Adult Education and Extra- mural Studies

General Information and Academic Programme

The Department offers two major degree options, professional options, and related subject combination options.
The Department offers four-year and three-year B.Ed. Standard programmes. Students opting for professional courses in Adult Education have a choice in the following major areas:

  • Literacy education;
  • Community Development and
  • Adult Education Administration.

The Options are primary for students who want to combine Adult Education with related subject areas. Such students choose the related subject from the following areas:

  • Igbo/Linguistics
  • English
  • Religion
  • Economics
  • Government
  • Health Education
Philosophy, Scope and Objectives

The Department of Adult Education and Extra-Mural Studies prepares students for Administration, Literacy Education, Community and Rural Development and six (6) other specialized Adult Education areas in the Arts and Social Sciences.

The Students are given theoretical and Practical background required to function optimally in their respective areas of Adult Education specialization. All students are also given a balanced liberal arts background as well as a sound knowledge of the social, political and economic facets of the society in which they are being prepared to work.

Lastly, the comprehensive training which they receive enables them to adapt their skills to a variety of work models in the public and private sectors as well as in self-employment. The requirements for the degree include the completion of the General Studies Programme of the University, required ancillary courses, necessary electives and the completion of specialized courses in Adult Education and related subject combinations.



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