ind. Sculpt. Ideas, Forms/materials 3 Thursday 3-6 Sculpture Studio Dr. E.C. Obodo/ Mr. E.A. Anikpe  
FAA 446 Living Sculpture 2 Monday   Sculpture Studio Dr. C.N. Onuora/ Dr. C.C. Akabuike  
FAA 454 Adv. Exploration of African Fashion Design, Ideas, Forms/materials 3 Thursday 3-6 Fashion des. Studio Dr. C. Nwigwe/Ms. Olive Iweka Miss U. Onwukwe/Mr. K. Omeje
FAA 458 Pattern Design and Studio Practice 3 Wednesday 9-12 Textiles Studio Dr.(Mrs) T.F. okpara/Mr K.N. Udeaja/Miss O. Ede Mrs. P. Ikwuemesi/Mr. K.Omeje
  Seminar 2 Thursday 9-12 Sculpture Studio Staff  
FAA 462 Adv. Explo. Of African Textiles, Ideas, Forms/ material 3 Thursday 12-3 Textiles studio Dr. R. Ubah/Mrs. B. Phil-Eze/Miss O. Ede Miss I. Okpala
FAA 464 Woven Structures and Fibre III 3 Wednesday 9-12 Textiles Studio Dr. (Mrs) R. Ubah/Mr. J.V. Itiav Mr. Uka  Ogboso/
  Seminar Thursday 9-12   Staff  
FAA 472 Architectural Ceramics 2 Thursday 3-5 Ceramics Studio Prof O.K. Oyeoku/Prof. V.E. Ali Mrs. G. Asogwa
FAA 474 Mixed Media Ceramics 2 Wednesday 9-12 Ceramics Studio Prof. V.E. Ali/Mrs. N.P. Ezema Mr. C.O. Ibe
FAA 475 Adv. Explo. Of Ind. Ceramics Ideas, Forms/ materials 3 Monday 3-6 Ceramics Studio Mrs. N.P. Ezema Mrs. G. Asogwa
FAA 482 Special Reading  in Art History 2 Thursday 9-11 Art History Studio Prof. O. Onuzulike/Dr. C. Nwigwe/ Miss M. Okafor  
FAA 483 Fine Art Criticism 2 Monday 3-5 Art History Studio Assoc. Prof. C.K. Ikwuemesi  
  Seminar Thursday 9-12 Sclpture Studio Staff