Vocational Teacher Education

General Information and Academic Programme, Philosophy,
Objectives and Scope

Federal and State governments in Nigeria have placed a high premium on Vocational and Teacher Education. This is so, as the programme places in its priority an investment which is laudable to the individuals and the entire citizenry. One of the priorities of the Vocational and Teacher Education programme is skill acquisition. The skills acquired by the students in their course of studies are utilized in such a way that no graduate of this Department will be jobless. The Vocational and Teacher Education Department has the following far-reaching objectives:

  • At graduation, the candidate is employed by the State, Federal or corporate bodies as a teacher at all tiers of education, from teacher training and technical colleges to secondary schools.
  • The graduate of Vocational and Teacher Education is made an effective vessel in agricultural, industrial and business establishments. The Vocational Teacher Education programme covers all human endeavours in vocational education activities. The curricula in Vocational Teacher Education include courses in general education, Vocational Education, and teaching subject areas. Students are also Required to spend some time in practical teaching in secondary schools and technical colleges. They are also Required to acquire industrial or work experience in their respective fields of specialization.
Academic Programmes

The Department of Vocational Teacher Education offers the following Courses:

  • Diploma programmes in Computer Education as well as Fashion and Clothing Management education.
  • Degree Programmes in Agricultural Education, Business Education, Computer Education, Industrial Technical Education and Home Economics Education.
  • Higher Degree Programmes.
Job Opportunities

Graduates of the degree programmes in Vocational Teacher Education will obtain employment as teachers in secondary schools and technical colleges. The programmes are geared towards the fulfilment of the neEDU for professionally qualified technical teachers who can impact technical knowledge and vocational skills to their students and thereby contribute to the economic development of Nigeria. The following secondary school subjects are taught by graduates of the various programmes in Vocational Teacher Education.

Agricultural Education
  • Agriculture in Junior Secondary School.
  • Animal science, Crop Science, Soil science, Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Economics, and Extension in senior secondary schools and Technical Colleges.
Business Education
  • Business Studies in Junior Secondary School.
  • Book-keeping and Accounting, Shorthand, Typewriting and Commerce in Senior Secondary Schools.
Computer Education:
  • Computer Literacy in Junior Secondary School.
  • Computer Applications, Word Processing, Data Base Management in Senior Secondary Schools and Technical Colleges.
Home Economics Education:
  • Home Economics in Junior Secondary School.
  • Clothing and Textiles. Food and Nutrition and Home Management in Senior Secondary Schools.
Industrial Technical Education:
  • Introductory Technology in Junior Secondary Schools;
  • Technical Drawing, Wood work, Metalwork, Applied Electricity, Electronics, Building Construction and Auto-Mechanics in Senior Secondary Schools.
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