Physics and Astronomy

General Information and Academic Programme

Physics is a fundamental science. It is essential for all sciences and vital for modern technology. Physics deals with the concepts of space, time and motion, conservation, fields, waves and quanta. The more specialized areas of physics include Astronomy, Computational and Theoretical Physics, Experimental physics, Geophysics, Industrial and Condensed Matter Physics, Medical and Biophysics, Solar Energy Physics among others.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers courses in most of the above areas of Physics and the programmes have wide applications in such diverse professions as industry, government, educational institutions, meteorology and aeronautics, metallurgy and mining, and other fields of engineering medicine business and agriculture.

Types of Degree Programmes

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers the following degree programmes.

  • B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Physics
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Combined degrees in Physics/Mathematics, Physics/ Chemistry, Physics/Computer Sciences, Physics/Geology and Physics/ Education in collaboration with the Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology and Education respectively.
Philosophy, Objectives and Scope of the Programme

The aim of the Department of Physics is to offer programmes designed to impact a sound knowledge of all branches of physics to the students. Courses are offered in Mechanics and properties of matter, Thermal Physics, Waves, Electromagnetism and Electronics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Experimental Physics, etc. The programmes help students to develop the necessary skills, intellectual and mental training for a career as a physicist.

Job Opportunities

Successful graduates of the above degree programmes are well equipped for postgraduate studies and teaching in the relevant subject. Their training also prepares them for careers in Government department e.g. Meteorology, Geological Survey, National Standard Organisation, in Industrial Research Establishment e.g. FHRO, PRODA; in Oil Steel and other industries; and in commercial and technical firms needing the services of physicists.

Service Courses

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers specially service course to many departments in the faculties of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Engineering Environmental Studies, Education and Agriculture. For enrolment in the service course students must have at least a pass in Physics at the G.C.E ordinary level or in an equivalent examination.