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Campus_life brings to you”Nsukka most beautiful girl beauty contest “coming to you…. #unncampus_life #unnonline #insideunn


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UNNCampus_life and office of the Director of socials( department of biological science) presents FOBSSA Award night & dinner night #insideunn #unncampus_life

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UNNcampus_life brings to u NAPSS Award night #insideunn #unnonline #unncampuslife

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Event Recap!2019 NAPSS Award Night


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UNN Campus Life brings to you the first ever Social Media contest, where you can get to win 10,000 Naira each on facebook, instagram or twitter.All you have to do is go to the platform you wish to contest for and check its’s term and condition for participation. @ecosbarbing is one of the proud sponsor.



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