Health and Physical Education

Departmental Information

The Department of Health and Physical Education offers the following honours degree programmes at Bachelor of Science degree levels:

  • Physical Education and Recreation
  • Health Education
Philosophy, Objectives and Scope of the Programme

The philosophy of the programme is derived from the Nigerian philosophy of education, which advocates education for self-reliance, democratic living and national unity.
The programme is designed to:

  • offer students the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and competences for successful teaching and organization of Physical Education, and Health Education/Health Science and Recreation in primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions;
  • prepare students for effective organization and administration of sport in institutions like Sports Councils/Commissions as well as in the community;
  • equip students with knowledge and skill of coaching sports;
  • produce qualified high level manpower to serve in rehabilitation institutions as physical and occupational therapists and health counselors;
  • equip students with the appropriate skills and competences for individual survival and contribution to the national goals and aspirations through Physical Education and Recreation.
  • The programme embraces both theoretical and practical knowledge of skills of Physical Education, Health Education and recreation. It is designed to offer two Bachelor of Science degrees in Physical Education and Recreation and Health Education respectively. Any of these degrees can be completed in any of the following modes:
Job Opportunities

Graduates of these degree programmes are expected to take up appointment as physical and health education teachers in educational and health institutions, organizing secretaries in Sports Councils, National Sports Commission and Sports Clubs, recreation organizers in recreation centres, health counselors in educational and health institutions and industries, physical and occupational therapists in rehabilitation and orthopaedic hospitals, and coaches in sports institutions.

Staff Profile