Medical Laboratory Science

General Information and Academic Programme:

The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers a five-year professional B.MLS degree programme in Medical Laboratory Science. Courses in Medical Laboratory Science are taught under five disciplines: Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, Medical Microbiology, Histopathology and Immunology including Instrumentation and Pharmacology. In the first four years the student attains over-all competence in all these disciplines. The final year is reserved for undergraduate specialization in any TWO of these Medical Laboratory subjects one as a Major, and the other as a Minor area of specialization. The courses are designed to highlight to the student the central role laboratory investigation of components of biological fluids, blood, urine, cerebro-spinal fluid, secretions, excretions, tissues or organs play in the diagnosis, management and prognosis of disease states. The student also at the end of the course acquires the expertise to fabricate new equipment or repair or modify existing ones, and refine old techniques or introduce new diagnostic procedres.

Job Opportunities

On the successful completion of the five-year degree programme, students obtain registration with the Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Technology of Nigeria after the completion of a one-year internship in a recognized and accredited hospital. This registration enables them to take up careers in Medical Laboratory Sciences as Medical Laboratory Scientists, in teaching and specialist hospitals, government hospitals, primary health care centres, research centres, private to health centres, private establishments and quality control units of industries. The graduates have job opportunities as research scientists, teachers in institutions of higher learning or they can become employers of labour, by establishing their own diagnostic/research laboratories or instrument maintenance/ fabrication centres. It is part of their professional ethos to ensure quality and uphold accountability in practice.