Social Work

Philosophy, Objectives, Vision, Mission of the Department


The philosophy of the Department is the enhancement of professional capacity and competence of students of the Department through wide exposure to the concepts, theories and practice of social work.

This professional competence training will provide the enabling environment for working effectively in both the public and private sectors of the economy.



The general objective of the Department is to produce students with adequate knowledge and skills in generic social work practice.


Specifically, the objectives are;

1. To produce students who can enter direct into social work practice in such public, voluntary and private agencies as general and specialist hospitals, family and child care services, the court and correctional institutions, schools, rehabilitation and care of the destitutes as well as other welfare services.

2. To continue to assume leadership roles in rural and urban community development efforts.

3. To strengthen and expand Post Graduate Programmes in Social Work.

4. To consolidate and sustain responsible positions in the field of social work education and research.


To develop the knowledge and skills of individuals in both public and private sectors to help people cope with the social, economic and political problems of contemporary Nigerian society.


The mission of the Department involves primarily to successfully create the conditions and enabling environment for the realisation of a higher quality of social existence throughout the country. This will be achievement through providing adequate training to students, updating professional knowledge and skills of practitioners and community members to accomplish their life tasks, alleviate their distress and maintain normal functioning in the society. It also involves assisting people develop ability and capacity to map out a prominent planning machinery, develop concrete ways in which people can be brought more effectively into development programme, propose policies as they affect the masses of the people in the material and other conditions of existence.

Departmental Information:

The department of Social Work offers two kinds of programmes

(a) A 4-year B.Sc (Honours) Social Work and Community development Degree programmes by entrance examination

(b) A 3-year B.Sc Honours Social Work and Community Development Programme by Direct Entry.


(a) B.Sc Programme

The courses are organised in such a way that students can graduate with emphasis in Social Work and Community development. The programme is aimed at producing Generalist Social workers who can fit into any sector of the economy both within and outside Nigeria. Students are given the opportunity to take relevant courses in the two areas of emphasis.

(b) Admission Requirements:

Admissions into the degree programme in the Department in by entrance examination conducted through JAMB. All candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirements; ie five credits in senior secondary school examination/General Certificate of Education or its equivalent including English language, Mathematics, a science subject and two social sciences subject.

(c) Direct Entry by Diploma- Holders of the 2–year Undergraduate Diploma from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka or any other approved Universities are admitted to pursue a 3-year Programme for the award of B.Sc Degree in Social Work and Community Development.

(d) Programmes/Sub-Discipline/Discipline structure to include period of formal studies in the Universities, industrial training, planned visits and projects.

(e) Course content specifications/syllabus of all courses in the programme Discipline/Discipline:

(f) Attach a list of Titles of Degree project, if any carried out by the students in the programme/Sub-Discipline/Discipline in the last three years: