Regulations on Occasional Students

The following may be regarded as occasional students of the University:

  • Postgraduate students registered for the degree of other Universities, who are working full-time within the University or attached to the University for their field work.
  • Postgraduate students resident at the University, or attached to the University in some other capacity, who are working part-time for the degree of other Universities.
  • Undergraduates of other Universities who, by special arrangement with the University are spending part of their undergraduate careers in the University. Such students include those enrolled under the Junior Year Abroad programme.
  • Casual students either at undergraduate or postgraduate level, wishing to audit courses of the University for a period of one year or less and do not have any degree, certificate or diploma in view.

 Method of Admission

  • Applications for recognitions as an occasional student may be made either directly to the Registrar, or through the relevant Head of Department or the relevant Dean of Faculty.


  • Subject to the approval of Senate on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Board, the admission of an occasional student shall be made after the University shall have been satisfied.


  • of the prospective occasional student’s academic, financial and personal standing;


  • that the academic facilities, which the prospective occasional student requires are currently available and may be used without detriment to their use by regular students of the University, and


  • that the admission of the candidates as occasional student does not constitute an abuse of University facilities and that the student will not use the opportunity to prepare for pre-University examinations.

A person enrolled as an occasional student must have qualifications similar, or equivalent, to the minimum entry requirement of the University for the particular courses for which the occasional student is admitted.


Occasional students admitted under these regulations will be required to pay the same sessional fees, or part thereof, as regular students of the University at the appropriate level. The fee structure for non-Nigerian regular students applies for occasional students that are not Nigerians. A copy of the approved fee structure for all category of students may be obtained from the Bursar in the Students Account Unit.


As much as possible, occasional students admitted under these regulations, will enjoy the same facilities as regular students, except that in the allocation of residential accommodation, categories 1 (a), (b), and (d) above will have low priority.

University Examinations

Occasional students will not be admitted to formal examinations of the University.


Any student admitted under these regulations shall, on entry to the University, sign an undertaking

  • To deposit in the University Library, a copy of any theses, dissertation, articles, or monographs, or any other material which he shall produce on the basis of his study at the University;
  • To acknowledge the assistance of the University in the text of any such works.