Nursing Science

General Information and Academic Programme

The Department offers a five-year standard degree B.Sc. Nursing programme for JAMB entrance candidates. Successful candidates will earn a Bachelor of Science Honours degree. He/she emerges as a professional polyvalent nurse capable of applying scientific principles to the nursing care of individuals/groups of all ages in a variety of settings.

Philosophy, Objectives and Scope

The department believes that man a bio-psycho-social being is the focus of all nursing activities. Man is an integral part of a family, a community and a society. The human environment is a major factor in man’s health status. We believe that it is useful to conceptualise the individual and the environment as open system engaged in continuous dynamic interaction in which each is susceptible to change by the other. Health exists on a continuum ranging from wellness to illness/death and the position of man on this continuum at any given time is a function of adaptation. Health is a level of wellness which is positive dynamic and reflective of adaptation to both internal and external stress. Nursing is helping relationship in which the nursing process is a major tool for service. Primary health-care is the fundamental framework for the organization of care in the helping relationship.

Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities for the graduates abound in the community and clinical practice areas like schools, health centres, industries, hospitals – for clinical practice in primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions.