Abstract – Sykoheses and Characterization of…


4-iso-Butyryl and 4-iso-vaieroyl derivatives of 1-phenyl-3-methyl-pyrazolones and some of their U(VI), Th(IV), La(III), Fe(III), Pb(II) and Ca(II) complexes have been synthesised. The compounds were characterized by elemental, UV-visible, IR (4000–200) cm−1, 1II and 13C NMR spectral analyses. The 4-iso-acyl-pyrazolones behave as bidentate keto-enol tautomers, forming neutral metal complexes which conform to a general molecular formula ML.xH2O, where L is the 4-iso-acyl-pyrazolone anion and M(n)(x) is UO2(2)(2), Th(4)(O), La(3)(0), Fe(3)(O), Pb(2)(O) or Ca(2)(1/2). Spectral analyses revealed that apart from CO-U bond the other CO-M bonds are weak.

Sykoheses and Characterization of 4-iso-Butyryl and 4-iso-Valeroyl Derivatives of 1-FHE NTL-3-Methyl-Pyrazolone-5 and Their Uranium(VI), Tkorium(IV), Lanthanum(III), Iron(III), Lead(II) and Calciun(II) Complexes. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/261665403_Sykoheses_and_Characterization_of_4-iso-Butyryl_and_4-iso-Valeroyl_Derivatives_of_1-FHE_NTL-3-Methyl-Pyrazolone-5_and_Their_UraniumVI_TkoriumIV_LanthanumIII_IronIII_LeadII_and_CalciunII_Complexes [accessed Dec 24, 2015].