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Instruction for the authors

Manuscript should be submitted in triplicate with a diskette to the Editor-in-Chief at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.

Papers should be original contributions in the fields of Biology and Biotechnology (including Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Agrobiology).

Manuscripts, should be type-written with double spacing throughout leaving a 5cm wide margin on only one side of A4 paper. Papers should not exceed 6 printed pages (about 12 manuscript pages) including figures and tables. Authors should indicate in the manuscripts where the desire figures and tables to be inserted. Papers are to be written in English or French languages only.

The tittle page. Should contain; full tittle of the article; full names and address of author(s) (including name of the institution, city and country); any footnotes referring to the tittle (indicated by asterisks); the page heading (running tittle) with no more than 55 letters, including spaces; and the address to which proofs should be sent.

Abstract: authors should provide a separate abstract of not more than 200 words.

Text: This should contain an Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and Discussion. Results and discussion may be combined in one section. Genus and species names should be in italics.

References: The list of the references should be alphabetical in order and should include the full title of the cited article. Examples are hereby indicated of the form in which references should be presented:

Axcell, B., Kruger, L. and Allen, G. (1998). Some investigative studies with yeast foods. In: Proceedings of the 20th Convention of The Institute of Brewing (Australia and New Zealand Section). Institute of brewing, Sydney, Australia, pp 201-209.

Casey, G. P. and Ingledew, W. M. (1985). Re-evaluation of alcohol synthesis in brewer’s yeast. MBAA Technical Quarterly 22; 133 -141.

Ononogbu, I. C. and Echeta, N. B C. (1987a). Haemoglobin glycosylation and erythrocyte-free fatty acid concentration in garri-fed rats. Nutr. Res. 7: 883-886.

Ononogbu, I. C. and Echeta, N. B C. (1987b). Haemoglobin glycosylation and erythrocyte-free fatty acid concentration in ogi-fed rats. Nutr. Res. 7: 887-889.

References should be given in the text by author and year ( e.g Axcell et al.,1988; Casey and Ingledew, 1985; Ononogbu and Echeta, 1987a; 1987b).

Illustrations: Must be restricted to the minimum needed to clarify the text. Previously published illustrations or illustrations in colours are usually not accepted. Explanations of figures furnished as legends to figures should not be repeated in the text. Numerical data given in graphs or tables must not be duplicated. As a rule, requests for colour reproduction cannot be approved unless the author bears the cost. All figures wether photographs, graphs, or diagrams, must be mentioned in the text and the top of the figure, the tittle of the paper, the author’s name, and the figure number should be marked lightly on the back in soft pencil. All figures are to be numbered consecutively throughout and submitted separately. Whenever possible several figures should be grouped into plate on one page. Inscriptions on figures should be clearly legible. Letters 2mm high are recommended. The publishers reserve the right to reduce or enlarge line drawings.

Half tone illustrations: Please submit sharp, well contrasted photographic prints trimmed at right angles and in the desired final size. Inscriptions should be about 3mm high. If reduction is absolutely necessary, please state the alternative scale desired. The publishers reserve the right to reduce or enlarge line illustrations. Short and concise, but self-sufficient legends are required. These should be appended to the text.

Rapid communications: Short reports of new results of special interest will be published out of order as rapid publications. Authors are expected to append a note explaining why the text merits publication in this form. A rapid communication should be normally not exceed 2-3 printed pages, including one table and if necessary, one figure. After acceptance, authors are expected to produce their texts in the forms they are to be published. Rapid publications will appear in print one or two months after receipt of the final version. Editors reserve the right to decide what constitutes a rapid communication.

Bio-Research also accepts mini-reviews for publication. These must however not exceed 5 printed pages in length. Authors are asked to contact one of the International Editors before the submission of a Mini-review.

Offprints: Twenty-five offprints of each paper are supplied free of charge. Additional offprints can be purchased in lots of 100, provided that the order for them is received with the corrected proof.

Handling / page charges: On acceptance of any manuscript, authors are required to pay a page charge of five thousand Naira (N5000. 00) only. Contributors outside Nigeria are requested to pay $50 (US dollars) to the Editor- in- chief in certified bank draft.


VOLUME 1, No. 2, July/December, 2003


[1]. M. Ezeonu, A. N. Moneke and S.K.C. Obi: Preliminary studies on the end-xlanase and acetyl esterase of Clostridium thermohydrosulfuricun (JW 102)                                                   1 – 9

[2]. W.A., Muse: Effect of Sex, Age, Starvation and Feeding, Isolation Crowding and Oviposition on Longevity of Zonocerus variegatus (Orthoptera: Pyrgomoiphidae)             11 – 20

[3]. M.N. Anokwulu: Purification and Some Properties of Rubber Seed Lipoxygenase     21 – 31

[4]. H.M.G. Ezenwaji and F.N. Offiah: The Biology of Pellonula leonnensis Boulenger, 1916 (Osteichthyes: Clupeidae) in Anambra River, Nigeria                                               33 – 50

[5]. I.N.E. Onwurah: An Integrated Environmental Biotechnology for Enhanced Bioremediation of Crude Oil Contaminated Agricultural Land                                                        51 – 60

[6]. B.O. Mgbenka, N.S., oluah and I. Umeike: Haematology and Erthropoietic Response in the Catfish, Clarias albopunctatus (lamonte and Nichole 1927), Exposed to Sublethal Concentrations of Gammalin 20 (Lindane)                                                                        61 – 68

[7]. M.U. Adikwu and K.C. Ofokansi: Application of Conformational Space Search in Drug Action                                                                                                                                69 – 76

[8]. J.E. Eyo: Acceptability, Growth Performance and Cost Analysis of Enriched with Lipids from from Varied Plants and Animal Sources Fed to Fingerlings of Clarias gariepinus (Teleostel, Claridae) Burchell, 1822                                                                          87 – 99

[9]. P.O. Osadebe and C.O. Esimone: Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Multi-source Piroxicam Capsules Available in Nigeria                                                           101 – 110

[10]. N.S. Oluah and O.V. Nwosu: The Effect of Brewery Wastewater on the Total and Differential White Blood Cell count of the Catfish Clarias albopunctatus (Lamonte and Nicole) 111-118


VOLUME 2, No. 1, January/June, 2004


Okolo, B.N., Moneke, A.N., Anyanwu, C.U., Ezeogu, L.I. and Aligwekwe, G.N: On the pH and Osmotic Stress Tolerance of High ethanol Tolerant Palm Wine Saccharomyces Yeast isolate                                                                                                                                      1 – 7

Mgbenka, B.O. and Ufele, A.N: Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Vitamin E and selenium on Blood parameters of Trypanosome-Infected Rats (Ratus ratus)                               8 – 17

Osadebe, P.O. and Ukwueze, S.E: A Comparative Study of the Phytochemical and Anti-Microbial Properties of the Eastern Nigeria Species of African Mistletoes (Loranthus micranthus Sourced from different host trees                                                                        18 – 23

Ijeh, I.I; Unaegbu, S.O. and Anaga, A.O: Studies on some Nutritional and Toxicological Properties of (Mucuna sloane)                                                                         24 – 28

Okafor, F.C. and Obiezue, R.N: Malacological Survey of the Freshwater systems of Anambra River Basin Area Anambra state, Nigeria                                                                       29 -38

Nweze, E.I., Okafor, J.I. and Njoku, O: Antimicrobial Activities of Methanolic Extracts of Trema guineensis (Schumm and Thorn) and Morinda lucida Benth used in Nigeria Herbal Medicinal Practice                                                                                                           39 – 46

Inyang, N.M. and Ezenwaji, H.M.G: Size, Length-Weight relationships, Reproduction and tropic Biologyof Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus and Chrysichthys auratus (Siluriformes: Bagridae) in a Natural West African Lake                                                                47 – 58

Mensah, S.I. and Agbgwa, I.O: Breaking Dormancy in Gmelina arborea Roxb. Through Temperature of Seeds with Chemical Substances and Alternating Temperature   75 – 66

Idowu, R.T., Inyang, N.M. and Mgbenka, B.O: Diptera Community in the Littoral Zone of a Northeast Arid Zone lake (Lake Alau), Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria                  67 – 74

Attama, A.A: Adikwu, M.U. and Okpi, O: Bioavailability of Metronidazole from in situ Gelling and Mucoadhesive suppositories Formulated with Carbopol ETD 2020              75 – 81

Ezenwaji, H.M.G: Studies on the Atalla Fishery of the lower Anambra River, Nigeria      82 – 90

Ihedioha, J.I., Obi, C.C. Omoja, V.U. Ihedioha, T.E. and Onwumere, O.S: Field Trial of a New Test Kit for Monitoring Urinary Cyanide Load and Diagnosis of Cyanide Poisoning 91-96

Ofoefule, S.I., Osuji, A.C. and okorie, O: effects of physical and Chemical Modifications on the Disintergrant and Dissolution Propertiesof Tacca involucrate Starch              97 – 102

Nwoke, B.E.B., Dozie, I.N.S., Nwoke, E.A. and Anosike, J.C.: Human Schistosomiasis and Nigerian Environment and Climatic Change                                                         103 – 114

Lukong, C.B. and Onwubiko, H.A: Calcium, Copper Protein and Oxygen Affinity in Haemocyananins of Aestivating and nonaestivating Snails (Achatina achatina)   115 – 123

Odoemelam, S.A., Anunuso, C.I. and Ejike, E.N: Fluorescence Studies of Binding of Dansylglycine and Dicoumarol to Bovine Serum Albumin                                           124 – 131




VOLUME 2, No. 2, July/December, 2004


[1]. N.M Inyang and C.D. Nwani: Food and Feeding Habits of Distichodus Species (Osteichthyes: Distichodntidae) in Anambra River Basin, Nigeria                               1 – 6

[2]. C.O.C. Agwu, R.C. Njokuocha and O. Mezue: The Study of Airborne Pollen and Spores Circulating at “Head Level” in Nsukka Environment                                              7 – 14

[3]. M.N. Anokwulu, O.U. Njoku and I.C. Ononogbu: The Role of Rubber Seed Lipoxygenase in the Quality Restoration of Stored Lesser Yam                                                     15 – 18

[4]. O.O. Ikeze and C.I. Ebenebe: Productive Performance of the Grasscutter (Rodentis: Thryonomyidae) Reared Under different Housing Systems                                          19 – 26

[5]. M.O. Obasi. Evaluation of Growth and Development in Mango Fruits Cvs. Julie and Peter to determine maturity                                                                                                           22 – 26

[6]. J.E. Eyo. The Effects of Substituting Soyabean Meal for Breadfruit Meal on DietnAcceptability, Growth Response and Cost of Diets Fed to Heterobranchus bidorsalis (%) X Claris gariepinus and Hybrid                                                                                  27 – 33

[7]. O.U. Njoku, I.F. Ijeh, A.E., Njinak, E.O: Alumunah and L.U.S. Ezeanyika: The Effect of some Respiratory Inhibitors on the Lipase Activity of Germinating Peanuts (Arachis hypogea) 34 – 36

[8]. O.O. Ikpeze: Dermatophilus Infection in Nigeri: A Mini Review                                  37 – 41

[9]. I.N.S. Dozie and C.O.E. Onwuliri: Onchocerciasis in Imo State, Nigeria, 7: Prevalence of some Non-Classical Signs and Symptoms                                                              42 – 45

[10]. N. Ivoke: An Epidemio-Dermatological Assessment of Onchosercal Skin Diseases in Awhum, Enugu State, Nigeria                                                                                    46 – 53

[11]. C.B. Lukong and H.A. Onwubiko: A Role of Ca2+ in the Thermal and Urea Denaturation of Haemocyanin from Aestivating Giant African Snails Achatina achatina                 54 – 62


VOLUME 3, No. 1, January/June 2005


[1]. Population Performance of F3 Progenies Obtained from Interspecific Crosses between the Wild and Cultivated Tomatoes. – M.I. Uguru and Aduba                                                               1 – 8

[2]. In Vitro and In Vivo Production of pectic Enzyme, Polygalacturonase, By Seed-Borne pathogen, Fusarium moniliforme Sheldon from seeds of Rice (Oryzar Sativa) and Its Role in the Disease of Rice. – O.F.A. Ibiam and A.E. Arinze                                                                9 – 13

[3]. Pests and Diseases of African Yam Bean, Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hoechst. Ex. A. Rich) Harms. – G.I. Ameh and C.E.A. Okezie                                                                            14 – 20

[4]. Preliminary Studies on the Efficacy of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) Extracts in Experimental Trypanosoma brucei brucei Infection of Mice – N. Ivoke                                                    21 – 25

[5]. Culture conditions for Endo-β-Glucose Production by Paecilomyces Spieces. – J.C. Okolo and S.K.C. Obi                                                                                                             26 – 30

[6]. Pharmacodynamic Drug Interaction Study Effect of Steraline on the Hypoglycemic Action of Glibenclamide in Rats. – J.M. Okonta                                                                          31 – 34

[7]. Production and Analysis of Lipton Camellia sinensis Wine. – C.O. Ibeegbulem, L.A. Nwaogu and O.R. Onuachu                                                                                                        35 – 38


[8]. Effect of Calliphora erthrocephala meigen Puparial size on the sex ratio of melittobia acasta Walker (hymenoptera: Eulophide) – N.G. Imandeh                                                              39 – 44

[9]. Comparative Morphophysiological and Yield Characteristics of Musa Genomes in Nigeria. –K.P. Baiyeri, B.N. Mbah, J.S.C. Mbagwu and Tenkouano                                         45 – 55

[10]. Production of Escherichia coli Heat-Labile Enterotoxin (LT) in Some Artificial Media and Commercially Available Baby Foods. – S.C. Ike, I.M. Ezeonu and N. Mgbor                 56 – 61

[11]. Validation of Haematuria as a Rapid Diagnostic Tool for Urinary Schistosomiasis. – C.G. Okoli and M.O.E. Iwuala                                                                                                            62 – 65

[12]. Lipase Activity in Some Cucubitaceae Species. – S.O. Eze. F.C. Chilaka and E.O. Alumanah                                                                                                                              66 – 71

[13]. Toxicity of Chromium, Copper and Zinc to Freshwater Clam (Galatea paradoxa [Born, 1778] [Bivalvia, Donacidae]). – L.L.C. Ugwu, B.O. Mgbenka and N.B. Ekanem  72 – 76

[14]. Airborne pollen and Spore Survey in Relation to Allergy and pathogens in Nsukka, Nigeria. R.C. Njokuocha and E.E. Osayi                                                                                               77 – 84

[15]. Some Physical Properties of Tabletted Bridelia ferruginea Leaf Extract. – G.C. Onunkwo 85 – 88

[16]. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Diazinon against Amblyomma variegatum (Acarina: lxodidae). – O.O. Ikpeze                                                                                                 89 – 92

[17]. Helminths Parasitic Diseases Status of School Children within the Anambra River basin Irrigation Project Area. – G.C. Onyisi and Okafor                                                                93 – 98

[18]. Antifungal Activities of pair Combinations of Extracts from Morinda lucida Benth by Decimal Additive Assay. – E.I. Nweze, J.P. Okafor and O.U. Njoku                      99 – 103


VOLUME 3, No. 2, July/December, 2005


[1]. Some Physiological and Toxicological Properties of Snail Mucin Extracted from Archachatina marginata – M.U. Adikwu and P.O. Nnamani                                                                  1 – 6

[2]. Combined Activites of Colloidal Silver Concentrated and Cephalexin on Staphylococcus aureus using the Agar Diffusion Technique – A. A. Agboke, E.I. Eze and m.U. Adikwu 7 – 10

[3]. Distribution of Blood Group Antigens and Isoagglutinins among Women of Varying Parity Levels in Owerri, Nigeria: Implications for Maternal and Child Health – C.I., Akobundu, L.E. Aririatu and C.U. Iroegbu                                                                                                         11 – 16

[4]. Isolation and Characterization of Lipoxygenase from Fusarium oxysporumM.N., Anokwulu, C.U. Anyanwu and O.R. Offohndu                                                               17 – 20

[5]. Toxicity Evaluation of the Cyanogens of a Nigeria Local Legume (Vigna species) in Rabbits – P.N., Okafor and D.O. Ezeigwe                                                                                          21 – 24

[6]. Evaluation of Some Plant Materials for Anit-Microbial and Sprout Inhibition in Stored Tubers of Irish Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum. L.) – L., Onyishi                                                          25 – 29

[7]. Investigation of the Intracellular Survival of Bacteria in Free-Living Amoebae – E.A., Eze and U., Majuh                                                                                                               30 – 32

[8]. Field Behaviour, Habitat and Food Preference of the Grasscutter (Rodentia: Thryonomyidae) in the Akpaka Forest Reserve, Onitsha, Nigeria – Anizoba, M.A. and Ebenebe, C.I.       33 – 36

[9]. Bioassays and Susceptibility of Adult Ticks (Acarina: lxodidae) to Diazinon Dimpylate – Ikpeze, O.O. and Mbanugo, J.I.                                                                                                37 – 39

[10]. Effects of Hexane Extract and Phytochemical Content of Xylopia aethiopica and Ocimum gratissimum on the Uterus of Guinea Pig – D.E. Okwu and O.D., Omodamiro                        40 – 44

[11]. Effect of Sublethal of Chromium on Haematology of the Catfish Clarias albopunctatus (Nichols Lamonte, 1953) – N.S. Oluah., J.C., Ezigbo and H.A. Odibe                         45 – 48

[12]. Blood sugar Lowering Effect of Gum Extract of Mucuna sloanai Fawc. And Rendle (Fam: Papilioaceae) Seed – Odoh, U.E., Ezugwu, C.O. and Ajali, U.                                                 49 – 51

[13]. In Vitro Study of the Interaction between Amoxillin and Norfloxacin with Lansorpreazole – Attama, A. A., Nnamani, P. O. and Nwafor, C.N.                                                              52 – 55

[14]. Investigation on Monodora tenuifolia Seed (Annonaceae) – O. U., Njoku, U.C., Ibe, U.C., Iwualla, O.B., Abor, V.A., Onwuliri and P.A., Akah                                                        56 – 58

[15]. Human Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency and Haemoglobin Genotypes in Owerri – Alisi, C.S., Nwogu, L.A. and Alisi, P.N.C.                                                         59 – 62

[16]. Macronutrient and Trace Element Content of Calyx and Bud of Bombax buonopozense (P. Beav) – Akueshi, E.U., Sabo, A. E. and Ogugbuaja, V.O.                                                      63 – 65

[16]. Indigenous Knowledge and Utilization of Gongronema latifolia Benth: Acase Study of Women in University of Nigeria, Nsukka – Agbo, C.U., Baiyeri, K.P. and Obi, I.U.       66 – 69

[17]. Variation in Flowering Habit of Solanum species (garden Egg Plant) – N.E., Abu and Ukwunnah                                                                                                                         70 – 72

[18]. Chemical Compositions of Five Indigenous Species – N.E., Abu and H.I., Okwuosa 73 – 74

[19]. Evaluation of Snail Mucin as Bioadhesive Agent for the Delivery of Chlorpropamide – M.U., Adikwu, P.O., Namani and A. A., Attama                                                                          75 – 85

[20]. Yield and Cost Benefits in the use of NPK Fertilizer and Organic Manure or a Combination of the Two for Rainy Season Field Tomatoes in Lowland Humid Tropics – O. Okafor and J.E., Asiegbu                                                                                                                                    86 – 92

[21]. A Preliminary Cytology of Root Tips and Callus Cells of Pinus caribaea Mor. Var. Hondurensis Barr. And Golf. Grown in the Tropics – F.I. Akaneme., E.E., Obong and O.C., Nwankiti                                                                                                                        93 – 100

[22]. Effects of Petroleum Spills on the Germination and Growth of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) – A.O., Nwadinigwe and N.S., Uzodimma                                                          101 – 105

[23]. Effect of time of drying of Robusta (Coffea canephora) coffee cherries after harvest on ochratoxin a Production – Kouadio, A.I., Agbo, G., Lebrihi, A, Mathieu, F., Pfohl-leszkowiz, A., Dosso, M.m Nemlin, G.J.                                                                                           106 – 110


VOLUME 4, No. 1, January/June, 2006


Ezagu, I.E., Petzke, K.J., Akinsoyinu, A.O. and Ogbunude, P.O.J. – Amino Acid Scores and Ratios as Quality Index for Some Non-Conventional Tropical Seed Proteins      1 – 6

E.A., Udokpoh, C.C., Muogbo, A.A., Agboke, I., Iroha and M.U., Adikwu – Preliminary Investigation into the Anti-Microbial properties of methanolic and Aqueous Extracts of the Leaves of Euphorbaia hirta Linn (Family: Euphorbiaceae)                                                7 – 9

Onwuka, G.I. and Opera, H.O. – Evaluation of the Effect of Chemical Treatment and Soaking on the Cooking Time of African Yam Bean Seed (Sphenostylis stencarpa)                10 – 13

Ogah, E.O., Echezona, B.C. and Mbah, M.C. – Stem Borer Damage and Rice Yield as Influenced by Transplanting date and N-Fertilization                                              14 – 17

Nwamarah, J.U. and Uwaegbute, A.C. – Chemical and Organoleptic evaluation of Soyabean-Yam Recipes as possible Snacks and Foodfor Children                                               18 – 22

Onyeonagu, C.C. and Okereke, O.U. – Influence of Seedbed Preparation on the Growth and Devolopment of Medium Maturing Varieties of soyabean (Glycine max [L] Merril) 23 – 22

Nwaogu, L.A., Ujowundu, C.O. and Mgbemena, A.I. – Studies on the Nutritional and Phytochemical Composition of Amaranthus hyridus Leaves                                     28 – 31

Obasi, M.O. and Ogbaji, M.I.In-Vitro Availability of Iron and proximate Composition of Some Under-Exploited Green Leafy Vegetables of Southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria 32 – 35

Osadebe, P.O., Uzochukwu, I.C, and Okore, V.C. – Assessment of the Quality and In-Vitro Bioavailability of Multisourced Chlorpropamide Tablets Marketed in Nigeria  36 – 39

Rotimi, M.O., Speijer, P., Waele, D.D. and Swennen, R. – Comparative Growth and Yield Responses of a False Horn and a French plantain (Musa spp., AAB-Group) to Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Southeastern Nigeria                                                                        40 – 47

Ogbonna, P.E. and Obi, I.U. – Expressions of Hybrid Vigour in Some Yield Attributes of Egusi Melon (Colocynthis citrullus L)                                                                                  40 – 50

Otitoju, O. and Onwurah, I.N.E. – Effects of Rambo Insect Power on Gluthione S-Transferase (GST) and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Activity in Rats                                              51 – 58

Okore, V.C., Ani, C.C. and Ofokansi, K.C. – Effect of Garcinia kola Seed Extract on the in-vitro Anti-bacteria Action of Some penicillin Analogues                                     59 – 62

Ibegbulem, C.O., Ayalogu, E.O. and Onyeike, E.N. – Effect of Consuming fish Cought from Crude Oil-Contaminated Freshwater on the Relative Organ Weights and Carcass Lipid Levels of Rats                                                                                                                      63 – 66

S.C. Eze, J.E., Asiegbu, B.N., Mbah, G.C., Orkwor and R., Asiedu – Effects of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts and the Concentrations of four Agrobacterials and Giberellic Acid (GA) on the Shelf Life of the White Guinea Yam Dioscorea rotundata                              67 – 73

Ibiam, O.F.A. and Arinze, A.E., – Comparative Studies on In-Vitro Production of Cellulase by Storage Molds of Rice (Oryzae sativa L.) Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus       74– 77


VOLUME 4, No. 2, July/December, 2006


Chiejina, N.V. and Utobo, E.B. – Fungi in Soil Cultivated with Rice (Oryzea sativa Linn) in Rotation with Tuber Crops                                                                                       78 – 84

Adikwu, M.U., Agboke, A.A., Iroha, I. and Esiobu, I. – In Vitro Evaluation of the Interactions between chloramphenicol and Lamivudine against Escherichia coli and Nystatin and Lamivudine against Candida albicans                                                                       85 – 87

Njokuocha, R.C. and Ukeje, H.O. – The Study of Airborne Pollen Precipitation in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Botanic Garden                                                                                88 – 93

Rotimi, M.O., Speijer, P.R., Waele, D.D. and Swennen, R. – Effect of Organic Mulch on Damage to the Roots and Corms of plantain Suckers by Plant Parasitic Nematodes           94 – 98

OnunKwo, G.C. and Ueala, O.K. – Mechanism of Drug Release from Theophylline Monohydrate Sustained Release Tablet Matrices Formulated with Okro Gum     99 – 104

Abu, N.E. and Uguru, M.I. – Genetic Variability and Correlation Studies in Germplasm Collection of Aromatic Peppes (Capsicum annum L.) of Nigeria                           105 – 108

Mawak, J.D., Onubogu, T.M., Chukwu, O.O.C., Ngulukun, S.S. and Muhammad, M.J. – The Occurrence of Listeria monocytogenes in Faeces of Domesticated Poultry         109 – 112

Okoye, C.O.B. and Verla, A.W. – Chemical Composition and Nutritional Values of Two Local Condiments: Monodora myristica and Monodora tenuifolia Seeds –                 113 – 115

Nwamarah, J.U. – The Relationship between the Clinic-Based Nutritional Instruction Given to the Nursing Mothers and Their Degree of Acceptance of the Information                  116 – 120

Okoye, C.O.B. and Ekechukwu, C.D. – Determination of Sugar Content in Some Nigeria Fruits 121 – 22

Obasi, M.O. and Usman, H.I. – Preservation of Morphine in Opium by Spraying Preservative Chemicals on Capulses and Latex of opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum L) cv. Dhawla Chotta                                                                                                                     123 – 126

Nwanjo, H.U and Oze, G.O. – Anti-Atherogenicity Following Administration of Exudate from Aloe barbadensis Leaves in Diabetic Rats                                                                 127 – 129

Uzoegwu, P.N. – The Possible Role of Diet in Mitigating Oxidative Stress Induction during plasmodial Infection                                                                                                       130 – 135

Ibezim, E.C. and Andrade, C.T. – Properties of Maize (Amidex) Starch Crosslinked by Pregelatinisation with Sodium Trimetaphosphate: II. Flow Behaviours and Goniometry 136 – 142

Eze, A.A., Anosike, E.O. and Ibeh, G.O. – Isolation and Some Properties of Polphenoloxidase from Egyplant (Solanum melongena Linn. Var. melongenta) Fruit                      143 – 147

Nwogu, E.C. Family Size Preferences among Women in Anambra State of Nigeria       148 – 154

Ugonabo, M.C., Okafor, E.N., Ezeoke, A.C.J. and Aduba, O. – Plasma Protein of Sickle Cell Anaemia Patients in Enugu                                                                                         155 – 157


VOLUME 5, No. 1, January/June, 2007


Ajuziogu, G.C. and Uju, G.C. – Quantity Wood Anatomical Characteristics in Static bending Strength of Some Commercial Timbers of Nigeria                                                     158 – 164

Awah, F.M. and Uzoegwu, P.N. – A Possible Protective Role of Sickle Haemoglobin against Severe Malaria in Bamenda Cameroon                                                          165 – 171

Ebenebe, C.I., Anizoba, M.A. and Ikpeze, O.O. – Determination of Gestation Length as a Prelude to Sychronization of Estrus in the Female Grasscutter (Rodentia: Thrynomyidae) for the Massive Production of Grasscutter-meat in Nigeria                                 172 – 174

Agbo, C.U. and Obi. I.U. – Studies on Seed germination of Gongronema latifolia Benth 175 – 178

Elom, S.O. and Obidoa, O. – Dietary Intervention with Garlic/Onion in the Treatment and Management of Prostate Disorders in a Nigeria Population                                      179 – 183

Nnamani, C.V. and Agwu, C.O. – Pollen Analysis of Honey Samples from 13 Local Government Areas of Ebonyi State, Nigeria                                                                     184 – 188

Dibua, U.E., Esimone, C.O. and Ndianefo, P.C. – Microbiology and Phytochemical Characterization of Sachet Water Samples Marketed in Nsukka Campus of University of Nigeria                                                                                                                            189 – 193

Onyishi, I.E. and Agwu, C.O.C. – Studies of the Effects of Pith Depths and Washing Treatments on the Storability of Irish Potato Tubers (Solanum tuberosum) at Nsukka          194 – 196

Obonga, W.O., Osadebe, O.P., Esimone, C.O., Ofoefule, S.I. and Onunkwo, G.C. – Pharmacokinetics of Capulse Formulation of Crude Cannabis Resin in Rats       197 – 200

Okoh, F.A., Eyo, J.E. and Ezenwaji, H.M. – Species Composition and Abundance of Cast Net Fishery of a Tropical Lotic Freshwater Ecosystem                                              200 – 206

Esimone, C.O., Ofondu, C.P. and Onuigbo, E.B. – The Wound Healing Effect of Ointment Formulation Containing Chromolaena odorata on Rats                                    207 – 209

Oti, E.E. and Nwani, C.D. – Comparative Studies on the Growth and Survival of African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) Juveniles Reared in Cages Suspended in concrete Tank and Earthen Pond in Umudike, Abia State                                             210 – 215

Nwachukwu, N. and Obi, C.E. – Comparative studies on the Effect of Open Air and Open Drying on the Antinutrient Content of Some leafy Vegetables of Eastern Nigeria         216 – 220

Okafor, E.N., Ugonabo, M.C. and Ezeoke, A.C.J. – Incidence of Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Southeast of Nigeria                                                221 – 223


VOLUME 5, No. 2, July/December, 2007


Determination of Chlorophyll Content in the Primary Leaves of African Yam Bean, Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hoechst.ex.A.Rich.) Harms – Ameh, G.I.                                   224 – 227

Studies on the Antibacterial Properties of the Leaf Extracts of Chromolaena odorata (L.) King and Robinson (Asteraceae) – Ugonabo, J.A.C., Nwodo, U.U., Ngene, A.A. Nwuche, C.O. and Wopara, R.K. –                                                                                                    228 – 230

A Comparative Study of Emasculation Technique in (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) and Abelmoschus caillei (A. Chev.) Sateveis in Relation to Heterostyly and Crop Season – Udengwu, O.S.                                                                                                       231 – 236

Effect of Roasted soybean (Glycine max) diet on the Histology of Selected Rat Tissues – Anosike, C.A., Ezeanyika, L.U.S. and Obidoa, O.                                                         237 – 240


Plasma Cholesterol of Sickle Cell Anaemia Patients in Enugu, Nigeria – Ugonabo, M.C., Onwuamaeze, I.C. Okafor, E.N. and Ezeoke, C.J.                                       241 – 243

Microbial Quality of Some Commercially Available Brands of Toothpaste Marketed in Eastern Nigeria – Momoh, M.A., Ogbonna, J.A., Unegbu, A.A. and Ibezim, E.C.       244 – 246

Prostatic Acid Phosphatase Discriminate between Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Elderly Men – Ejike, C.E. C.C. and Ezeanyika, L.U.S. 247 – 250

Hypoglycemic Effect of Crude Ethanol Extract of the Leaves of Diaphananathe bidens {[Afzel. Ex. Sw.] Schltr. 94} on Diabetic wistar rats – Nwachi, U.E. and Uzoegwu, P.N 251 – 253

Determination of Some Micronutrient and Antioxidant Components of Ipomoea digitataAjali, U.                                                                                                                           254 – 257

Comparative Studies of In-Vitro Storage Techniques of Oil Palm Pollen – Ugwuoke, C.E.C and Nzekwe, U.                                                                                                           258 – 260

Effect of Extracts of Diaphananthe bidens Leaves on Organ Pathogenesis and Histopathology of Diabetic Rats – Nwachi, U.E., Uzoegwu, P.N. and Shoyinka, S.V.O. –            261 – 264

Does Oxidative Stress Involve in the Diabetes Mellitus? A Case Study of Lipid Peroxidation, Antioxidants and Lipid Levels in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rabbits – Ogugua, V.N. and Alumanah, E.O.                                                                                                       265 – 268

External and Internal Morphology of Seed Germination and Seedling Establishment in the White Guinea Yam, Dioscorea rotundata Poir – Okezie, C.E.A., Okonkwo, K.N. and Nwoke, F.I. O.                                                                                                                               269 – 274

Physico-Chemical characteristics of Tropical Stream in Nigeria – Ibemenuga, K.N. and Inyang, N.M.                                                                                                                       275 – 281

Xantine-Chemical Beverages Fermentation Ajuncts of Baker’s Yeast – Ibegbulem, C.O., Kalu, I.G. and Kalu, N.N.                                                                                               282 – 284

Anti-Staphylococcal Activity of Jatropha Curcas Latex in the Presence of Some Surfactants or Human Serum: Implication for Treatment of Skin Infections – Okore, V.C., Umeh, I.C.J. and Nwakile, C.D.                                                                                               268 – 289


Volume 6, No. 1, January/June, 2008


Haematological Changes Following Administration of Alcohol and Caffeine in Albino Wistar Rats – Eyong, E.U., Ikegbulam, N.C. and Eteng, M.U.                                             290 – 292

Mutagenic Potentials of the Sterilizing Fluid – Puritil on Root Tip Mitosis of Allium cepaAkaneme, F.I. and Iyioke, I.V.                                                                        293 – 297

Acute Toxicity of Urea Fertilizer to Tilapia zilli Fingerlings – Ofojekwu, P.C., Nwani, C.D. and Ihere, R.E.                                                                                                            298 – 300

Studies on the Effects of Electrolytes and pH Control on the Lipophilicity of Fexofenadine Hydrochloride – Mbah, C.J.                                                                                    301 – 302

Effect of Seed Source and Water Intervals on Growth and Dry Matter Yield of Shea Butter Tree (Vitellaria paradoxa Gaertn F.) Seedlings – Ugese, F.D., Baiyeri, K.P. and Mbah, B.N. 303 – 307

Utra-violet spectroscopic studies of extracts of Loranthus micranthus Linn parasitic on Kola acuminate – Uzochukwu, I. C. and Osadebe, P.O.                                                     308 – 310

Review of the Statistical Techniques in Medical Sciences – Okeh, U.M. and Ugwu, A.C. 311 – 316

Slver Uptake and Reuse of Biomass by Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Chloella emersoniiEja, M.E., Arikpo, G.E., etim, S.E. and Enyi-Idoh, K.H.                                         317 – 319

Studies on the Nutritional and Phytochemical Properties of Persa americana Seed – Nwaogu, L.A., Alisi, C.S. and Ojiako, O.A.                                                                      230 – 322

Comparison of Serum Concentrations of Total Cholesterol and Total Lipid in Different Groups of Female Tuberculosis Patients – Nwaka, A.C. and Uzoegwu, P.N.                     323 – 327

Parasites and their Freshwater Fish Host – Iyayi, F.O. and Eyo, J.E.                            328 – 338

In Vitro Study of Release of Metronidazole Tablets Prepared from Okro Gum, Gelatin gum and their Admixture – Momoh, M.A., Adikwu, M.U., Ogbonna, J.I. and Nwachi, U.E. 339 – 342

Studies on the Etiology of a Leaf Spot Disease of Rough Lemon (Citrus jambhiri – B. Jamir; H. Jhambhiri) – Amadi, J.E.                                                                                    343 – 345

Inhibition of Gastric Erosion Formations in Rats by Adenosine, 5/ -Adenosine Monophosphate and 5/ – Adenosine Diphosphate – Anosike, C.A., Ezekwe, C.I. and Nwodo, O.F.C. 346 – 347

Adenosine and its Related Nucleotidesmay Modulate Gastric Acid Secretion by Inhibiting Calcium Permeability – Nwodo, O.F.C.Ezekwe, C.I., Iwueke, A.V. and NJOKU, U.O. 348 – 350


Volume 6, No. 2, January/June, 2008


Antibiotic Administration and its Possible Liver Damage – Ejike, C.E.C.C., Alumanah, E.O., Ezeanyika, L.U.S., Ngene, A.A.and Ojefua, E.O.                                                     352 – 354

Studies on the Effects of Media on Growth and Nutritional Compositional of Pleurotus Tuber-regium (Fries) Singer Mushroom – Onyeke, C.C., Onyishi, L.E., Okere, O.S. and Nwachukwu, E.O.                                                                                             355 – 358

Arthropod-Associated Skin Diseases among Occupants of Five Designated Junior Staffs’ Quarters in Owerri and Enugu, Nigeria – Ikpeze, O.O., Iwueke, C., Onyido, A.E. and Okwuosa, C.O.                                                                                                                      359 – 363

Effects of Catarantthus rosesu on Electrolyte Derangement Induced by Chlorpropamide (Diabinese) R on Normoglycemic Albino Wistar Rat – Eteng, M.U., Ibekwe, H.A., Essien, A.D. and Onyeama, H.P.                                                                         361 – 366

Evaluation of the Effects of Okigwe Cattle Market Wastes on the Surrounding Agricultural Soil Parameters – Nwaugo, V.O., Etok, C.A., Obekezie, S.O. and Chinyere, G.C.  367 – 370

Variations in the Physico-Chemical Parameters of a natural, Tropical, Rainforest lake – Eyo, J.E., Odoh, G.E. and Achif, A.                                                                                        371 – 374

Bacterial Utilization of Petroleum in Liquid and Simulated Soil Environments – Eze, C.N. and Ezeogu, L.I.                                                                                                             375 – 379

Stability of Serum/plasma glucose for the Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus – Nwosu, O.K. and Nwani, C.D.                                                                                                               380 – 383

Comparative Hypolipidaemic Effects of Allium cepa, Allium sativum and zingiber officinale Aqueous Extracts on Alloxan – Induced Diabetic Rattus Novergicus – Ozougwu, J.C., Nwachi, U.E. and Eyo, J.E.                                                                                  384 – 391

Mycoflora of Some Saled Vegetables – Chiejina, N.V.                                                   392 – 395



Volume 7, No. 1, July/December, 2009


In Vitro Studies on the prebiotic effects of Vernonia amygdalina Leaf Extracts – Ezeonu, I.M. and Ukwah, B.N.                                                                                                       396 – 401

Intestinal Helminth Infection among Primary School Children i-n Ntezi Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria – Ani, O.C. and Akamnonu, N.J.                                                                   402 – 405

Effects of Antioxidants on Drug-Induced Glutathione instability and lipid peroxidation in Erythrocytes of Sickle Cell Patients – Aloh, G.S. and Ozougwu, V.E.O            406 – 409

Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic and Antipyretic Activities of the Ethanol Extract of the Seeds of Buchholzia coriacea in Experimental Animals – Enechi, O.C., Ibeafu, F.C., Ledee, K. and Nwodo, O. F.C.                                                                                                       410 – 413

Dose and Duration Dependent of Aluminum in the Serum liver and the Brain of male Wistar Albino Rat – Ogueche, P.N., Nwachi, U.E. and Obidoa, O.                    414 – 416

Quantitative Difference Method for Estimation of Fertilizer Nitrogen Balance and Uptake by Zea Mays on an ORTHIC Oxisol of North central Nigeria – Ezeaku, P.I.            417 – 420

Evaluation of Anti-diarrhoeal Action of a Hot-Water Infusion of Ocimum gratissimum, Linn. – Okore, V.C., Asogwa, C.I. and Nnamani, P.O.                                               421 – 424

A Study of the Potential Interaction of Valsartan with Some Electrolytes – Mbah, C.J. 425 – 427

The effect of Cosolvents and Surfactants on the Aqueous Soubility of Irbesartan – Mbah, C.J. and Eneasato, C.M.                                                                                              428 – 430

Co-infection and Morphometrics of Three Clinotomatids (Digenea; Clinostomatidae) in Tilapia guinensis, Bleeker, 1862 from Opi lake, Nigeria – Echi, P.C., Okafor, F.C. and Eyo, J.E. 431 – 435

Biochemical Survey of Copper, Zinc, Iron and lead Status in the Serum of VVF Patients Attending Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki – Edeogu, C.O., Adeoye, S. and Ekuma, C.E.                                                                                                         436 – 439

In Vitro Antibacteria Activity of Bioactive Plant Extracts against Methicillin-Resistant Strains of Staphylococcus aureusEze, E.A., Nwuche, C.O. and Ugwu, A.M.                 440 – 444

Effects of Phenobarbital Administration on the Histology of the Liver and Brain, and the Activities of Some biochemicalparameters of the Liver of Wistar Rats – Eze, A.A., Nwachukwu, D.C., Achukwu, P.U. and Okwuosa, C.N.                                                                 445 – 449

Anti-Ulcer Activity of the Leaf extracts of Borreria ocymoides in Rats – Okwuosa, C.N., Nwachukwu, D.C., Achukwu, P.U. O., Ezeorah, C.G. and Eze, A.A.        450 – 454

Use of Dika Fat in the Formulation of Sustained Release Theophylline Tablets and Capsules – Umekoli, G.C., Onyechi, J.O. and Udeala, O.K.                                                 455 – 459

In-Vitro Evaluation of Bioadhesive and Release Properties of Thiamine hydrochloride formulation from Gelatin, Gellan as their Admixtures – Momoh, M.A., Adikwu, M.U., Nwachi, U.E., Attama, A.A. and Gugu, T.                                                                                           460 – 463

Preformulation Compatibility Screening of Dika Fat – Drug Mixtures Using Albino Rats may be Nephroprotective – Egbuonu, A.C.C., obidoa, O., Ezeokonkwo, C.A., Ezeanyika, L.U.S. and Ejikeme, P.M.                                                                                      469 – 472

Levels of Essential and Toxic Metals in Milk and baked product – Okoye, C.O.B. and Ulasi, C.U. 472 – 475

Physicochemical characteristics of a Tropical Food plain River Ecosystem – Odo, G.E., Agbo, I.U., Dibua, E.M., Uwakwe, O.S. and Eke, F.N.                                                      476 – 482

Bioremediation of Petroleum Products Impacted Freshwater using locally Available Algae – Nweze, N.O. and Aniebonam, C.                                                                             483 – 489


Volume 7, No. 2, 2009


Chromatographic separation of Some Antiemetics on Silica Gel-surfactant Impregnated Thin-layer Plates – Mbah, C.J. and Uzodinma, S.U.                                                 491 – 492

Analysis of different Brands of Fruit Juice with Emphasis on their sugar and trace metal content – Okoye, C.O.B. and Ibeto. C.N                                                                              493 – 495

Changes in ALT, AST, and ALP Values of Plasma and Serum Sample Stored at Refrigerator (40C) and Room Temperature (320C) for up to Five Days – Nwosu, O.K.., Aloh, G.S. and Ihedioha, J.I.                                                                                                          496 – 501

Simple Picrate Method for the Determination of Cyanide in Cassava Flour – Nwokoro, O., Ogbonna, J.C. and Okpala, G.N.                                                                    502 – 504

Evaluating Extracts of spondias mombin for Antimicrobial Activites – Umeh, E.U., Igoli, J.O., Agada, E.O. and Usman, S.S.                                                                       505 – 508

Studies on Antibiotic Resistance of Some Bacterial Isolates from Sachet Water Samples in Nsukka, Nigeria – Anyanwu, C.U.                                                                            509 – 513

The Effects of Malting Conditions on the Diastatic Power of Three Malted Nigerian Sorghum Cultivars – Moneke, A.N., Okolo, B.N., Orji, N.O. and Ire, F.S.                                514 – 518

Cissus rotundifolia Soup Meal – Its’ Physiological effect on the Postprandial plasma Blood Glucose and Insulin levels of Healthy non Diabetic Subjects – Onyechi, U.A.     519 – 524

Evaluation of the In-Vitro Combined Antimicrobial Activities of Garcinia kola Heckel and Honey – Attama, A.A., okorogu, O.J. and onuigbo, B.E.                                                525 – 528

In-Vitro evaluation of stem bark Extracts of Daniellia oliveri (Hutch and Dalz) for Antimicrobial Activity – Nwuche, C.O. and Eze, E.A.                                                                   529 – 533

Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Screening of Industrial Waste: A Case Study of Cosmetic and Soap Industrial Effluents – Abu, N.E. and Ogbonna, O.H.                                 534 – 539

Preliminary Antimicrobial Activities of Extracts of Aleorchornea cordifolia, Nauclea latifolia and Spondias mombin against Antibiotic Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa and some other Pathogenic Bacteria – Nmema, E.E., Okafor, J.I. AND Ezeonu, I.M.              544 – 547

Evaluation of the Occupationalhealth Hazards among Workers inQuarry Indusry in Abakaliki Using Biochemical Markers – Edeogu, C.O., Afiukwa, C.A., Nwosu, Z. C. and Nwachi, U.E.                                                                                                                             544 – 547

Preliminary screening of Ethanolic Extracts of Clausena anisata for Anticonvulsant Activity – Mbah, C.J. and Kenechukwu, F.C.                                                                       548 – 550

Aspects of Garcinia kola Toxicity to a Wild strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from a Brewery Environment – Moneke, A.N., Okolo, B.N., Asogwa, C.I. and Ire, F. S.          551 – 556

Parasites and Morphometric Indices of Frozen Fish Sold in Nsukka Urban market, Enugu State, Nigeria – Okoye, I.C., Obiezue, R.N.N., Dakul, D.A. and Nwadike, P.O.       557 – 560

Parasite Assemblages in Fish Hosts – Iyaji, F.O., Etim, L. and Eyo, J.E.                      561 – 570


Volume 8 (1), No. 1, January/ June, 2010


Bean pod Mottle Virus (BPMV) Genus Comovirus): A Limiting Factor in the Production of Soybean (Glycine max (L) Merril) Humid Tropical Zone of Nigeria – Ugwuoke, K.I. and Onyeke, C.C.                                                                                                             571 – 578

Glutathione and Lipid Peroxidation Profiles of Normal, G6PD-Deficient and Sickle Erythrocytes Exposed to Oxidative Stress – Aloh G.S. and Ozougwu, V.E.O.                             579 – 582

Effects of the Insecticide, Lambda-cyhaothrin on the Growth, Productivity and Foilage Anatomical Characteristics of Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp – Nwadinigwe, A.O.                   583 – 587

Evaluation of the effect of Acetylation and Oxidation on Some Functional Properties of Starch Isolated from Disocorea dumetorum (Wild) – Agbo, I.U. and Odo, G.E         588 – 592

The Effect of Hypochlorite Oxidation and Acetylation on Some of the Physicochemical Properties of Icacina trichantha Starch – Agbo, I.U. and Odo, G.E.                                        593 – 597

The In Vitro Permeability Study of Valsartam through Excised Rat Skin – Mbah, C.J. and Nnadi, C.O.                                                                                                                    590 – 601

Study on the Solubilization of Sparfloxacin by Aqueous Cosolvent and Micellar Solutions – Mbah, C.J. and Eneasato, C.M.                                                                             602 – 604

Heavy Metal uptake Potentials of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Micrococcus lutusArikpo, G.E., Eja, M.E., Enyi-Idoh, K.H., Etim, S.E. and Ikpeme,E.M.                          605 – 608

The Effect of Fruit Age on the Apparent kinematic Viscosity (AKV) and Crude Dietary Fibre Content of Okro (Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench) and Abelmoschus caillei ( A. Chev) Steve Cultivars – Udengwu, O.S.                                                                               609 – 621

Phytochemical Constituents of Some Nigerian Plants – Ameh, G.I. and Eze, C.S.         614 – 617

Phytochemical and Ethobotanical Evaluation of Garlic Bulb (Allium sativum L.) – Ameh,   G. I. and Nwammoh, A.O.                                                                                   618 – 621

Evaluation of Serum Calcium and Inorganic Phosphate Levels in Pregnant and lactating Women in Enugu Metropolis – Ikekpeazu, J.E., Ibegbu, M.D. and Ugwuoke, H.A.       622 – 625

Root Exudate Effect on Germination and Mycelial Growth of Sclerotia of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc – Eze, C.S.                                                                                                            626 – 628

Quantitative Recovery of Aeromonas hyrophia from Nsukka Sewage – Nwoko, O., Ubani, C.S. and okpala, G.N.                                                                                                       629 – 632

Fruit Yield Responses of Eggplant (Solanum melongena) to Single and Combine Applications of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers – Ogbonna, P.E. and Ogbonna, C.S.         633 – 637

Efficacy of some leaf Extracts on Some Seed Borne Fungi of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stencarpa Hochest Ex. A. Rich) – Ugwoke, K.I. and Ukwueze, B.O.          638 – 645

Larvicidal Effect of Essential Oil from Leaves of Lantan camara (Verbenaceae) Against Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicide) – Ivoke, N. and Odii, E.C.                                           646 – 650

Bioactivity of 2-Amino-9-(4-Oxoazetidin-2-yl) Nonanoic Acid from the Exudates of Cleome viscosa L – Biswas, S.M. and Jana, A.                                                            651 – 656

Studies on Marine Streptomycetes Associated with Seaweeds and Their Application as Single Cell protein for Growth of the Juvenile Fish, Brachydanio rarioGajalakshmi, P. and Raja, A.                                                                                                                     657 – 659


VOLUME, 8 (2) July/December, 2010


Detarium microcarpium Bread Meal: Its’ Physiological Effects on the Postprandial Blood Glucose and Insulin Levels of Healthy Non Diabetic s Subjects – Onyechi, U.A.               660 – 664

Effects of Various Inorganic Nitrogen Sources on the Growth and Biomass Production by Candia utilis Isolated from Fermented Cassava Tubers – Nwokoro, O., Ogbonna, J.C., Okpala, G.N., Ubani, C.S. and Anya, F.                                                                                665 – 668

Effect of Root Extracts of Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) on Larvae of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicide) – Ivoke, N., Okoye, I.C. and Ivoke, U.N.                                                  669 – 673

Evaluation of the potentials of Some Cassava Varieties in Nigeria for Bio-Ethanol Production – Ogbonna, C.N. and Okoli, E, C.                                                                     674 – 6678

Assessment of the Suitability of Wood Fibres of Four Nigerian Fruit Trees for Paper – Making – Ajuziogu, G.C., Nzekwe, U. and chukwuma, H.I.                                                697 – 681

Estimation and Characterization of Coliforms in Vended Food and Water Samples in Nsukka Area – Mbaeyi, I.E. and Iroegbu, C.U.                                                                        682 – 688

Transfer of Multidrug Resistance among Bacteria Isolated from Industrial Wastes – Eze, E.A., Nganaga, B.C., Ugwu, K.O. and Nwuche, C.O.                                                  682 – 688

Web Blotch Disease of Groundnut (Arachis hypoggaea) in Nsukka – Onyishi, L.           694-696

The Effect of Soya bean (Glycine max) on Pefloxacin Absorption in Rats – Mbah, C.J. and Uboh, K. H.                                                                                                                             697 – 699

Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity and Interaction of Methanolic extract of Physcia grisea and Cephalosporin on Clinical Isolates of Streptococcus pyogenes – Eze, E.I. and Onumah, V.N.                                                                                                                              700 – 702

In-Vitro Study of Biofungicidal Effects of Cassia alata Leaf Extracts on Some Pathogenic Organisms of White Yam (Dioscorea rotundata) Tuber in Storage – Eze, S.C. and Eze, E.I                                                                                                                          703 – 706


VOLUME 9 (1), January/June, 2011


Studies on the Bacterial (Enterobacteriaceae) of Some Vegetables Watered with Variously Treated Sewage Water – Moneke, A.N. and Mgboh, C.I.                                                  707 – 712

Analysis of Zinc, Iron and Lead Contents of Water, Soil and Some Staple Foods in Isigwe and Uhuona Villages of Ugbawka Community, Enugu State, Nigeria – Udedi, S.C., Okonkwo, C.J.O., Okorie, O. and Okonkwo, T.J.                                                            713 – 718

Effect of larimal on the Astrocytes of the Cerebellum of Wistar Rats – Ekong, M.B., Igiri, A.O., Salami, E. and Egwu, O.A.                                                                                   719 – 722

Comparison of Different media for the Growth of Microorganisms Isolated from Fermenting cassava (manihot esculenta Crantz) Tubers and Waste Water – Nwokoro, O. and Ossai, E. 723 – 730

Effects of Pretreatment Method, Substrate Concentration and the Ratio of Koji to cassa Flour Concentration on Ethanol Production from Cassava Tubers – Ogbonna, C.N. and Okoli, E.C.                                                                                                                           731 – 742

Studies on the Hypoglycaemic, Hypocholesterolaemic and Acute Toxicity of the Aqueous Gymnema sylvestre Leaf Extract in Rats – Atiku, M.K. and Ubon, G.                   743 – 748

Cholinesterase-Sensitive Muscarinic Agent of Seeds of Abrus pracatorius – Njoku, U.O., Agbo, I.U., Joshua, P.E., Ozoemena, N.F. and Nwodo, O.F.C.                                          743 – 748

Preliminary Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Snail mucin on Experimental Osteoarthritis in Dogs – Ajadi, R.A. and Martins, M.M.                                                              749 – 755

Helminth Parasities of Cichlids (Perciformes: Cichlidae) from Anambra River Basin, Nigeria – Elom, M.O., Avoaja, D.A. and Eyo, I.E.                                                            756 – 763

Comparative sublethal Effects of Actellic 25EC and Gammalin super on tissue Alkaline phosphatase activity in the catfish Clarias albopunctatus (Lamonte and Nichole 1927) – Ivoke, N. and Ukwuani, O.T.                                                                            764 – 767



VOLUME 10, January/December 2012

[1]. Evaluation of Larvicidal Activity of Leaf Extract of Lantana (Family: Verbenaceae) Against the Aedes aegypti Mosquito – Oluah, N.S. and Ezeabiakwa, O.B.                            768 – 774

[2]. Distribution and Abundance of Airborne Palynomorphs inAku, Enugu State, Nigeria – Osayi, E.E., Ezike, D.N. and Nnamani, C.V.                                                                        775 – 779

[3]. Salt Affected Soils Evaluation and Reclamative Approaches for Crop Cultivation in Keana, North Central Nigeria – Eeaku, P.I. and Shehu, J.A.                                                       780 – 786

[4]. Auxiliary Dry Binding Properties of Some Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils in Direct Compression Tabletting – Onyechi, J.O. and Ueala, O.K.                                            783 – 792

[5]. Possible Health Hazards from Genetically Engineered Crop – Onwubiko, H.A.       793 – 797

[6]. Evidence of pH Dependence and Concentration of Copper in Prion Binding and Conversion – Onwubiko, H.A.                                                                                                       798 – 805

[6]. Microbiological Screening of a Starter Culture of Probiotic Status from Formulated Non-Diary Yoghurt Analogue from Natural Fermentation of Soymilk-Achamilk Blends – Mbaeyi, I.E., ogbonna, J.C. and Onwuka, N.D.                                                                   806 – 818



VOLUME 11, January/December 2013


[1]. Effect of Different Steeping Conditions on the Peroxidase Activities of Some Improved Sorghum Varieties – Nnamchi, C.I., Okolo, B.N., Moneke, A.N. and Nwangwuma, B.C. 8 19 – 824

[2]. Incidence of Faecal coliforms Isolate from Different Food Sold Locally on Nsukka, Enugu State – Mbaey, I.E. and Irpegbu, C.U.                                                            825 – 833

[3]. Tissue Lipid Peroxidation in Trypanosoma bruccei infection: Testing the Anti-oxidant Property of Scoparia dulcisOrhue, N.E.J. and Amegor, O.F.                      834 – 837

[4]. Multiple Infections of Malaria and Typhoid Fever among People Living with the HIV/AIDS: Effect of herbal Concoction on CD4 Lymphocyte Count and Other Haematological Indices – Dibua, U.M.E. and Nweze, I.E.                                                                         838 – 848

[5]. Effect of Simultaneous Administration of Antiretroviral Therapy and Nutritional Supplements on CD4 Count of HIV-Infected Persons in Selected Communities of South Eastern Nigeria – Dibua,U.M.E., Onoja, S.U. and Ugonabo, J.A.C.                                                               849 – 856

[6]. Evaluation of Plasm Electrolyte Concentration in Pregnant Nigerian Women from Edo State, Nigeria – Onyeneke, E.C., Anekwe, A.I., Okoro, S.J., Anionye, J.C. and Onovughakpo-Sakpa, O.E.                                                                                                                      857 – 863

[7]. Kidney function Status in Nigerian Human Malaria Patients – Anionye, J.C., Onyeneke, E.C., Onovughakpo-Sakpa, O.E. ans Anekwe, A.I.                                                    864 – 875




[1a]. Journal Name

Bio-Research Journal: A Biannual Journal of Biological Research and Biotechnology.

[1b]. Names of Editors and Editoral Board Members


O.U. Njoku

Managing Editor

P.E. Joshua


F.C. Chilaka

J.O. Ugwuanyi

C.E.A. Okezie

F.C. Okafor

Editorial Assistant

Emmanuel Ossai

Editorial Advisers

  • N.E. Onwurah, Nsukka, Nigeria
  • Ebong, Calabar, Nigeria
  • U.S. Ezeanyika, Nsukka, Nigeria
  • O. Anosike – Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • H. Koumaglo – Lome, Togo
  • Agbo Nazi- Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
  • A. Hasler – Harare, Zimbabwe
  • I. Parker – Cape Town, South Africa
  • W. Makawiti – Nairobi, Kenya
  • F. El-Asmer-Cairo, Egypt
  • E. Addy – Legon, Ghana
  • P.K. Titanji – Buea, Cameroon
  • O. Hall – London, UK
  • Robert – Perugia, Italy
  • Yousuke Seyama – Tokyo, Japan
  • A. Homi – Mumbai, India
  • E. Koehler – Athens, USA
  • Phillips – Philadelphia, USA
  • O. Akueshi – Jos, Nigeria
  • E. Ene – Obong – Calabar, Nigeria
  • O. Ishichie – Ile-Ife, Nigeria
  • O.C. Agwu – Anyingba, Nigeria
  • I. Ogbonna – Uturu, Nigeria
  • O. Nwosu – Nsukka, Nigeria
  • Nwogu – Salisbury, England
  • J.C. Odibo – Awka, Nigeria
  • N. Okolo – Nsukka, Nigeria
  • U. Iroegbu – Nsukka, Nigeria
  • C. Ogbonna – Nsukka, Nigeria
  • C. Okpokwasili – Nsukka, Nigeria
  • E.B. Nwoke – Owerri, Nigeria
  • O. Nduka – Uturu, Nigeria
  • N. Umeham – Uturu, Nigeria
  • E. Eyo – Nsukka, Nigeria


[2]. Current Address of the Journal

Dean’s Office Faculty of Biological Sciences,

University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.

[3]. Scope of the Journal

Plant Products Research Journal publishes papers of merit on all aspects of plant biology particularlyBiochemistry, pharmacology, Toxicology,Ethnobiology, Plant Microorganism Interaction, Biotechnology, Development and Conservation. Manuscript must be original research report, which have not been submitted elsewhere. In general, two types of manuscripts can be considered for publication in Plant products Research Journal full length and short papers.

  1. Full Length Paper: Article should be not less than 3 pages and would generally range between 3 and 10 pages and should be consistent with the scope of the data presented. An abstract of about 150 words should also be included.
  2. Short Papers: Papers which makes a single point will be published as short papers. The maximum length for short papers is three printed pages, charts, graphs and tables inclusive. The decision as to whether a paper falls into category A and B rests with editorial board.

[4]. Previous and Current Issues of the Journal

Volume 9 (1), 2011


Studies on the Bacterial Load (Enterobacteriaceae) of Some Vegetables Watered with Variously Treated Sewage Water – Moneke, A.N. and Mgboh, C.I.                                                 707-712

Analysis of Zinc, Iron and Lead Contents of Water, Soil and Staple Foods in Isigwe and Uhuona Villages of Ugbawka Community, Enugu State, Nigeria – Udedi, S.C., Okonkwo, C.J.O., Okorie, O. and Okonkwo, T.J.                                                                                            713-718

Effect of Larimal on the Astrocytes of the Cerebellum of Wistar Rats – Ekong, M.B., Igiri, A.O., Salami, E. and Egwu, O.A.                                                                                                719-722

Comparison of Different Media for the Growth of Microorganisms Isolated from Fermenting Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Tubers and Waste Water – Nwokoro, O. and Ossai, 723-730

Effects of Pretreatment Method, Substrate Concentration and Ration of Koji to Cassava Flour Concentration of Ethanol production from Cassva Tubers – Ogbonna, C.N. and Okoli, E.C. 731-737

Studies on the Hypoglycaemic, Hypocholesteroaemic and Acute Toxicity of the Aqueous Gymnema sylvestre Leaf Extraction in Rats – Atiku, M.K. and Ubon, G.                           738-742

Cholinesterase-Sensitive Muscarinic Agent of the Seeds of Abrus Precatorius – Njoku, O.U., Agbo. I.U., Joshua, P.E., Ozoemena, N.F. and Nwodo, O.F.C.                                              743-748

Preliminary Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Snail Mucin on Experimental Osteoarthrititis in Dogs – Ajadi, R.A. and Martins, M.M.                                                                            756-763

Helminth Parasites of Cichlids 9Perciformes: Cichlidae) from Anambra River basin, Nigeria – Elom, M.O., Avoaja, D.A and Eyo, J.E.                                                                      756 – 755

Comparative Sublethal Effects of Actellic 25EC and Gammalin super on Tissue Alkaline Phosphatase activity in the Catfish Clarias albopunctatus (Lamonte and Nichole 1927) – Ivoke, N. and Ukwuani, O.T.                                                                                                        764-767

[5]. Current websites of the Journal

There is no website for the Journal at present, still under construction

[6]. Current Publishers of the Journal

            Faculty of Biological Sciences, Publication and Colloquium Committee, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.

[7]. Strength and Weakness of the Journal

[a]. Strength of the Journal

The Journal has good feasibility and have articles from outside Nigeria. It is published regularly and peered reviewed. The Journal is also registered with the African Journal online and is distributed widely in Nigeria.

[b]. Weakness of the Journal

There is no identifiable weakness except that the Journal has no website.

[8]. Opportunities and Threats of the Journals

The Journal needs more articles from contributors and funding to meet editorial time – Table.

[9]. Strategies to enhance the capacity of the Journals

The major strategy is to improve the feasibility and also have online publishing facility (e – publication /electronic journal).

[10]. Other Information

The Journal is highly rated in many universities and belong to our class B Journal.